Torch Lake

Torch Lake is a glacier-carved lake that is located in northwest lower Michigan. This world-famous lake is known for its incredibly clear blue-green waters. Regrettably, that beauty means it stays cold however, that doesn't stop people from enjoying all of the watersports the lake affords.

This page gives a very detailed overview of the homes, condominiums, land, and commercial property for sale on Torch Lake in the cities of Alden, Bellaire, Central Lake, Eastport, or Kewadin, Michigan.

Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $2.7M
Lowest Price $480K
Highest Price $6.5M
Total Listings 21
Avg. Days On Market 120
Avg. Price/SQFT $791

Property Types (active listings)

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Torch Lake Homes for Sale

Beach breezes, starry nights, and crisp air, Torch Lake, Michigan has all that and much more. The place is famous for the Caribbean blue, crystal clear waters. The lake used to be a local hidden gem for the locals at the nearby township but not anymore. The social media and technology world opened up the beautiful area to the outside world. So many people are considering making Torch Lake their forever home. It's a summer hotspot drawing hundreds of people there every year. Because of that, it's packed with vacation homes.

If you are looking for a place to get your secondary home, Torch Lake has everything you could ever want. However, the town can also be a great full-time home for anyone. Consequently, the location is on many people's shortlist of places to live or buy a home. There are plenty of breathtakingly beautiful properties in the area to fit every budget. If you are considering getting a home in Torch Lake, here is what you need to know.

The lake is known for nature activities including hiking, canoeing, fishing, and diving. Owing to the low amount of boat activity, it is a nature-lovers paradise. Noted for its exceptional beauty; its waters are unusually clear and exhibit a bright turquoise hue, often resembling Caribbean waters. This quality has made the lake a popular spot for the development of resorts and second homes with notables including Kid Rock, Eminem, and Michael Moore owning vacation homes on the lake.

Home Sales Prices

The first thing most people consider before buying a home is the price. There are cities in the world where owning a home will force you to break a bank or run through your life savings. But that is not the case with Torch Lake homes. Whether you want a home in Rapid City, Central Lake, Bellaire, or Kewadin, you will always find a property within your budget.

The price will depend on what the home has to offer and the amount of land it's resting on. The lowest price for a Torch Lake home is likely to be $ 240 000. The highest home price can go up to $ 3 600 000. That means, on average, if you want a home that is affordable but still has all the amenities, you should expect to spend approximately $ 1 500 000. The average price per square foot is $ 787. Over the past year, the home values in Kewadin have gone up by over 12%. That should show you that Torch Lake homes retain their value. It will be a worthy investment. Condominiums for sale have different prices because you are buying a single unit. Ensure you take a tour and view all the features before purchasing a condo.

All these figures might change depending on what is currently on the market. You should go through the whole listing before you make any decisions. It depends on how many bathrooms, bedrooms, and square feet of land you are getting. A small piece of land can be a little cheaper because it's not developed yet. But that is an opportunity to create your dream home in Torch Lake from scratch. Homes in Torch Lake rarely stay in the market for over seventy days. You have to act fast when you see something you like.

Before buying a home, you should consider the history of the house. It's the best way to determine how old the property is and if it matches the selling price. You may get a small room for negotiations as well. Consider any additional renovations because they can be expensive. If you don't have extra funds for remodeling, buy a Torch Lake home that is ready and ticks all your boxes. But most of the homes up for sale in the area are in great shape and won't' cost you much on remodeling.

According to the Northern Great Lakes Realtors Multi-Listing Service, the average sales price for a Torch Lake home is $973,467 with a high of $9,500,000 in 2020. The average sales price for a Torch Lake condominium is $298,986 with a high of $508,800 in 2005.

Waterfront Living

Nothing compares to living on the lake, the views are incredible, and the atmosphere is very pleasing. There is a high level of luxury that comes with owning a waterfront property. For most people, the closer they are to the lake, the better. A waterfront home is a dream come true for many. If you are looking to buy a house like that, Torch Lake has amazing investment opportunities. Usually, you will spend a fortune to get your hands on such a property. But there is quite nothing like walking out of your door and strolling down for a morning swim.

Historically, waterfront properties have always been the most desired. That means the house will retain its value even if you decide to sell it later on. The quality of water in front of the house will also determine the price. As you already know, Torch Lake has clear blue-green waters. The prices are very favorable compared to other areas. Acquiring a waterfront property will make your home feel like a vacation every sig le day. Living that close to the water also has many health benefits. You can practice morning meditations in the serene environment, do yoga, or work out. The list of benefits for waterfront homes goes on and on.

Torch Lake Community Highlights

You can’t establish roots anywhere before learning what the community is like. Along the Shore of Torch Lake is a small township of about 1200 full-time locals. But there are always additional vacationers and summer residents. Central Lake is the most populated area if you are looking for a large community. There are advantages to staying in a close-knit community in Torch Lake.

You will enjoy the slower pace; it will be a great change of scenery if you come from a big city. There are also vibrant communities along the beautiful lake. It all depends on where you are buying your home because Torch Lake is a wide area with different communities. A simple visit to the famous lake will show you the kind of locals you will be staying close to. It’s a small yet diverse community. You will fit right in without much effort.

There is a low crime rate, making it safer for people looking for a place to call home. Fewer residents mean less pollution and traffic. Commuting will be a breeze because you can quickly drive across town without stopping. With such a small community, the cost of living tends to go down. Everything will seem cheaper, especially if you are coming from a big crowded city.

Torch Lake, MI Dining

If you are a food enthusiast, you will be happy to know that Torch Lake has many fine dining establishments. Your adventurous side will not die as soon as you buy a home there; on the contrary, you will have new food opportunities to explore. From the local cafes to the high-end restaurants, there will always be something on the menu for you to try. You will notice how diverse and big the Torch Lake area is when you explore the hotels and restaurants.

There are many chances to try new foods or the same foods you are used to but prepared differently. There are eateries dedicated to making delicious breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or in-between meals of your choice. Many established chefs have found opportunities in Torch Lake. From classic pizza, steak, fish, and vegetarian options, there is something for every diet. Travelers enjoy the eateries as much as they enjoy the natural amenities in Torch Lake. Dockside is a restaurant on water; you can go with a boat to eat there or take away your food. It's a unique establishment with a much laid-back atmosphere. 

Torch Lake, MI Shopping

Torch Lake has a vast collection of shops. You will find fashion houses, food stores, home furnishings, and antique shops. Establishing a home needs a place with shopping opportunities for days. That is what you will find in the north-western part of Michigan. There are farmer's markets all over the place that offer fresh seasonal produce to keep your healthy lifestyle going.

The Grand Traverse Mall in Traverse City is also a one-stop shop for all you may need. There is something unique in every shop, whether you buy Western wear, wine, food, or home supplies. Whether you are in the areas for a vacation or you want to be a permanent resident, you will not run short of stores and shops to visit. 


The Torch Lake alone has endless recreation activities. You can rent a boat, speed boat, Jet Ski, or pontoons and hit the waters. A day swimming and enjoying other aquatic activities like kayaking, snorkeling, or paddleboarding is enough to help you reset and relax. Fishing is arguably one of the best America’s pass time. There are many fishing opportunities. Torch Lake is part of a chain of lakes, meaning there are other nearby places to explore. There are charming townships around with great eateries and villages that are worth discovering.

Visitors and Torch Lake residents enjoy the beautiful biking trails. Nothing beats an afternoon on your boke exploring the beautiful wildflowers, lush forest, and rolling hills. If you are not into biking, you can try it when you visit or move there. It's also the best hiking spot if that is your hobby. That means that camping is also a great recreational activity for families in either of the neighboring towns. You can enjoy vineyard tours, kayaking tours, and brewery tasking when you go to Traverse City. People with outdoor leisure activities and water sports are the ones who enjoy having a home in Torch Lake. Your leisure time will always be fun and adventurous.

The Lakeview Restaurant, Bellaire, has golfing opportunities. They have two courses out of five ranked among the top twenty courses in Michigan by Golf Magazine. If you are interested in starting a golfing hobby or want to brush up on your skills, it's the best spot to visit. Also, there are local art galleries and museums you can visit. The Elk Rapids Spirit of Woods Museum can be incredible for kids. If you want to hit the casino on your Friday evening, you can. Some adult time while gaming with friends is a great way to unwind. You will also enjoy the nightlife with some drinking and dancing in any of the bars and other establishments.

Torch Lake, MI Real Estate Investment

When you already have your primary and secondary home, you can always purchase another property as an investment. There is a steady trend in the right direction with homes and properties in Torch Lake. Both buyers and sellers can make a great return on their investments. Most of the properties can retain their values, with some areas even increasing in value over time. Summer cottage sellers in Michigan have recently been making great gains.

The lake is usually flooded with visitors and vacationers in summer. Some of them own vacation homes around while other rent nearby hotels and accommodation establishments. You can buy the property and rent it to the visitors staying in the area for a few days. When you look at most of the properties on the listing, you will find some strategically located and have enough amenities to make a fruitful investment. The year-round visitors who are attracted to the outdoor activities could use decent accommodation in the area.

Torch Lake, located in Antrim County in Northern Michigan, is famous for its clear, turquoise blue water and its party-perfect sandbars. At 19 miles long, Torch Lake is Michigan’s longest inland lake. It’s also the state’s second-largest inland lake (behind Houghton Lake) at approximately 18,770 acres. Though it might take a while to traverse, Torch’s length does make it a perfect lake for jet-skiing, tubing, and other water recreation. That is when you aren’t hanging out on its famous sandbar, of course.

Torch Lake Vacation Rentals

If you are looking to rent a home on Torch Lake, there are plenty of reasonably-priced offerings, but be sure to book well in advance. Generally speaking, book a Torch Lake vacation home about 9-12 months in advance. If you wait until a month or two before your trip, you will be met with slim pickings, if anything. Torch Lake is so large that the number of houses doesn't remotely fill the entire coast line - not even close.


Dockside is the only restaurant on the water and is a Torch Lake treasure. People will park their boats right at the restaurant and dine in or take it to go. They have a very laid back atmosphere and will even help you dock.

Torch Lake Hotels

Torch lake doesn't have a lot of hotels on it. However, you can stay at the Pointes North Inn in nearby Charlevoix, Michigan or you can book a room and the Beach Condotel or the North Shore Inn, both in nearby Traverse City, Michigan.

Torch Lake has a lot of campgrounds but our favorite is Torch Grove. This campground has 42 campsites and is the closest camping to Torch Lake. They are one mile from the "Sandbar" Area of Torch Lake. The lake itself is accessible directly across the street via public access with a beach and picnic area. 

Torch Lake Boat Rentals

There are a number of boat rental companies on Torch Lake. Dockside, the restaurant we mentioned earlier, rents pontoon boats and jet skis (for some reason they call them wave runners). Chain O' Lakes rentals will pick up and deliver jet skis and boats to the north end of Torch Lake. They have boats, pontoons, jet skis, and speedboats available for rent. 

Torch Lake is just one piece of a larger chain of lakes. Sure, it’s the largest of the chain, and arguably the most beautiful, but there are other areas to explore in the Elk River Chain of Lakes Watershed, a 75-mile-long waterway consisting of 14 lakes and connecting rivers in the northwestern section of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, which empty into Lake Michigan. So there is plenty of room for adventuring, and that is exactly what most people who visit or live on Torch Lake do.

Things to do in Torch Lake


There are many opportunities around Torch Lake to discover walking and hiking trails.  Spend a few hours on an easier trail, or plan a camping trip around a more vigorous path.  Whatever your choice, don't forget your camera because the views are amazing here. The Grass River Nature Area offers 1,100 acres of forest, creeks, rivers, lakes, marshes, and open meadows for you to explore.  

Glacial Hills offers 765 acres of natural land you can find more information by going to

Horseback Riding

If you love horses, you will enjoy a day spent at Sandy's Stables.  No matter what your skill level is, the folks at Sandy's will make sure you're comfortable and that you have a good time. Sandy's Stables are on 18 acres of lush grassy pastures and riding trails offer spectacular views.  


Feel the rush of falling through the sky at 120 mph with Harbor Spring Skydiving over Lake Michigan.  Make sure to get a video of the event to show your friends and family when you get home.


Bring your bike with you and explore the beautiful bike trails around Torch Lake.  Torch Lake Michigan offers lush forests, rolling hills, and colorful wildflowers. If you'd rather rent a bike, Brick Wheels and Revolution Bike Shop both have them available.  For information on trails in the area, visit  While you're not riding, we'll store your bike for you.  Don't miss out on the picturesque scenery of Torch Lake!


Planning on a little retail therapy during your vacation? Whether you're looking for precious antiques or the trendiest boutiques, you'll find a variety of shops near Torch Lake. 

Make sure to stop by Brownwood Acres which has an enchanting tea room and a fun candy shop. 

Also be sure not to miss Adams Madams which has a local art gallery, handmade crafts, and a book nook.

The King Orchards farmer's market is another must-see if you like fresh seasonal produce.  Or if you're more interested in delicious cheeses, wines, and seafood, visit Toski Sands Market in nearby Petoskey.

Experience the charm of Square Deal Country Store in Traverse City, Michigan.  They have an excellent selection of western wear and equine supplies.

If a traditional mall is more your style, you'll find all your favorite department stores at Grand Traverse Mall, located on the south end of Traverse City.


Whether your game is blackjack, roulette, or slots, you'll find plenty of action at the Turtle Creek Casino in Williamsburg near Traverse City.

The Odawa Casino in Petoskey (approx. 34 miles north of Torch Lake) has 50,000 square feet of gaming space.  They also have poker rooms, buffets, and shopping!  

In Suttons Bay (approx. 54 miles from Torch Lake), the Leelanau Sands Casino hosts blackjack tournaments and high-quality entertainment.  Eat at the Double Eagle restaurant and catch a show or stop by the lounge for a thrilling evening.  

If heading out on the water of Torch Lake isn't your thing, the lake can still be enjoyed from dry land too. The sandbar is a lovely spot to set up for a few hours with a good book or good friends, admiring the views and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere all around. Other activities nearby include golf, with over two dozen courses right nearby, and hiking, with many different trails both around Torch Lake itself and a little further away at the Grass River Natural Area.


The Michigan Department of Natural Resources announced that the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) has recognized an Atlantic salmon caught at Torch Lake in Antrim County in October 2011 as a world record for land-locked Atlantics. The record Atlantic salmon, caught by Indiana resident Tom Aufiero, weighed 26 pounds, 12 ounces. Aufiero, who caught the fish while fly fishing with a shrimp pattern, released the fish after weighing it.

As previously mentioned, nearby Traverse City also runs kayaking tours, vineyard tours, brewery tastings, and more, and plenty of great restaurants and charming little townships and villages can also be discovered and explored around Torch Lake.

Schools Near Homes on Torch Lake, Michigan

There are excellent school districts serving Torch Lake township and beyond. Your children will attend a great elementary and high school in Michigan. An area will not be ideal for homes without school districts. Torch Lake is a very large area; it touches on many school districts. The best way to know the type of school you will be working with is to look at the public school nearby. The area has favorably-ranked educational institutions. These are the four leading schools in Torch Lake:

  • Bellaire Public School
  • Central Lake
  • Elk Rapids School
  • Ellsworth Community School

Torch Lake Annual Events

memorial day parade, fourth of July, farmers market, classic car show, model train show

Focused on Northern Michigan Investment Real Estate

Brook is focused on lifestyle real estate investment properties as most people want a vacation home to make lifelong memories that endure for their entire family, leave a profound legacy for generations, and they want a solid financial investment at the same time.  While the area does have many good realtors, there aren’t many with the unique financial, vacation home investing, and technology marketing background. Brook uses his diverse skill set to help clients properly evaluate and determine whether a vacation home makes financial sense.

"I have significant experience buying and selling Northern Michigan Real Estate and I'd like to help you find the perfect Torch Lake, Michigan home." Send me a message or give me a call at 231.459.3179 to learn more today."

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