Those looking to buy a home in a scenic small town by the water need look no further than Northport, Michigan. This quiet community is full of character and charm. It is a perfect place to live for people of all ages and origins.

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Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $712K
Lowest Price $110K
Highest Price $2.5M
Total Listings 23
Avg. Days On Market 121
Avg. Price/SQFT $382

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Northport Homes for Sale

Those looking to buy a home in a scenic small town by the water need look no further than Northport, Michigan.

This quiet community is full of character and charm. It is a perfect place to live for people of all ages and origins. For those who have never been to northern Michigan, it may be shocking to discover such amazing natural beauty in this area.

This part of Michigan is largely overlooked. Visitors may find that the rich local history and natural beauty are reasons enough to buy a home here and never leave! If you have an affinity for fishing towns, weathered boats, lighthouses, and evergreen forests, you will fall in love with Northport.

Northport home sales prices reflect the unmatched natural beauty and property value you get for your money. In 2019 the median home price was $200,700. One can have a personal piece of the pristine Lake Michigan shoreline here, complete with evergreens and cherry trees. It is truly an oasis. With a median age of 65, the community overview is mostly quiet retirees.

There are many different housing options in Northport including condominiums for saledowntown homes for saleland lover homes for saleluxury homes for sale, and waterfront homes for sale.

Northport Community Highlights

Northport has stayed small because it is not on the way to anywhere else in the world. Nobody comes here unless they absolutely meant to. That means less crime and trouble for you! The town is hidden on the east side of the Leelanau peninsula. The peninsula sticks out into beautiful Lake Michigan. It is perched with a perfect view of the water. Here you can walk along the beach and watch the sailboats as they disappear on the horizon. Hunt for seashells and fossils at sunset with your loved ones. Seeing your first sunrise over the foggy bay as you drink your morning coffee can be a spiritual experience in itself.

The tiny picturesque village of Northport, Michigan overlooks the Grand Traverse Bay. The Grand Traverse Bay is 10 miles wide and 32 miles long. It is part of the St. Lawrence Watershed. The St. Lawrence seaway connects the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean and is known as the biggest surface water system in the world. If you ever wanted to live in a fishing village, this is the place for you.

The Leelanau Peninsula in northern Michigan is an ethereal place where a thick carpet of alpine trees meets the beach. This small village started logging hundreds of years ago. Since the 1800s Northport has been fishing, logging, and farming a long time. The quaint and isolated feeling of this small town transports you to a bygone era. You can imagine what it was like to live here before cars. Horse-drawn carts were used to transport logs for sale.

The salmon run is an almost spiritual event that happens every year. From late August to early November, experienced fishermen come to partake in the salmon run and enjoy the local culture and fishing. Fishing boats dot the harbor and have fed the local economy for generations. Community members can get involved in the local conservation program to preserve the historic Fishtown district. It is the hope of the Fishtown Preservation program to be able to pass on the rich history of Northport to the next generation.

Antique lovers and historians will be in paradise when combing through local legends and shops. Historic Native American jewelry can be found in this area. Local tribes were Sioux, Crow, Cheyenne, Arapaho, Gros Ventre, Arikara, Mandan, and the Assiniboine until the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1851. When the Treaty of Fort Laramie was signed local tribes were moved to new territories. The Native culture is still poignant and there is much history to explore. Many established trails from the local tribes still remain.

White settlers in the 1800s brought their blacksmiths and teachers and things started to change. The history is palpable in this small fishing community on the bay. Settlers learned how to harvest syrup from Maple trees from local tribes. Tribes often traveled the winding local rivers by canoe and traded with settlers and other tribes. Remnants of the Chippewa and Ottawa tribes still remain here. The local culture has survived generations and continues to be preserved by those who live here. There is a clear reverence for history in Northport.

If you respect local history and enjoy native American culture, you will fit right in. The community here has a very independent spirit and fosters a do-it-yourself mentality. Everything you need is here. The plentiful water, fish, and hay make this is the optimal spot to lay roots. The history is so rich that it would take years to discover all of the significant sites. Lake Michigan offers its own attractions that are not found anywhere else on Earth. Unique rock formations line the coast. Being around the Great Lakes is good for the soul. Fresh air and freshwater abound. Green rolling hills welcome you home to your personal paradise on the water.

Those with an active lifestyle will thrive in northern Michigan. Outdoor recreation is a huge attraction in this part of the state. Since Michigan is home to the largest freshwater system in the world, there is year-round fishing. Bring your kayak! In the winter, there is ice-fishing, snow-mobile riding, and sledding! The hunting is always plentiful as well. Outdoorsmen will be at home in this rugged oasis. Common activities that attract people to the area are hiking, kayaking, rock-hounding, ice-skating, tubing, sledding, and sailing.

Families can always find something to do together here. Northport gives you the benefits of a rural getaway while keeping the conveniences of a city. It feels like an escape without any of the sacrifices of leaving modern amenities. Families may look to buy their first or second home in Northport if they are seeking a friendly community to raise children in or a quiet place to retreat to. The small village harbors a safe place to grow up for children of all ages. The Northport schools overview is brief. There is one small school here.

Northport is home to the Northport Wildcats. Students moving to the area are offered art, drama, and a technology program. The school also has classes in music. Spanish is the second language taught here. Sports offered are basketball, soccer, and volleyball. More sports are offered through cooperative programs with neighboring schools. Northport is the perfect place for your child to branch out and grow their education.

Birdwatchers will be delighted when seeing the local specimens and migrating flocks. Northport is home to a large variety of colorful singing birds. In this alpine-feeling town, you might find Yellow Warblers, Gray Catbirds, Eastern Kingbirds, and Brown Thrashers. Leelanau County is known for having rare birds and hosts an annual Birding Festival. The local wildlife is unique to this area. Local animals include deer, beavers, bears, and the odd porcupine. Bears will occasionally wade into the water on a hot summer day! Porcupines are rarely seen, but they still live here.

Trapping and the fur trade are an essential part of local history. Leelanau County is full of beautiful historic lighthouses. You can find old smokehouses, weathered docks, and run-down shanties. The yearly salmon run attracts fishermen from all over the world. If you like old boats and fishing culture, you will love Northport. Nature enthusiasts will never be bored here either. Winter is a great time to watch for migrating deer and appreciate the local winter activities.

Northport experiences an average of 105.6 inches of snowfall every winter. Northern Michigan is a winter wonderland when it snows. Many families travel North to Michigan to enjoy snowy activities together. Enthusiasts explore the winding forest paths in the winter on snowmobiles. The region feels festive and cozy around the winter holidays. There is always something for the family to do here.

Shopping in the area is ideal for those who prefer small towns and personal service. There are various small shops downtown, giving Northport a homey atmosphere. The closest box store is in Traverse City. Northport is full of old fisheries and nautical Lake Michigan lore. Great Lakes enthusiasts will enjoy the rich local history. Shipwrecks litter the lake and many can be explored. Tours take divers and glass-bottom boats to show people the wreckage.

The water is so clear, you can easily see through it. Michigan is full of freshwater springs, waterfalls, and sites to see with your loved ones. Many prominent people choose Northport for their summer homes because it is such a nice place to live. The picturesque summers are full of family-friendly events and festivals.

Local Dining attractions serve fresh fish and the village boasts an annual chili cook-off. Bring your best recipe! Northport is a cultural hidden gem. Not many people explore beautiful northern Michigan. Here, your family can grow and rest easy in this low-crime family-friendly community. Northport is a great place to live. If you appreciate watching the annual change of seasons, you will love living in Northport. Michigan is known for its beautiful foliage. Autumn can be a magical time here. Seeing the leaves change is a huge benefit to living here.

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