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If you are an adventure enthusiast, Crooked Lake is ideal for you as the area has never run short of fun activities. It is where the spirit of adventure meets with a captivating mix of history and hospitality, where little moments translate to permanent memories.

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Average Price $728K
Lowest Price $54.9K
Highest Price $2.3M
Total Listings 14
Avg. Price/SQFT $582

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Crooked Lake Real Estate Listings

So, what comes to your mind when you hear Northern Michigan? Well, you arguably think of Lake Michigan, Torch Lake, Lake Charlevoix, or even Lake Walloon. However, there is an outstanding area just north of Petoskey known as Crooked Lake.

Crooked Lake is situated in Emmet County in the U.S. state of Michigan. It is the southwesternmost point of the recreational inland waterway. It is one of the most charming towns to live in. The area occupies a total surface size of 2300 acres. Crooked Lake is scarcely populated with about 200 households. Crooked Lake is probably the most conveniently situated of all lakes in the area. A resident can easily navigate anywhere from downtown Petoskey to somewhere like Pellston Regional airport in less than 30 minutes.

Crooked Lake real estate consists of a nice blend of newer homes that were developed within the last ten years and older homes that have the character and charm of a lake cottage.  The Crooked Lake real estate market is a great place to find a beautiful property with plenty of room for your favorite activities.  Many of the single-family homes in this area offer a generous amount of property, so if you're looking for something that suits your waterfront lifestyle or your outdoors preference, then this is where you'll find it. 

Because of their location, some homes on Crooked Lake typically sell for less than properties on Crooked Lake that are closer to Petoskey, which is great news for homebuyers shopping around in this area. What's even better is that nearly all of your amenities can be found nearby in Petoskey, which is just minutes away.

Crooked Lake Real Estate
If you are looking for a conducive environment to settle, Crooked Lake is an idyllic place to live all year round. Crooked Lake offers classic cottages that are quite affordable. Various spots on the Lake attract different buyers. If you are interested in convenient access, the northern and western shorelines are the ideal place for you. If you are looking for quiet neighborhoods, concentrate your search on Crooked Lake's eastern and southern sections.
To access an authentic sense of absolute privacy, stay along Oden Island, home to a limited number of waterfront properties. Most of the houses around Crooked Lake can accommodate large families since they have more than two bedrooms.

Crooked Lake real estate has a state of equilibrium as the area attracts seasonal and year-round residents. While numerous lakes in the region attract a summer-only crowd, many people tend to choose this area due to its proximity to Petoskey. Since the area attracts different types of people, the real estate available is equally diverse. Home sales prices range between $400,000 to $ 800,000, while more extensive estates can go beyond $1 million. However, there are smaller cottages which cost lower than that.

There are also condominiums for sale along the Lake, which offer buyers an opportunity to experience lake life for as low as $ 260,000.

Most homes are closer to the major streets, along the Lake, and near some recreational spots. Various homes are surrounded by artificial forests that shield the homes from the wind and rain on chilly winter days and protect the sun in the summer. Homes are always bright during the day as the forest areas do not block natural light penetration into the room areas.

Family houses are partnered with generous surrounding gardens with numerous for children to undertake various fun activities. The older homes have been revamped and equipped with modern home appliances to enhance comfort to occupants.

Crooked Lake Waterfront Homes
If you are a native or a vacationer looking for a home, you can focus your search on Crooked Lake waterfront homes. This area provides some of the most charming cottages and homes at an affordable price. There are also rentals in the area. Crooked Lake waterfront homes range from $ 500,00 to over $1million. The expansive homes have more than seven bedrooms and sit on a surface area of over 3,000.

Discover Crooked Lake Bungalows
Crooked Lake seems perfectly suited to bungalow-type of homes. There are classic bungalows within the forest, along the Lake, and the major streets. A good percentage of residents in Crooked Lake love bungalow types of houses as they blend perfectly with the surroundings and the background. Bungalow prices begin from $50,000 and can extend up to $ 500 000 for higher-end properties.
The majority of these homes offer two or more bedrooms and up to over 2,000 square feet. Considering their amenities, these homes are highly affordable. These bungalows are located near numerous attractions of Crooked Lake, such as parks, lakes, and hiking trails leading to scenic views and fundamental necessities such as hospitals, schools, malls, and buying centers.

Crooked Lake Community Highlights

If you are an adventure enthusiast, Crooked Lake is ideal for you as the area has never run short of fun activities. It is where the spirit of adventure meets with a captivating mix of history and hospitality, where little moments translate to permanent memories. Whether going for Riverboat Tours, snow skiing, taking a scenic hike, or going for an elk viewing expedition, Crooked Lake offers an unmatched opportunity for adventure every day. You can enjoy watching animals like deer, turkeys, rabbits, and squirrels in Crooked Lake, as most homes are found in more wooded settings.

There are nearby airports in Crooked Lake, facilitating easy travel for locals and international visiting or leaving the town. These airports are within 50 miles range from Crooked Lake, Michigan. There Brighton airport, Raether Airport, Johnston Field Heliport, Aeronaut Park Balloonport, and others.

If you are looking for a safe place to buy a home, Crooked Lake is the ideal place for you. Compared to other cities in Michigan, Crooked Lake has minimal insecurity cases. Some of the safest neighborhoods are Temple/Lake George and Town center.

A shopping spree is one of the most loved activities for most people as it is a unique way for lots of people to acquire pleasure. While in Crooked Lake, you can enjoy numerous buying price outlets where you can obtain goods ranging from the latest fashion trends, jewelry, grocery educational materials, and furniture. Visit Shores on Crooked Lake Owners Associations, Sturgeon River Pottery, Real Food Dream Kitchen, The Quiet Moose Interior Design Furniture Showroom, Joseph's World Art & Antique, etc. Some outlets offer online buying, with others providing delivery services.

Crooked Lake has incredible festivals that occur throughout the year. You will enjoy plenty of gala festivals with incredible jazz music and other types of entertainment. The numerous festivals in the area contribute significantly to feelings of social cohesion and help to educate residents about their culture. Some of the hosts for such festivals include Crush House Entertainment, Crooked Lake Sandbar Musical Festival, Crooked Lake Sandbar, and others.

Crooked Lake Recreation
If you are looking for a place with exceptional recreational options? Crooked Lake is the ideal place for you. Living in this town provides every bit of the lifestyle you've been looking for, including having loving and friendly neighborhoods. There is never a dull moment in Crooked Lake, whether canoe, hiking, visiting the parks, kayaking, swimming, or picnicking.

There is always a unique way to explore when staying on Crooked Lake. Fishing in Crooked Lake is common in all seasons, including an active fishing season. As part of the inland waterway, locals can actually boat from their dock to the great lakes. Boaters can also access the west side from the channel into Pickerel Lake, which is an extension of Crooked Lake.

Enjoy some lake laps in numerous settings, such as the Petoskey area. This place is extremely fun for children, especially teenagers. The Petoskey state park is an exceptional swimming spot that provides gentle water or wild waves. There are always teenagers jumping off the break wall and swimming back to repeat the activity at this spot. There is a small beach and wide-open Lake at Crooked Lake along U.S. 131, where people can swim in warm, inland lake waters.

There are also several fun activities you can do with friends or family at Crooked Lake, Michigan. You can observe fireworks on the water, take a Lakeshore boat tour, go birdwatching, fly a Trapeze, and go Horseback Riding.

Embrace the beauty of nature at the popular attraction areas such as Crooked Lake Park, Ben D. Jeffs River Park, Petoskey State Park, Little Traverse Conservancy, take a walk at Karabinas Family Farm, and others.

Apart from tourist attraction sites, there are recreational centers designated for community use and providing comprehensive programming. These centers also offer age-specific programs for kids, seniors, and other active members of the community.

Crooked Lake is also home to some of the most exceptional museums where you can keep your children entertained. Go on a Virtual tour at Andrew J Blackbird Museum, practice your drawing at Bay View Association, discover how to make inventive bubbles, build an individual periscope, construct spaghetti structures at Little Traverse Historical Museum and Air Zoo Museum. You can also sharpen your storytelling skills with Kalamazoo Museum. These museums are located a few miles from Crooked Lake-town.

Having a property that allows you to escape the big busy cities and relax by the calm waters of Crooked Lake is one of the best ways to find tranquility.  Additionally, you will be making an investment not just in monetary terms but also in creating life-long memories.  Whether it is a house, condo, or a lovely waterfront lot, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local community.

You will be able to take advantage of the waterfront lifestyle on Crooked Lake, which is the ground for water sports activities.  From cruising the blue waters in your boat, lounging on the beaches, or having a peaceful fishing session, all will be at your disposal only at a short distance.  Besides the lake, you will be surrounded by towns like Petoskey that are home to many amenities and lakeside communities.

Crooked Lake is part of the Inland Waterway which is a 40-mile stretch of interconnected lakes and rivers running from Pickerel Lake, just east of Petoskey, to Lake Huron’s shores in Cheboygan.  The inland waterway is the longest continuous water route in the state.  The best way to melt into its sleepy summertime pace: a lazy drift—water lapping, line trolling—as you putter away the day.

With these communities and many possibilities of recreational activities nearby, Crooked Lake real estate is a great lifestyle investment opportunity. The convenient location and family-friendly environment have made Crooked Lake real estate a catch. You can browse through the up-to-date listings to find the property that best suits your needs and budget. 

Focused on Northern Michigan Investment Real Estate

Brook is focused on lifestyle real estate investment properties as most people want a vacation home to make lifelong memories that endure for their entire family, leave a profound legacy for generations, and they want a solid financial investment at the same time.  While the area does have many good realtors, there aren’t many with the unique financial, vacation home investing, and technology marketing background. Brook uses his diverse skill set to help clients properly evaluate and determine whether a vacation home makes financial sense.

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