Interlochen, Michigan, is a great peaceful place for anybody to live and work. There are numerous houses for sale in the region with the most affordable prices. At Brook Walsh Real Estate, our primary goal is to help you acquire the best real estate properties in unexplored suburbs. We will evaluate your needs and guide you in choosing the best house for your family.

This page gives a very detailed overview of the homes, condominiums, land, and commercial property for sale in Interlochen, Michigan.

Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $445K
Lowest Price $55K
Highest Price $1.7M
Total Listings 33
Avg. Days On Market 104
Avg. Price/SQFT $240

Property Types (active listings)

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Interlochen Homes for Sale

Interlochen is one of the fastest-growing areas in Michigan. The booming economy, affordable housing, and unique neighborhoods have attracted more settlement in this area.

There are various prime properties for sale in Interlochen that can offer you the lifestyle you have been yearning for. Whether you need older homes with enhanced appliances, mode bungalows, or a mansion, Interlochen, Michigan offers housing options that meet diverse preferences.

Things to Know About Interlochen, Michigan
Interlochen is in Grand Traverse County, northwestern Michigan. It's famous for the world-renowned Interlochen Arts Camp, a school for young talented artists. During the summer music festival, Interlochen flocks with well-known performers. The region has about 477 people, but the population had been going up recently. This is the perfect place to settle if you love staying active all year long. The area supports lots of outdoor activities. You can try out some kayaking to experience the site differently during summer. In the winter, you can enjoy skiing in Crystal Mountain.

The weather in Interlochen, Michigan, is perfect and supports the growth of various fruits and vegetables. This region has a relatively high level of economic growth, and the projected job growth rate is about 34.7% higher than the US average.

Interlochen Real estate
If you are looking forward to owning a property in a quickly developing area filled with amenities, you may want to look out for homes in Interlochen. Most people in this region own their own houses due to the incredible home sales prices. You will find around 42 active homes for sale in Interlochen that only last in the market for about 47 days. The median listing price is around $225,250, which is way lower than the national average. The house's pricing is also 5% lower than Michigan's average.

The area has an excellent livability score of about 71%. Some of the best neighborhoods you can settle in this region include Traverse City, Marsh Field, Nims, Nelson, and Traverse heights. You are likely to find condos, townhomes, and even bungalows in these areas. This is a perfect time to buy a home in Interlochen as the property keeps appreciating. Your house will have a higher resale value soon.

Condominiums for Sale

If you want to own a home but are on a budget, consider getting a condo. Most condos in Interlochen are in downtown areas near essential amenities. Therefore, you will enjoy shorter commuter times, many cultural activities, and proximity to the shops. Some of these condominiums offer spacious parking areas, jogging trails, and swimming pools.

You can get a condo with a waterfront or one in the bush and use them as a vacation home. This is also the best way for a first-time buyer to get into the housing market. In a highly appreciating place like Interlochen, a condo is a worthy investment. You can get one for as low as $29,000 in Interlochen and the nearby areas. For the fully furnished condos located in high-end neighborhoods, expect to pay about $500,000 and above.

Discover Interlochen Bungalows
The lake havens, spectacular suburbs, and rich forests make Interlochen perfect for bungalow types of homes. Most of these houses are in tranquil streets close to nature and other open spaces. The homes come with extensive gardens so you can extend your house outwards in the future.

A bungalow is a much better option, especially if you have a family member with mobility challenges. These houses have spacious rooms and easy-to-navigate hallways. Interlochen bungalows are also the best fit for families with young kids. You will have enough backyard space and a children's play area.

One thing about these bungalows is that they are always in demand, and the price keeps appreciating. Should you decide to place the house on the market, it will attract more attention later on. Bungalows in this region entice a high number of older people. Therefore, they are in a very serene and quiet neighborhood, so this is your best pick if you love your peace. If you buy the older bungalows, you are less likely to hear any noise from the neighbors.

A large number of people in Interlochen don't live in rental apartments. So, there is a lot of space between you and your neighbors, which gives you more privacy. Most of these houses are stand-alone, built among other bungalows, so your neighbors can't overlook your property.

You can get a bungalow in Interlochen from $225,000 up to over $700,000 based on the piece of land occupied, number of rooms, and location. These houses are close to supermarkets, golf courses, and hiking trails and offer scenic views.

Luxury Homes

If you are looking for a house in a prime location made of high-quality materials with modern appliances, you may want to check out Interlochen luxury homes listings.

These houses deliver a lifestyle for consumers who don't want to settle for the ordinary. The homes have the higher square footage, which accommodates more rooms, large open areas, master suits, and a staff quarter. Some have decorative granite countertops, prestige dining areas, wooden floors, and stainless steel appliances. They come in all shapes and styles located in suburban regions.

Such homes provide comfort, pleasure, and classic convenience. Some even have private swimming pools and easy access to golf clubs. Whether you want a house at the lakeside, in the mountains, or the center of a city, there are various luxury houses in Interlochen to consider. Expect to pay three million up to ten million dollars depending on the location and facilities offered.

There are many different housing options in Interlochen including condominiums for saledowntown homes for saleland lover homes for saleluxury homes for sale, and waterfront homes for sale.

Interlochen Community Highlights

Interlochen is one of the best places to settle your family. There is plenty of space for a multi-room family house with spacious gardens that offer ample playroom for your children. This region also suits you best if you need a tranquil place to retire. The area has a tight-knit community filled with many young adults. In terms of diversity, Interlochen is home to people from all over the world. The large ethnic group in Interlochen is White Non-Hispanic, which covers 85% of the total population. The region is also home to American Indian & Alaska Native, White Hispanic, and Africa Americans. Most people here are 100% US citizens.

The most common birthplaces for Interlochen foreign-born residents are Mexico, India, and Iraq. Another interesting fact is that Interlochen has a large population of ex-military personals. You will find neighbors from all races, tribes, and religions. This region has an A- grade crime rate, lower than the US average rate. Your chances of being a victim of crime are meager, especially in the northern part of the city. It's a peaceful neighborhood unless you live near a busy main road.

Living in Interlochen

Living quality is usually the first thing most people consider before buying a vacation or a permanent home in an area. Interlochen is a great small town with everything you need. You can easily access restaurants, educational institutions, health centers, and recreational facilities. The livability score in this area is higher than the national average, and the cost of living is lower. As a result, the average price of transportation, housing, groceries, healthcare, and other services is relatively lower than in other areas in Michigan. People living in this area have an average of 19 minutes of commute time.

Interlochen offers a mixture of suburban and rural feelings. There are also various housing styles in different neighborhoods. If your family loves fishing, you can get a property near the Green or Duke Lakes. You will have shared lakes access to enjoy some spectacular views from your house. These lakes provide the residents with an opportunity to swim, canoe, fish, and explore the neighborhood through the pristine waters. You can take evening walks along the dock or even set a fire pit near the waters to enjoy some fun family time at night.

If you love nature, you will find various spacious restful houses and cabins in the leafy suburbs. The properties are in green environments where you can enjoy evening walks in the woods, hiking, and biking. The spectacular views and fresh air make this an excellent place for exercise. If skiing is a special part of your life, you may need to look for property near Crystal Mountain, Hickory, or Timberlee hills. There are also some townhouses for sale in Interlochen for those who prefer urban living.

Interlochen Dining

You will find various eateries at Interlochen, offering local, recreational, and fast foods. One fancy place that you can stop over for a meal is the Bud's. They have an outstanding selection of coffee, ice creams, and food for both kids and adults. This is the right eatery for vegetarians, and they also offer gluten-free meal options.

If you want to enjoy some American cuisines, you may want to head to Dilbert's. You can choose to take your meal from the patio as you enjoy the breeze or consider home delivery. Whenever you want to eat pizza, you can visit Cicero's Pizza Parlor. They offer a variety of specialty pizzas and savory salads.

Visit Wendy's for quality fast food like crispy fries, burgers, and spicy nuggets. Bradley's Pub & Grill serves local food options. You can also enjoy local beer, wines, cocktails, and live music here. The culinary scenes in Interlochen have attracted various positive reviews online for perfect service and delicious meals.

Shopping in Interlochen
Interlochen offers a diverse shopping experience. There is a local market where you can find the best fresh farm produce, locally raised poultry, fish, authentic food, and natural art. Head to the Blue Vase Books in the old Ric's market if you need books. For smoking, accessories visit the like glass pipe, rolling papers, and US131 Smoke Shop.

You will also find a wide range of hand-crafted gifts, knitted scarves, ornaments, jewelry with gemstones at Eclectic Avenue. The Golden Fowler Home furnishings offers a wide selection of custom furniture for your living room. You can also shop for clothes at the Tee See Tee.

Recreational Activities
Once you own a home in Interlochen, you can enjoy various recreation activities with your family and friends. Visit the Interlochen State Park for camping and site seeing. Alternatively, make your summer more memorable by enjoying some water activities with the help of American Boat rentals. You can hire a boat for your family, water skis, and wakeboards to enjoy water activities. Or, enjoy some beach swimming, walking, or running through the stunning old forest. Make a point to attend music concerts and performances in the Interlochen Center of Arts. Golfing enthusiasts can also experience local golfing experience at the Interlochen Golf Club.

Schools Near Homes in Interlochen, Michigan

As more families continue to settle in the Interlochen area, there has been a notable increase in the development of educational facilities in the area. The quality level of education in this region also ranks higher at the national and state levels than in other cities. There is a public elementary school in the Interlochen Community School, with 14 students for every teacher. You can also consider private institutions like the Lake Ann Elementary School and New Covenant Christian Academy.

If you have a child at the middle school level, you can enroll them at the West Middle School. The area is also near high schools like the Western Senior and Traverse City High School. If you have a child interested in arts, enroll them in the Interlochen Arts Academy, a boarding arts high school. There are about 119 colleges within 200 miles of Interlochen. The closest higher education institution to this region is the Northwest Michigan College, and the top-rated is the University of Michigan which is but a four-hour drive away.

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