Lake Ann

Beautiful Lake Ann, Michigan is a small village in northern Michigan, located between Sleeping Bear Dunes and Traverse City. Founded in 1864 as a logging settlement due to its proximity to the burgeoning railroad, the greater Lake Ann area has about 3,000 residents, and the village has about one-tenth of that.

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Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $389K
Lowest Price $150K
Highest Price $759K
Total Listings 6
Avg. Days On Market 49
Avg. Price/SQFT $192

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Lake Ann Homes for Sale

If you are looking for a small but friendly town to settle in, Lake Ann, Michigan, is just your place. Lake Ann is a beautiful year-round resort town that is rich in history, lakes, wildlife, and serene nature. The town also offers beautiful sandy beaches, a golf course, rich culture, and numerous resorts. There is no shortage of entertainment joints and social amenities with two general stores, churches, a library, and ice cream shops.

There are prime properties in Lake Ann that offer great value and spectacular views. You can find unique homes you will fall for and others that you can improve to make your dream house come true. From million-dollar mansions to simple cabins by the lake, Lake Ann has something for everyone. There are homes big enough to accommodate a large family and condominiums for sale enough for a small family.

History of Lake Ann, Michigan

The Village of Lake Ann is a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful lakes and woodland areas as well as the resultant wildlife. The village was surveyed and platted by the government around 1860 and became settled during the next five years. Settlers had to live on their land for five years and if they survived the rigors of settling the raw land, then they were given the deed to the property. Canadian settlers John and Alec Heather are believed to be the first to come to the area but Andrew and Almiral Burrell – for whom Almira Township was named – were the first family to establish a home.

Roots, Recruitment, and Fire:
The Black School was the first permanent school building erected, and a Native American delivered mail via pony in the summer and on snowshoes in the winter. Matt Burnett owned the first grocery store, and R.J. Ransom owned the gristmill and sawmill. By 1897, Lake Ann Village had recruited many residents and businesses, and boasted a depot, hotel, drug store, livery, general store, hotel, and restaurant. The village continued to thrive until the collapse of the timber industry and fire on July 4, 1897, that nearly wiped out the entire town. Although many of the destroyed businesses were rebuilt, another fire in 1902 wreaked havoc on the area, and the third fire in 1918 was almost too much for the town to handle. Now, however, Lake Ann Village is a small thriving resort town of almost 300 inhabitants and Almira Township is the largest municipality in the county.

Home Sales Prices

Whether you are a first-time homeowner or looking for a secondary home, you can be sure to find an appealing home in Lake Ann. There are numerous listings for real estate properties in Lake Ann. You can find a $2.65m mansions spanning 8,631sqft sitting on a 2.22-acre lot with a breathtaking view of the lake. If you are looking for something smaller, you can opt for a 3-bedroom bungalow for $298K. The median home value in this area is about $180, 700 with most people owning homes. There is a small portion of people renting homes, with the median rent being $950.

High-end homes feature special features such as private docks, big backyards, and impressive fireplaces. Kitchens are fully equipped with elegant and functional cooking appliances. Cabins are clean, cozy, and fully furnished. Garages are spacious with room for up to 4 cars. The Real estate in Lake Ann is desirable, and it won’t take you long to find a home that suits you best.

If the beauty and tranquility of Lake Ann Village have ensnared you and you're contemplating moving to an area where the pace is a little slower but you still have access to the amenities of the big city, then you'll like the attractive home sales prices of Lake Ann Village. Prices run the gamut from $18,500 to $2.65 million, so there's a home for every budget. The average price of a two-bedroom home in the area is about $370,000, although there's an abundance of homes both above and below that price range.

Raw land:
If you'd like to purchase raw land and build that log cabin you've always wanted or the custom home of your dreams, there are many undeveloped plots available at very reasonable prices. You can have the lakefront view you've always wanted or the secluded location that might appeal to your desire for privacy. Many tracts of raw land come with multiple acres, so you can be assured that no one will build right next door.

Pre-Built Homes for Sale:
If you want a modern home with the amenities that you've come to enjoy, such as central heat and air, attached garages, laminate flooring, and lots of land, all in a tranquil setting that's away from the stress and bustle of big-city living, then Lake Ann Village may be ideal for you. With homes to fit almost any budget and price range, this attractive area is sure to have a home with your name on it. If you've already been here on a visit, then you know how attractive the area is. If not, then schedule a visit to learn more about this historic and beautiful area.

Condominiums for Sale: Although there are seldom any condominiums for sale in Lake Ann Village, they are available in nearby Traverse City and elsewhere.

If the beautiful area of Lake Ann, Michigan has captivated you and you'd like to relocate to this charming and friendly area, then be sure to contact us today. Whether you want to retire or relocate, we're sure to have the home you want at a price that fits your budget. Lake Ann has some incredible home values as well as a great climate and amenities. Its proximity to larger cities will enable you to have the best of both worlds for your retirement or for raising your family, so contact us today.

There are many different housing options in Lake Ann including condominiums for saledowntown homes for saleland lover homes for saleluxury homes for sale, and waterfront homes for sale.

Lake Ann Community Highlights

Lake Ann is located in Benzie County, neighboring Leelanau county and Traverse County. Named after its original settlers, the town has a strong sense of community, and the residents are full of hospitality. The population of the area is just below 300 people, and it’s expected to increase. The area has a lot of untouched woodland and wildlife, attracting numerous tourists. There are beautiful parks and tranquil lakes where visitors can relax and explore nature.

The area is relatively peaceful, with few cases of violent crimes being reported annually. The community is diversified, with the majority of the residents being senior citizens ranging from 55 years and above. People in Lake Ann are quite educated, with most of them having a high school diploma and college degrees.

There are plenty of employment opportunities in the area with a favorable cost of living. The unemployment rate is about 6.9% which is higher than the national average, but there is positive job growth. The cost of living is lower than the national average. The median household income is about $57,917. You can walk most of the area, and there are many coffee shops and bars in the area.

Residents of Lake Ann enjoy a rural feel with the abundance of woodlands and lakes. While in the area, there are plenty of leisure activities you can enjoy. Since Lake Ann has over 30 bodies of water, residents enjoy fishing from shore. There are also many private and public beaches where people relax and enjoy the warm sun or take a swim.

The woodlands offer miles of are to hike, bike, and enjoy the wildlife. Public parks have picnic tables, grills, and other amenities to enjoy with friends and family. Lake Ann has a strong sense of community and happy residents that hold great pride.

This small but richly historic community is welcoming, peaceful, and quiet with friendly residents who ensure that their friendly, small-town atmosphere welcomes new residents, tourists, and visitors. Although it boasts a golf course, multiple parks, a public beach, and several resorts, Lake Ann maintains its charming and serene atmosphere.

Lake Ann is the hottest in July, with an average temperature of just under 80 degrees, making it cooler than most of Michigan. Winter lows are about 17 degrees, and the area ranks about 6.2 out of 10 for the most comfortable places to live. Lake Ann averages about 120 inches of snowfall annually, about five times the national average of 28 inches, but it averages about 33 inches of rain annually compared to the national average of about 38 inches. Lake Ann has about 166 sunny days annually, slightly less than the national average of 205 days.

As of July 1, 2021, the median household income in Lake Ann was $75,866, and the average household income was $79,414. There were 130 households with an average family size of three, and 34 households have no children. Almost 21% of the population is under 18 years, and almost 20% are 65 years or older, with a median age of 42 years.

The Village Town Hall personifies the excellence of Lake Ann's local government. It's an excellent venue for weddings and other social events, it's easy to book, and it's readily available. The local library has the usual assortment of books and periodicals as well as audiobooks and movies, WiFi, and public computers. The local post office is open six days weekly, so even if you need postal services on Saturday, they're available.

Land Use Institute:

Michigan's Land Use Institute works with Lake Ann's residents to promote regional planning, eating and shopping local, and environmental services such as clean water and reducing the area's carbon footprint.


There are plenty of diners and restaurants that you can find delicious meals. Additionally, there are bakeries coffee shops that serve pastries and delicious beverages. Whether you want to catch an early breakfast, late lunch, or Sunday brunch, Lake Ann has plenty to offer.

Some of the fine establishments in the area include The Stone Oven that serves pizza with special diets. The Red Door Coffee House provides high-quality coffee drinks with smoothies and tasty sandwiches. Other pizza joints include Papa J’s Lake Ann, Lake Ann Country Side Pizza, and A Pappano's Pizza.

If you are a steak person, you can enjoy delicious ribs and steak from Bradley’s Pub & Grille or Oaky’s Tavern. Do you love tacos and other Mexican food? You can enjoy all the Mexican cuisines from Agave Mexican Grill Express. The Spanglish is also another great joint with good reviews that serves Spanish dishes.

In addition to diners and restaurants, there are several pubs where residents can have alcoholic drinks. Places like Bradley’s Pub & Grille and Sunset Bar & Grill offer an extensive collection of drinks and a pleasant ambiance to enjoy with your friends and family. These places offer a commonplace for the people of Lake Ann to come together and enjoy good foods and share good times.

Lake Ann boasts several dining options for both tourists and residents alike. Whether you're into artisan loaves of bread and pastries, pizza, high-quality ice cream and snacks, a beer and a sandwich, or upscale coffee drinks, you'll find it in the Village of Lake Ann. The Sunset Grill at the Mistwood Gold Course serves both ethnic and regional cuisine while Pegtown Station, just a few miles north in Maple City, is renowned for its breakfast menu, as is Dilbert's Cafe.


If you love to shop, Lake Ann will not disappoint you. With plenty of stores and department stores, you can shop for clothes, shoes, groceries, and other home supplies. Lake Ann Grocery offers everything you need, from beverages to fruits and vegetables. Marcy’s is a department store that offers top fashion brands in men’s and women’s clothing. In addition to clothing and shoes, the store has a wide range of gifts, furniture, and houseware.

For your furniture, accessories, and home furnishings, you can find everything at Golden-Fowler Home Furnishings. They also provide complete room planning and design and furniture customization. You can shop for cosmetics, jewelry, and beauty supplies from Eclectic Avenue. The shopping areas are conveniently located and offer great services and ample parking. You can get almost everything you want without traveling out of town.

If you're in the mood to take a book to a park and read, then purchase at Landmark Books or Brilliant Books can transport you to the past, the future, or anywhere in-between.

Pick up some real bargains at any of the area's local thrift stores or resale shops, including Goodwill in Northern Michigan. Called the little thrift store with the big heart, Samaritans' Closet in the nearby village of Lake Leelanau is becoming a go-to destination, and you're sure to find a bargain you can't leave behind. Especially when costs for everything have skyrocketed, picking up bargains at the local thrift stores can help furnish your home on a budget while you support local charitable organizations.


There are plenty of recreational activities and places to explore in Lake Ann. From public parks to lakes and resorts, there is no shortage of exciting places to visit. Popular places to visit include Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore that offers spectacular views of sand dunes looming over the blue waters of Lake Michigan. While you are here, you can enjoy hiking nature trails, camping, and swimming on the beaches. The stars light up the sky at night, and you can enjoy the amazing show at night.

The Almira Township Lakefront Park offers beautiful views of the lake with many rocks and plants. You can enjoy a quiet afternoon at the lakeshore or picnic at the park. The Lake is also nice for swimming, while the pavilion is covered for group gatherings. You can enjoy outdoor sports and activities like playing basketball and tetherball in Burnett Park.

Lake Ann is a beautiful lake spanning over 500 acres where locals enjoy boating, fishing, and paddling. There are a lot of activities to enjoy at the lake, including picnics, swings, slides, and a basketball court. It’s a fun place to go with kids and let them run around as they play in the park. There is a nearby restaurant and a pub where you can enjoy food and drinks while at the park.

Lake Ann is also home to the world’s largest cherry pie pan. It is a tourist attraction where many people come to see the pie tin and sit as they take in all the glory of the pan. The pan weighs about 28 350 pounds and was spans 14 feet. This roadside attraction was made in 1987, and many people stop by to take pictures.

Lake Ann is rich in history and culture, with many historical homes for people to visit. The Burnett Nestt is within walking distance to Lake Ann and features a fully furnished two-room apartment with a beautiful gardened setting. It has a private entrance and a lovely porch with a barbecue grill and firepit.

Anyone passionate or interested in golf can enjoy playing golf in Lake Ann. With enjoyable course layout and dynamic course designs, golf courses in the area allow for seasonal transitions in playability. The Mistwood Golf Course in Lake Ann is ideally located, offering great views and good conditions for playing golf. The resort also has a grill and bar that serves food and drinks. The Mistwood Golf Course hosts various golf events including the Chili Open and the Northern Michigan Triple Crown of Golf.

Other recreational sites in the area include Ransom Lake Natural Area, Lake Ann Camp Retreat Center, and Silver Lake Recreational Area. You can enjoy nature trails and outdoor sports, including tennis and ball fields. Children have many places to play and explore their adventurous spirit while spending quality time with their parents. Overall, Lake Ann is a fun place with plenty of activities, beautiful sceneries, and wildlife. Additionally, there are libraries, wineries, and churches.

Whether you're interested in local community activities or individual destination activities, you'll find ample options for both in Lake Ann Village, such as Grow Benzie for those who want to improve the earth and minimize their carbon footprint.

The Almira Historical Society was formed in 1992 to help preserve local history and maintain the area's connections to its roots through local community involvement in its various activities.

Since 1948, Lake Ann Camp provides camps and retreats throughout the year to help businesses, churches, and other groups reconnect to their higher selves and their Creator. Their objective is to encourage physical, spiritual, and social development for all those who attend so that they can positively impact their environment and those around them.

Local Churches

No matter your denomination, you should be able to find a house of worship that you like, from traditional Wesleyan to Advent Lutheran to Long Lake Friends to Zion Baptist in nearby Traverse City. Particularly when you've relocated to a new area, attending a house of worship can ease the transition for the entire family, and help you to form new friendships. For kids who still live at home, attending a house of worship can help provide them with activities that will keep them from getting involved in activities that you'd probably rather they didn't.

Schools Near Homes in Lake Ann, Michigan

Lake Ann is home to nine public schools with high ratings from the U.S. Department of Education. Some of the best elementary in Lake Ann include Westwoods Elementary, TCAPS Montessori, and Lake Ann Elementary. They teach strong academic skills and support the children’s talents through extra-curricular activities.

The education centers in Lake Ann promote inclusivity and diversity to create a positive culture and help the students thrive. The Students per teacher average is satisfactory. Teachers are certified and highly qualified. The students’ test scores range above the state average, and discipline levels are also high.

High Schools in the area include West Senior High School and Benzie Central Senior School. There are also private academies where parents can take their kids if they feel they will get a more comprehensive education. After completing high school, students advance to colleges in the wider Michigan area, such as Northwestern Michigan College Great Lakes Campus and Eastern Michigan University

Lake Ann is a small town that has plenty to offer. You will fall in love with the beautiful setting and the warm people. The multiple lakes in the area offer plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy. This makes it the perfect location to buy your first home or vacation home for your family.

Lake Ann Village has some of the best public educational facilities you'll find in the state, including TCAPS Montessori School and West Middle School.

  • Benzie Academy serves ninth through twelfth grade and ranks 532 out of 1,173 for diversity.
  • Lake Ann Elementary ranks as one of the best with a student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1, well below the state average, with an enrollment of 217 students. Their teachers are consistently rated superior for their efforts.
  • TCAPS Montessori accepts students as young as 18 months and has a student-to-teacher ratio of 16:1 with 312 students.
  • Westwood Elementary is rated as one of the best public elementary schools in the state with a student-to-teacher ratio of 20:1 and 418 enrollees.
  • West Senior High is also one of the better schools with many learning opportunities, a student-to-teacher ratio of 24:1, and an enrolled student body of 1,629.

For more information and a more comprehensive list of Lake Ann's educational facilities, click here.

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