Kalkaska is a small community in Northern Michigan where residents enjoy beautiful views of nearby lakes, rivers & more. Homes for sale are affordable here, and the local schools excel at preparing students for future success. Residents can also take advantage of many recreational opportunities nearby, including fishing, skiing, or world cup events! 

This page gives a very detailed overview of the homes, condominiums, land, and commercial property for sale in Kalkaska, Michigan

Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $446K
Lowest Price $59K
Highest Price $4M
Total Listings 86
Avg. Days On Market 101
Avg. Price/SQFT $207

Property Types (active listings)

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Kalkaska Homes for Sale

The Northwest region of Michigan is home to Kalkaska, a small town with a population of less than 3,000. The town has a lot going for it: great school and low crime rates, but the one thing that really stands out about this part of the state is its affordability. If you're looking for affordable homes for sale in Kalkaska or anywhere else in northwest Michigan, there are plenty of options close by!

The Kalkaska real estate market is one of the most attractive in Michigan because of its low population density. Even though the area only has 5,000 people, it's still possible to find all sorts of property types for sale. Whether you're looking for an acreage with mature trees and rolling hills or something more urban-like condos on Lake Huron, there are plenty to choose from.

The area is so beautiful and peaceful that it's no wonder why people are drawn to Kalkaska. Not only is it a great place to live, but there are also some fantastic homes for sale in the area. With so many benefits of living here, you may want more reasons why Kalkaska should be the place for you. Thanks to the scenic views and proximity to other cities, Kalkaska has plenty of homes on sale waiting for their new owners.

Types of houses in Kalkaska:

Condominiums for sale: There are several condo developments in Kalkaska, though most of them are located out of the downtown area. The condos for sale here typically include amenities like golf courses and pools. If you're looking to buy a home with some extra space, then these might be worth checking out!

Single-family homes for sale: Kalkaska has many single-family residences that range from small starter homes to large estates. Whether you're just starting your career or retiring, there's plenty to choose from when it comes to affordable housing options in this town! There is also quite a bit of diversity among residents here, so no matter what kind of lifestyle you lead, chances are good that there will be something nearby that meets your needs! Residential neighborhoods tend to be quite close together, so residents often find themselves within walking distance of downtown restaurants and shops.

Many single-family residences will also feature classic farmhouse features like barns and stables, which make their property ideal for those who love the outdoors! Many residents here enjoy spending time hiking along trails that wind through nearby forests - perfect if you're looking for affordable homes in Kalkaska County !"

One-bedroom homes for sale: As is the case with most towns in this region, one-bedroom houses are pretty common here. Many people like to buy small starter homes that they can fix up over time as their family grows or salaries change! There's not much diversity when it comes to single bedroom homes, though; chances are you'll end up purchasing a fairly standard-sized home if this is your only living space. Homes typically include three bedrooms and two bathrooms, which make them an appealing option for those who prefer less upkeep than multi-family buildings require! Condo developments tend to come fully furnished, making it easy to move right in without having to worry about picking out new furniture!

Country Homes for sale: Country homes for sale are often located on an acreage outside of town limits. These properties tend to include large country-style houses with plenty of space between them, though some will have small outbuildings like garages or guest cottages! There is quite a bit of diversity among these types of homes too.

Heritage homes for sale: Heritage homes for sale tend to be located just outside of downtown Kalkaska. These houses will mostly include three or four bedrooms and two bathrooms, though some may have more than one story! Many residents find that these larger traditional-style homes are perfect for raising families here in this charming town. Some also enjoy the extra space living out near nature - there's plenty of room between properties, so you'll always feel like you're enjoying your privacy no matter where you buy a house around Kalkaska!

Houses with waterfront property: If water views are important to you, then the chances are good that finding affordable houses on Lake Michigan is going to appeal to your budget as well! Homes along the lakeshore often come fully furnished, making them easy to move into right away. If you're looking for places near Kalkaska with waterfront property, then there's no better way than contacting us here at The Real Estate Store today! We have agents standing by ready to help make the search for your dream home easier!"

Townhomes and duplexes not far from campus at Northwestern Michigan College. Single-family residences can be found here as well, though most are located on smaller plots of land. The average single-family property is about a quarter-acre, while townhomes tend to have slightly larger backyards.

Farmhouses for sale: Cute farmhouse-style homes are located outside of Kalkaska and tend to be very roomy - perfect if you have a family or pets! Most of these houses come with at least two bedrooms and one bathroom, but larger features like three bathrooms aren't uncommon.

Barns and stables may also be found on the property, which makes them ideal for those who love spending time in nature; many residents here enjoy hiking along trails that wind through nearby forests!"

Country Homes for sale: Unique country properties offer plenty of space between neighbors as well as large lots filled with mature trees. These perks make this home type especially appealing if you're looking to live somewhere peaceful yet accessible from downtown Kalkaska. Many homes here come with three beds and two bathrooms, but larger features like four bedrooms are not unheard of!

Multi Family Resale homes for Sale in Kalkaska, Michigan: Single-family home resales are also available throughout the area. The region is very popular with retirees, who appreciate the low crime rates and good schools that this town has to offer! Whether you're looking at affordable houses or great condos on your hunt, there's something here for everyone! It was established between 1870 and 1872 by lumberjacks from Maine. Condominiums can be found all over Kalkaska County, but most of them sit near Charity Bay along Lake Michigan; these condominiums represent some of the best options within Northwest Michigan when it comes to affordable housing!

Farmhouses are one of the most popular styles in Kalkaska County; these homes can be found all over town, sitting at various locations. They represent good investment opportunities that may yield great returns on your initial investment down the line! If you're looking into farmhouses for sale near Kalkaska, MI, there is no shortage of options here. Single-family houses and lakefront properties make up some of the best resale home deals available to those who want a more traditional-style house with plenty of space around it! 

There are also heritage homes scattered throughout this part of Michigan - these large houses were built back when lumberjacks founded this small town. These historic structures offer unique living experiences with lots of character tucked inside them! You can find these homes throughout Kalkaska County as well.

Multi-family homes for sale in the region are rare but still exist! These large houses were built to accommodate many people, though most of them have been broken up into apartments or condos over time.

Kalkaska is a great place to look if you're looking for affordable options on your hunt! Whether it's farmhouses, condo living, heritage housing, or single-family residences that you want - there's something here for everyone!

Other types are Lakefront homes, Riverfront homes, and single-family houses.

Home sales prices :

The average cost of a home in Kalkaska is around $176,000. The median price for homes on the market right now is about $161,900, and these represent some of the best values that we've seen all year!

Single-family houses and condos are available for resale in the region. Condos near Lake Michigan can also be found here, though most of them are located along Charity Bay. These properties represent an excellent choice when it comes to affordable housing! There's no shortage of options within Northwest Michigan when it comes to farmhouse-style dwellings either; they're scattered throughout this part of the state and offer unique living experiences with lots of character tucked inside them! Single-family residences or lakefront properties make up some of the best deals on resale homes that you'll find nearby Kalkaska MI Heritage homes.

There are many different housing options in Kalkaska including condominiums for saledowntown homes for saleland lover homes for saleluxury homes for sale, and waterfront homes for sale.

Kalkaska Community Highlights

Kalkaska is a small community in Northern Michigan where residents enjoy beautiful views of nearby lakes, rivers & more. Homes for sale are affordable here, and the local schools excel at preparing students for future success.

Residents can also take advantage of many recreational opportunities nearby, including fishing, skiing, or world cup events! And if you are open to dining with neighbors, this is the community to be in.

Cultural Attractions: For those looking for more than just natural beauty when it comes time to pick out their next home, Kalkaska offers several cultural attractions that you don't want to miss! The Little River Railroad & Lumber Museum provides visitors with the opportunity to see what life was like before modern conveniences changed everything - there's also an old-fashioned candy shop on site where guests can get their sugar fix any time they please!

Educational Opportunities: There are six elementary school and one junior/senior high school located in the Kalkaska School District. There are also several private ones located nearby, including St. Francis of Assisi Catholic ones and Trinity Christian Academy (a religious-based school).

Kalkaska Public Library: The city library serves everyone residing within its district, which includes both Kalkaska and Cedar Creek Charter townships as well as other areas nearby! Anyone can enjoy everything it has to offer whether they're looking for a book or just someplace quiet to study without distractions. 

Shopping centers:

Kalkaska has one shopping center called the Kalkaska Mall. It includes a grocery store, clothing stores, and several other retail outlets. There is also another mall located in Traverse City, which is about half an hour away from this community.

Healthcare Facilities Nearby:

There are two hospitals that serve residents living here as well as those who live just outside of its district borders- these include Munson Medical Center (Traverse City) & South County Hospital & Health Center (Harbor Springs). Residents can also travel to Alpena General Hospital for additional care if necessary! Hospitals serving nearby communities include Gaylord Regional Medical Center, Grayling Mercy Hospital, St Francis of Assisi Catholic School, Trinity Christian Academy Monseign.

In conclusion, Kalkaska offers a small-town charm that's hard to find these days. If you're looking for an affordable place to live with lots of opportunities nearby, this is definitely the right home for you! With its scenic views and vibrant community, it'll be love at first sight when you meet Kalkaska.

It was founded in 1837 and was home to the Ottawa Indians. It is known for its excellent fishing in Lake Michigan, which lies just outside Kalkaska's city limits. Its proximity to Traverse City makes it a perfect place for tourists looking to visit someplace different than their hometowns.

The town of Kalkaska is also home to the annual summer carnival, which has been around since 1880, and it's prevalent among tourists who love visiting. You'll never get bored here! There are always things happening that you will want to go out and take advantage of every chance you get. The culture in Kalkaska is excellent, making it a place where you can make friends in no time.

It sits on the shores of Lake Kalkaska. The region has been home to Native Americans and French settlers since before recorded history. Today, it's one of the most sought-after places to live in America!

This area of Michigan has vast amounts of land that are perfect for hunting or fishing with your family and friends. The entire county consists mainly of forests, making this an attractive location if you enjoy being out in nature rather than city life.

To help you narrow down your search, here are some of the most popular residential areas in Kalkaska:

The area near the Birchwood Mall. There are lots of amenities nearby, including restaurants and stores. Homes for sale in this area are usually affordable starter homes or retirement properties.

Rural areas with acreage require a large amount of land to maintain, such as those with horses or other livestock. Prices can be expensive, but these locations are great for families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of larger cities.

Condominiums on Lake Huron are located in Kalkaska's downtown area. Many people love living by the water! There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, bars, boutiques, and other amenities within walking distance, so you don't even need a car to get around.

Homes and rural acreage are located in the outskirts of town, usually about 20 minutes away from downtown or the Birchwood Mall area. Prices tend to be more expensive than other areas due to the location, but it's still possible for young families and professionals alike to find something affordable!

Homes Sale Prices in Kalkaska, MI
Home sales prices vary depending on what type of home you're looking for. For example, a single-family detached house will differ from the price range of a condo or townhome in Kalkaska.

Kalaska, MI homes sell in various styles and sizes, so something appeals to every type of resident! And if you aren't sure whether you want to live in the city or country, there are plenty of property types available, so no matter what your needs when it comes to space and amenities

Several listings on the market right now are asking anywhere from $75,000 to over a million dollars. The housing prices on some of Kalkaska's houses can get relatively high depending on how many bedrooms they have and where they are located within the city limits. For example, there is currently one home listed with an asking price of $525,000, which has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, while another listing asks only $89,900, but this house comes complete with three bedrooms and two bathrooms! This goes to show you that there are plenty of homes for sale in Kalkaska, MI.

The most expensive listing in Kalkaska right now asks for $995,000 with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. This home also has a relatively large lot at just over an acre of land. It's located near the High Bridge, which gives you access to all kinds of amenities that are only minutes away from this location by car or foot. The city center is about 20 miles south of here, so it doesn't take long to get there if you need anything while walking around town.

The cheapest house on the market in Kalkaska right now is asking for $75,000, and it comes with two bedrooms and one bathroom. There's one listing asking for about $95,900, but it comes complete with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and even a built-in pool! You can find plenty more listings like these throughout most cities in Michigan, which is one of the many reasons this state is one of the best places to live in. Not only does it have some great homes for sale, but many other activities going on throughout the year.

Recreational overview:
There are many activities in Kalkaska, including biking, fishing, and boating. It's the perfect location for an outdoor enthusiast! - The area is also great for hunting, with over 90% of public land is managed by hunters through state game management units. You'll have plenty of land to choose from! The Kalkaska State Park is an excellent spot for family picnics, hiking, or just camping with friends. There are also plenty of trails in the area that go through wooded areas and next to lakes, so you can spend all day outside without seeing another person!

The Birchwood Trails are another excellent option for recreation since they connect multiple communities, including downtown Kalkaska. Over 100 miles of trails connect various small towns in Kalkaska County, which you can explore by foot, bike, or even horseback! If you're a bird-watcher, you'll be happy to know that there are over 200 species in the area and many different types of plants, making this an excellent spot for nature lovers.

There are many amenities nearby, including restaurants and stores in Kalkaska, MI, where you do your shopping. Traverse City is only 20 minutes away and boasts excellent restaurants and entertainment options if you need to get out of town for a few hours!

Kalkaska offers a number of recreational activities for those looking to get out and have some fun. Lakes, hiking trails, skiing - all this and more can be found in the area surrounding Kalkaska!

Heritage Park: This beautiful park is a great place for those interested in local history. Here you can explore the old grist mills and even visit some of the historic buildings dating back as far as the mid-1800s!

Fishing: If fishing is more your thing, this area offers plenty of opportunities to try something new or go back to what you already love doing on weekends. With several lakes close by, including Otsego Lake, which boasts over 300 species of fish, there's something for everyone!

Lakes and Fishing: There are many lakes in the Kalkaska area, including Otsego Lake, which boasts over 300 species of fish. The lake is a popular place to go fishing and offers people an affordable opportunity to see what they can find when it comes time to cast their line.

Log Lake Campground: If camping is more your thing, there are lots of options to choose from in the area. Log Lake Campground offers a number of amenities, including water hook-ups and even electricity for those long summer nights spent getting back to nature!

Communities in Kalaska, Michigan community overview :
The Kalaska community holds monthly meetings to provide residents with an opportunity for open discussion about local issues. Residents are encouraged to voice their concerns regarding the quality of life in Kalkaska and can help guide decision-making on future projects that affect them all. You also get to do fun stuff with the community from time to time, such as dining together.

Kalkaska attractions
The area is also home to many beautiful attractions, such as the Kalkaska Heritage Village. This village has hundreds of historic buildings and artifacts dating back over 200 years! You can get lost in time for hours without even realizing it. The Birchwood Trails are another excellent option since they connect multiple communities, including downtown Kalkaska. Over 100 miles of trails connect various small towns in Kalkaska County, which you can explore. And if you're looking for some more family-friendly activities, head on over to the Traverse City Children's Museum, where kids will have a blast learning new things about science and the arts.

It's easy to see how Kalkaska has become a popular destination for home buyers looking for Michigan homes for sale! It has something that appeals to every type of resident, whether you're young or old, enjoy the city life or prefer the quietness of rural areas and acres of land. And if you aren't sure whether you want to live in the city or country, there are plenty of property types available, so no matter what your needs are when it comes to space and amenities, Kalkaska has something for you!

Lake Kalkaska is not only one of the most beautiful lakes in America, it's also home to some great fishing! There are several other smaller lakes nearby for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy as well.

Kalkaska is home to the "Kalkaska Blue Streaks" high school football team, which has become quite popular in recent years! The town also hosts an annual Rattlesnake Rodeo that draws participants from all over Michigan and beyond.

In conclusion, Kalkaska is a great place to get your primary or even secondary home since it has everything a person needs. Also, considering the cheap housing, it's an excellent choice. With its vast scenery and nature, it's a great place to even start a family and nurture kids.

Schools Near Homes in Kalkaska, Michigan

Kalkaska schools are part of the Kalkaskas Area Public Schools, with an overall rating/score of 80. It's located in the Lower Peninsula and covers grades PK-12 with a student-to-teacher ratio of 14. The school district serves over 800 students between two different schools that they own and operate. Both of them offer a wide range of activities for students to enjoy.

With six elementary ones and one junior/senior high school, students have access to everything they need from pre-school all through college preparatory courses.

There's more than one reason why many people choose communities like Kalkaska as their home - but there may be none bigger than the local ones. Of course, education isn't free - tuition at these private institutions average $11k per year (with the exception of one local public school).

School nearby: Kalkaska High School, Kalkaska Middle School, Hilltop Elementary, North Central Elementary, Westside Elementary, and Northview Academy

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