Gaylord Homes for Sale

Balanced between the Lake Michigan and Lake Huron coastlines, Gaylord, known as the heart of Northern Michigan is an ideal location for families and people of all ages to reside. 

This picturesque location is home to just over 3700 residents who avail of its beautiful scenery, limitless natural pastimes, and the welcoming sense of community in its Alpine-like villages. Whatever your homely requirements are, from a lakeside family house to a winter cabin to sit by the fire, in Gaylord you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for.    

Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $261K
Lowest Price $69.9K
Highest Price $1.3M
Total Listings 118
Avg. Days On Market 2
Avg. Price/SQFT $119

Property Types (active listings)

Gaylord Homes for Sale

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Gaylord Homes for Sale

Gaylord home prices begin at around $78’500 and reach as far as $1.4 million. Family houses are partnered with spacious surrounding gardens with plenty of room for children to play safely. A four-season location with spectacular amenities such as pristine lakes and world-renowned trout streams, Gaylord is a flawless place to live all year round.

With its numerous lakes, golf courses, 105’000 acres of state forest as well as hundreds of miles of hiking routes, this town has no shortage of entertainment to keep its residents occupied. Family homes are exposed to incredible views of forests and lakes while at the same time being close enough to access any services needed such as gas stations and shopping centers. Properties range from modern suburban bungalows to three-story estates with a delightfully historic feeling, while still offering everything a modern-day home does.

Older homes in Gaylord have been enhanced with new appliances and various improvements in order to ensure maximum comfort can be found. The surrounding forest provides both shelters from the wind and rain in the winter as well as shade from the sun in the summer while still letting enough natural light penetrate to brighten homes during the daytime.

Homes for Sale

There are a total of 230 listings for real estate properties in Gaylord. The most expensive of which is a $1,375,200, seven-bedroom multi-family home that spans over 3,252 square feet and easily sleeps 20 people, while the cheapest home is a cozy two-bedroom single-family home with 2,864 square feet at its disposal costing a modest $49’900. The median price for a home in Gaylord, Michigan nestles at around $158’500 which is extremely reasonable given the unlimited access to incredible scenery as well as any facilities necessary being within walking distance for the people living here.

Kitchens are equipped with top-of-the-range cooking appliances with some entertaining the modern look of today's world while others prefer a more traditional look as they range from vibrant natural colors to sleek and stylish granite and whites.

At the high end of the market, homes feature additions such as expansive front and back gardens, garages, and even hot tubs which can be a perfect place to unwind after a long day, especially when combined with the striking views of Gaylord’s magical lakes and forests. The real estate in this area truly has everything to offer and would be perfectly suited to anyone who wants to buy a home in a beautiful area. 

Discover Gaylord Bungalows for sale

With the immaculate landscape and endless forest areas, Gaylord seems perfectly suited to bungalow-type homes. Whether within the forest itself or simply roadside nearby, Gaylord bungalows connect perfectly with their surroundings and almost blend into the background. Prices begin for bungalows at around $50,000 and extend up to $300,000 for higher-end properties. Averaging at a price of around $100,000, these homes are extremely affordable for what they offer, with most offering three or more beds and up to and over 2,000 square feet.

These bungalows also offer close proximity to the multiple attractions of Gaylord such as golf courses and hiking trails leading to scenic views as well as basic necessities such as supermarkets, schools, and shopping centers. Whether you are a new family looking for a place to settle down, an older couple seeking a tranquil place to retire, or simply someone who appreciates a good view, a Gaylord bungalow would be an excellent option and one that will never disappoint.

Explore Gaylord homes and homesites for sale

As a haven for lakes and forests, Gaylord is a perfect place for families to settle with an endless supply of natural entertainment for children to avail of such as watersports, hiking, snowboarding, ice fishing and so much more. Family homes are the most common type of real estate in Gaylord and prices begin at a modest $50,000. The highest price for homes and homesites is $1,375,200 and this property offers everything you could expect and more in this 540 acre, the four-house family estate.

Built in 1972, this property contains seven bedrooms, three guest houses, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, and even its own spring-fed pond. This property, although expensive, would definitely be worth the cost. The average price for homes and homesites in Gaylord is close to the $250,000 mark, a more affordable price yet the homes still offer everything a new or old family could want. Homes locations range from right beside the main street of the town to deep within the forest and even directly lakeside on the beautiful lakes of Gaylord. With two, three, four, and even five bedrooms available in these homes they would have no problem accommodating families of all sizes comfortably.

Furthermore, these homes and homesites are all within walking proximity of attractions such as lakes, golf courses, and hiking trails as well as schools, town centers, and supermarkets allowing ease of access for all residents as well as a strong sense of community formed from seeing each other on a regular basis. The homes and homesites in Gaylord are something that is rarely offered elsewhere due to the seamless combination of the natural landscape and the vibrant town life surrounding them, making them a sensational place to live any time of year.

Gaylord Community Highlights

Living in Gaylord offers residents an unrivaled opportunity for adventure every day. Whether it is going after the rush of adrenaline of snow skiing and snowboarding or simply taking a scenic hike or an elk viewing expedition, the residents of Gaylord are never short of fun activities of which to avail. Pine Knob Ski School gives residents world-class instructions on how to snow ski and helps teach people of all ages to ski confidently while staying safe and most importantly having fun.

This makes Gaylord the perfect place to live if you or your family has an interest in snow skiing. Gaylord is also home to some of the most spectacular lakes in the United States, such as Walloon Lake, Lake Charlevoix, and Lake Louise Camp which provide an opportunity for residents to swim, canoe, or paddleboard on the pristine waters of Gaylord.  Furthermore, fishing is an extremely popular pastime in Gaylord with species such as pike, perch, walleye, crappie, and bass abundant in the lakes and streams. Otsego Lake is also home to sturgeons which have been known to grow over seven feet long and weigh up to two hundred pounds. This is a major attraction to anyone living in Gaylord who is interested in fishing and an opportunity to catch a fish like no other.

While out fishing, skiing or simply exploring its vast woodlands you are likely to spot some of the spectacular wildlife of Gaylord such as majestic Elk, soaring bald eagles and    The town has its own regional airport, allowing easy travel in and out for residents themselves of friends and family coming to visit. Furthermore, Gaylord’s Alpine village is a haven for shopping outlets and retailers in which residents are free to browse and purchase anything their heart desires from sporting goods, the latest fashion trends and jewelry to home furniture, chocolate, and even tropical fish. This village also strengthens the community feeling amongst residents and truly creates a connection between the people and their homes. Residents of Gaylord can also avail of a variety of dining options from fast food outlets to high-quality restaurants.

Pizza delivery is always available to residents and can be the perfect option after a night of entertainment in one of Gaylord's many highly rated pubs and bars. Furthermore, families of Gaylord are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing schools to send their children to. There are numerous preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools available and all are extremely highly rated and appraised at educating the young people of Gaylord. Children attending these schools are free to spend their spare time availing of the vast selection of outdoor activities Gaylord has to offer such as snow skiing, fishing, ice fishing, golf, and hiking as well as many others.

For children that are adventurous and full of energy, this town will certainly help them to not only stay occupied but also find a hobby that they are passionate about and perhaps even one day from which they will be able to make a living. Overall Gaylord, Michigan is a cozy, tranquil place with incredible views of scenic woodlands and glistening lakes and streams. It is a haven for golfers, fishermen, hikers, and any nature and wildlife enthusiasts, as well as families or individuals, simply looking for a beautiful place to call their home. 


If you are looking for a satisfying meal with great service then Gaylord, Michigan is the place for you. There are numerous restaurants in Gaylord with many different genres and styles of food. Italian food is very popular with pizza restaurants such as BC Pizza, Mama Leone’s Italian restaurant, and Mancino’s of Gaylord being the most highly rated. The Alpine Tavern and Eatery is a trendy place to eat, and it's known for its exceptional service and atmosphere as well as delicious food and menus that cater to all dietary needs such as vegan and vegetarian requirements.

The most highly rated restaurant in Gaylord is Bennethum’s Northern Inn, an American Bar, and Gastropub that like the Alpine Tavern is locally famous for its delicious food as well as its cocktails and other alcoholic drinks such as wines and beers. Although these dining options are very moderate prices considering the quality of food and service they offer, there are also cheaper options such as Mary’s Tavern and Arlene’s Diner.  These offer a high-quality dining experience and a pleasant ambiance while being a more affordable option.

In addition to restaurants and diners, Gaylord also has a collection of pubs and taverns in which the local residents enjoy an alcoholic drink and a pleasant ambiance. Places such as Timothy’s Bar offer excellent quality drinks, service, and atmosphere as well as extra attractions like pool tables, dart boards, and large TV’s.  These restaurants, bars, and taverns enhance the sense of community and togetherness of the people of Gaylord and would make any new residents feel welcome and wanted in this beautiful town.


Gaylord is home to numerous preschools, elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools available and all are extremely highly rated and appraised at educating the young people of Gaylord. Even before they go to school, children can be cared for and educated at places like Trinity Lutheran Preschool, Otsego Christian Day Care Centre, and Sweet Child of Mine Child Care Centre. These private preschools and daycare centers give the children of Gaylord their first grasp of what a school environment can be like and is essential in their development of how they learn new information from a young age. Following this children have a range of elementary schools to choose from such as Gaylord Intermediate School, South Maple Elementary School, and North Ohio Elementary School.

These are all public schools and are therefore free to attend for the young people of Gaylord. There are also private elementary schools available such as St Mary Cathedral School who would charge a tuition fee for children to attend their school, however, this may be suitable for parents if they feel their children will receive a more comprehensive education here. This school is currently a traditional schedule, 288 students, and is accessible via public transport. The children will then go on to middle school and then high school and complete their education in Gaylord.

Once they have left high school there are colleges in Gaylord available to students such as North Central Michigan College and Kirtland Community College. These colleges give students a great opportunity to further their education and develop their understanding of the courses they choose while still being able to live in and enjoy the place they call home, Gaylord, Michigan. 


Gaylord is known as the golf mecca of the world and with 20 golf courses and 20 lodgings as well as world-class resorts and golf courses designed by some of the best golf course designers in the United States, Gaylord is truly a dream come true for anyone interested in or passionate about golf. As the warm summer days extend the sunlight into the evening, golfers are free to take in the rustic woodland and immaculate lakes as they play through the incredible Gaylord golf courses. Players travel from all around the world to avail themselves of the golfing facilities Gaylord has to offer and they are never disappointed.

The natural lakes, rivers, and valleys of Northern Michigan create the ideal environment and conditions for golf courses and it is no wonder these courses are admired and idealized around the world. The Black Lake golf course offers an incredible experience as while most golf courses have two or three holes that are seen as being worthy of fame, the Black Lake course has eighteen. Every hole in this golf course is impressive enough to be on the cover of a golfing magazine or website and this was the aim of the designer of the course Rees Jones. He explained that he strived to make the course’s holes blend in with the natural terrain and that there is nothing artificial in any part of the course, something that many golf courses around the world fail to do.

Another world-class golf course in Gaylord is Garland Lodge and Golf Resort which offers four championship golf courses all within walking distance of each other. In addition to its golfing facilities, this resort also offers phenomenal food, drinks, and friendly service, another great reflection of the positive attitude of the community of Gaylord.  With the expansive selection of golf courses to play and the beautiful scenery to take in along the way, Gaylord is a paradise for golfers and would be a perfect place for a young aspiring golfer to live and grow up.

Being raised on the world-class golf courses of Gaylord would give any young golfer a hugely increased chance at making it as a professional golfer one day and to be able to play on these incredible courses from a young age would be a priceless experience for a young golfer.

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