Alpena, MI, popularly known as the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes, is an all-in-one city in the county seat of Alpena County. The Northern Michigan region is the second most populated city, following Traverse City, with 10,000.

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Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $308K
Lowest Price $79.9K
Highest Price $3.9M
Total Listings 84
Avg. Price/SQFT $182

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Alpena Homes for Sale

If you consider a serene and peaceful place to live, Alpena is the place to buy a home. Alpena, MI, popularly known as the Sanctuary of the Great Lakes, is an all-in-one city in the county seat of Alpena County. The Northern Michigan region is the second most populated city, following Traverse City, with 10,000. Surrounded by some of the hottest neighborhoods like Northmoor, Covenant, Northeast Flint, and Houghton Jones, the area creates an environment best for single-family homes, townhomes, 3-5 bedroom houses, and condos.

Alpena provides a haven for relaxing after your daily grind. The area is rich in culture and history and prides itself on being among Michigan's top tourist attraction locations. It gives you a rare opportunity of enjoying pristine nature and a free and easy way of life. Alpena has a unique combination of modern and long-established outdoor attractions, guaranteeing a whole new level of experience. With locally-made wine and soda, and beer on tap at your disposal, you are sure to have an awesome time in the city.

You can always enjoy quality conversations at a historic saloon or downtown café during your coffee sessions or diner with family and friends. Whether you want to spend millions on a mansion or a simple townhouse, Alpena gives you the best investment platform. Here are reasons for sealing this statement.

History of Alpena City
Alpena has an interesting background coming from a trading post established in 1835. In 1853, Alpena was ponied out as a village after hosting several cement-manufacturing industries and transforming into a major sawmill area. Alpena City was founded in 1871 when the area combined commercial fishing ports and lumber harvesting. The city is known to stay ahead of the game regarding inventions and modern trading solutions. Three years after Alexander Graham Bell attained his patent, Alpena was among the first few cities to install the telephone.

As Alpena was struggling to be a lumbering town, and so were many other lumbering towns. With its immovable spirit, the town was unshakeable despite the challenges of that time. The city has always maintained its solid spirit and kept its head high despite any hurdles. Alpena is well-known for reinventing herself during tough times to ensure that its residents' and visitors' livelihood is well sustained. As a result, Alpena shifted from lumbering to mining and manufacturing. The city grew and became home to the largest shale quarries globally.

Today, in The Sanctuary of the Great Lakes, Alpena is the core of a four-county region. Alpena provides authentic and unique experiences to residents and visitors alike. It is a high-powered area with a warm and welcoming environment. Alpena is where history, cultural heritage, and modern experiences comfortably blend with various outdoor activities. It is a city where families rediscover their abilities and discover the valuable things in life. The rich culture of the city illustrates what the trendsetting forefathers fell in love with.

Alpena Real Estate
Within Alpena's 8.93 square miles are several recreational activities and residential areas. Alpena provides a myriad of housing options from quality apartments, waterfront living, downtown living, luxury living, and anything fitting an individual's style. With average home sale prices of under $150,000, you can settle for the best housing options to meet your needs. Surrounded by natural beauty, Alpena is a gem when it comes to diversity in housing. Here are a couple of benefits you can enjoy from the following living options:

Waterfront living
Waterfront homes for sale are long-term investments that require a lot of thinking before purchasing. Purchasing a house is nothing close to buying groceries. When buying a home, you must think of its location and whether you can get a good view from it. Living on the lake comes with huge benefits, from the incredible view to increasing the home's curb appeal. Waterfront properties give you the opportunity of enjoying nature at its best by improving the quality of air, reducing stress levels, and improving your health. Besides enjoying water sporting activities throughout the year, such a property is a valuable investment with a superb resale value.

Luxury living
If you are looking for luxury homes for sale, Alpena is the place for your dream home. From luxury apartments, villas, penthouses, and modern houses, you can never miss out on what fits your needs. Luxury apartments or homes come at a higher price. You get to select a luxurious home depending on the luxury style you are looking for. Luxury living homes have the best designs that you can customize to meet individual needs. They come with high-quality construction for the client to get value for their money.

Condominiums in Alpena
Alpena has some of the best condominiums for sale at reasonable prices. They have prime locations within reach of trading centers and major recreational sites. The neighborhoods are welcoming, making it a great place to live in regarding creating small communities where you can learn from one another. The condominium lifestyle in Alpena makes it easy to make new friends within the neighborhood. It has resulted in neighbors living like small family units.

There are many different housing options in Alpena including downtown homes for salegolf homes for saleland lover homes for sale, and resort homes for sale.

Alpena Community Highlights

When buying a house, you must check out its surroundings and community overview. The Alpena community provides a free from disturbance environment that is admired by many. Its members are known for working together in volunteering activities and giving back to society. It is among the few cities in the United States with a vast array of community organizations making a significant difference to their residents.

Alpena is among the best cities with fine cuisine and shopping places fitting all needs. Whether you are looking for beauty products, souvenirs, or books to read, you can always count on the city for an awesome experience when you shop. From the Alpena Mall to Alpena's downtown shopping district, you cannot miss your brand favorite. With shops like #1 Nails and Stitches' n Blooms, you are guaranteed quality customer service delivery to meet your personalized needs.

Alpena Farmers Market is an all-inclusive flea and street market that takes care of your fresh veggies at reasonable prices. If you are scouting for gifts for your loved ones, The Local Basket Case is the place to be. The site is in downtown Alpena, with two owners who know their items by heart. Here you can find local merchandise with great stories behind their existence. It is the place to go if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind gift.

For the art enthusiasts, some of the must-visit places are the Art In the Loft At Gallery 109 and Thunder Bay Arts Council & Gallery. Downtown Alpena is where all the action takes place. The Art In the Loft At Gallery 109 is in one of the superstructures in the city. It is an exceptional gallery in Alpena with many national and local artists combined with the city's historic charm. The gallery has the best view in the entire city, and it advocates for local artists in the area, impacting the community positively. On the other hand, Thunder Bay Arts Council & Gallery is quite small, but you can never miss out on something to buy. It has a knowledgeable and friendly staff that can make your trip worth the while. You are guaranteed to find some of the best jewelry, paintings, and ceramics.

When it comes to eateries in Alpena, you will be spoilt for choice. Alpena has some of the best places for dining with family and friends you can't help but feast your eyes on. From local cuisine to top restaurants, Alpena has got you covered. The Austin Brothers Beer Company is among the hyped places in Alpena that ensure they live to their customers' expectations. It is an intriguing place whenever you are on the sunrise side of the state. The bar and restaurant have a rotating pub food menu to meet all your drinking needs, including vegan and gluten-free options for special diets. The Austin Brothers Beer Company is usually slammed, but they usually know their way around their customers with their high-organizational standards. Whether you are scouting for an afternoon snack or diner with family or friends, it is the place to stop by.

Other exciting places for dining include the Fresh Palate, where you are guaranteed excellent food. They have great wraps, and they are quite pocket-friendly. For coffee lovers, a stop at the Cabin Creek Coffee is a must. Here you can enjoy the ambiance and different types of coffee accompanied with cinnamon rolls. The joint is everyone's favorite because you get your coffee just the way you order it. If you have kiddos, they can always enjoy the giant chocolate chip cookies with hot chocolate. For Mexican cuisine lovers, a stop at the Mangos Mexican Cuisine will do you justice, and for steak and pizza, JJ's Steak and Pizza House is perfect for you. Alpena brings in a universal flair with eclectic creations a couple of minutes' walks or drive away.

You can never get enough recreational and adventure activities in Alpena since it is a hotbed for adventure and outdoor activities. These activities range from fossil hunting, parks, beaches, trails, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing, diving, sailing, and many other outdoor activities. Living in Alpena consumes you in the wanderlust of knowing every corner of the city. The city's natural beauty provides a natural trail therapy that remedies the stress and pressures of life. Alpena is among the few places where you get to relive the sunny days of your youthful life. With so many activities to partake, from catching fireflies to simply reading a book under a tree shade, Alpena has a wide variety of things to do.

One of the major advantages of living in Alpena is that it is an all-around city to enjoy outdoor activities irrespective of the season. Since you can delight in cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and snowshoeing, you do not have to stay indoors during winter. The Great Lakes have an interesting history, coming from a prehistoric glacier movement with treasures along Lake Huron's shore. You can also hunt for fossils as back as 400 million years, with the Lafarge Fossil Park at Besser Museum being ideal for your adventure.

Alpena stands out from other cities because it has a small-town charm unique to its residents and visitors. With its Three Dark Sky Preserve Parks, you can enjoy watching the constellations at night, giving you a relaxing mood before retiring home to sleep.

Final Thoughts
When buying a home, it is an investment and a homely decision. Therefore, you need to consider the cost of the house and its surrounding environment. You need to ask whether the location is suitable for your family and if you can live comfortably in the area. Alpena is a city that welcomes you from the word go. The residents are friendly, meaning you get to have an easy time increasing your circle of friends. When purchasing a home, you must also consider the activities you will be doing outside the home. Alpena provides an all-around environment meaning you will not have to worry about the outdoor activities for your family, friends, and visitors. Its reasonable home sales prices make it an ideal location for buying your next home.

Schools Near Homes in Alpena, Michigan

When buying a house, you need to survey the surrounding schools before committing to any location. You want your kids to have a quality education by attending the best school in the region. Alpena has good learning institutions from elementary, high school to college. To know the best school within the Alpena region, you can check the equity and academic performance ratings. In Alpena, you have a wide range of learning institutions to select from, including those that serve low-income families and those with special needs.

Most of the private institutions in Alpena are religiously affiliated, with many steering towards the Lutheran Church and the Roman Catholic. For example, All Saints Catholic school and Immanuel Lutheran school. Take time to find out the different activities available in the school you may be interested in to allow your kids to participate in them. Make sure you take your kiddos to where they can enjoy their extra-curricular activities.

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