This township is located in Emmet County, Michigan, and during the last decade, many people have relocated to the city. The township is close to multiple lakes, yet the region also contains many types of parks.

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Real Estate Statistics

Average Price $386K
Lowest Price $110K
Highest Price $875K
Total Listings 25
Avg. Days On Market 31
Avg. Price/SQFT $205

Property Types (active listings)

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Finding Homes in Levering - How You Can Examine the Local Area and the Available Houses

If you are searching for homes in Levering, Michigan, you can examine the values of the houses, the local attractions, many neighborhoods, and the school district. You may also evaluate the local parks, and some residents frequently enjoy hiking, boating, running, and skiing. Moreover, you could visit shopping centers that are situated near Levering, Michigan, and the malls contain well-known restaurants, retail stores, and local attractions.

Reviewing Detailed Statistics and Examining Available Houses

Before you choose a home, you could evaluate statistics that indicate the number of available houses in the area. The reports may examine the average price of the homes, and you could determine the highest prices, the duration of each listing, and the price per square foot. When you evaluate the available houses, you can easily sort the listings. You may adjust your price range, determine the number of bedrooms, examine the number of bathrooms and find the most affordable homes.

You may also locate condominiums for sale, and you can evaluate the size of each condominium, the prices of the condominiums, the amenities, and the local attractions. Additionally, you could view detailed testimonials that describe the condominiums.

Estimating the Prices of Several Homes

During the last year, multiple experts have examined many houses that are located in Levering, Michigan, and the specialists indicated that the values of houses increased by more than 5 percent. If you are evaluating local houses, you can find houses that have a price of less than $350,000. The real estate agent could indicate the value of each home, and the expert may describe the bedrooms, the bathrooms, extra features, and the layout of the house.

Multiple reports have suggested that the local houses have an average price of approximately $208,000. Some houses may cost more than $450,000, and if you are searching for a premium home, you can contact a real estate agent, schedule a tour, review a description of the house, examine the home sales prices, evaluate many types of recreation and find the local attractions.

Studying Trends That Could Affect the Prices of Real Estate

Since 2015, many people have moved to Levering, Michigan, and some buyers purchased premium houses that are situated near local parks. According to several experts, the prices of houses may increase during the next year. Consequently, many investors have purchased homes in the area, and these investors can renovate various houses, examine the preferences of buyers and sell the local homes.

Contacting an Experienced Real Estate Agent and Touring Several Homes

Once you visit our website, you can evaluate available houses that are located in Levering, Michigan. You may examine detailed descriptions, the price of each house, the sizes of the homes, and many pictures. You could also compare several types of houses, and if you contact our real estate agents, the experts can evaluate your preferences, your price range, and the local houses. The specialists may also schedule a tour, and after you inspect a home, you can make an offer.

If you have any questions about our services, you may call 231-459-3179. Moreover, you could examine our blog, helpful guidelines, and outstanding testimonials. Our business frequently posts new listings that describe local houses. Before you choose a home, you should regularly visit our website, review the new listings and compare the local houses.

There are many different housing options in Levering including condominiums for saledowntown homes for saleland lover homes for saleluxury homes for sale, and waterfront homes for sale.

Levering Community Highlights

This township is located in Emmet County, Michigan, and during the last decade, many people have relocated to the city. The township is close to multiple lakes, yet the region also contains many types of parks. While you explore the area, you may visit the Bryan Wildlife Nature Preserve, the Judson Pike Marsh Nature Preserve, and the Bessey Creek Nature Preserve.

Examining the City and the Local Geography

The region has flat terrain, multiple forests, and numerous streams. The area features a continental climate, yet the residents can enjoy warm summers, mild springtime, and cool autumn. According to several reports, the area receives at least 29 inches of rainfall each year.

Exploring the Local Parks and Enjoying Many Types of Activities

The area contains the Historic Mill Creek Discovery Park, and when guests visit this preserve, the visitors may follow winding trails, climb multiple cliffs and view historic sites. During the summertime, local historians manage educational exhibits that can provide historical information. The guests may view exhibits that describe the early settlers, the geographic features of the area, the history of the reserve, and Lake Michigan.

Once you explore the park, you can also visit the Mackinaw Mill Creek Campground, and this area contains sizable cabins, many campsites, and large beaches. The area also has many species of birds. During the autumn, you can observe migrating birds that are flying near Lake Michigan, and you may also see many types of mammals. Sometimes, the guests can observe moose, rabbits, wolves, bats, and cougars.

Many visitors frequently explore the Wilderness State Park, which has an area of more than 10,000 acres. The reserve features large fields, winding trails, and sizable beaches. The park also has two campsites, and some guests may visit the golf course that is close to the reserve.

Evaluating Multiple Lakes That Are Located Near the City

Lake Paradise is situated to the north of the township, and when you visit Lake Paradise, you may enjoy boating, swimming, kayaking, or snorkeling. Lake Paradise has an area of approximately 1,900 acres. The area contains many trails, historic sites, and winding rivers.

When you explore the area, you may travel to French Farm Lake, and this body of water is close to Interstate 75. The French Farm Lake has an area of 802 acres, yet during the summertime, many visitors enjoy boating, fishing, and camping.

Douglas Lake is situated to the southeast of the township, and Douglas Lake has a maximum depth of approximately 79 feet. Since the 1950s, local researchers consistently studied the lake, the fish, and the birds. The biologists established the University of Michigan Biological Station, and the experienced researchers frequently examine the local animals, the water, and the surrounding forests.

Finding a Local Golf Course

The Mackinaw Club Golf Course is conveniently located near the township, and the Mackinaw Club Golf Course has an area of approximately 310 acres. During the last 20 years, the company has received numerous awards. The business also manages a driving range, and the company provides lessons that can help inexperienced golfers.

Visiting the Local Restaurants

The Harbor Lights Grille is a well-known restaurant that attracts thousands of customers each week. The restaurant provides homemade foods, local fishes and many types of seafood. The business manages a large dining area, yet the company provides competitive prices. During the last five years, more than 350 customers have created excellent reviews that describe the restaurant, the delicious food, and the excellent customer service.

When you visit Levering, Michigan, you may travel to the Douglas Lake Bar and Steakhouse. The restaurant offers gourmet foods, affordable prices, and great customer service. The eatery is close to Douglas Lake, and while you are enjoying your meal, you can observe the local animals, Douglas Lake, and the nearby forests. The restaurant also manages an outdoor patio that contains many tables. During the summer months, more than 35 percent of the customers prefer to sit outdoors.

If you would like to enjoy local foods, you can visit the Bridgeview Diner, and this restaurant is within walking distance of the Mackinaw Bridge. The restaurant has a historic design, yet the Bridgeview Diner can serve gourmet foods, local dishes, and many types of beverages. During the last five years, at least 450 customers have created outstanding reviews that describe the restaurant.

Evaluating the Local Shopping Centers

The Harbor Plaza contains retail stores, several restaurants, and well-known coffee shops. The mall is close to a local highway. Therefore, many travelers frequently see the Harbor Plaza, and when these guests visit the local mall, the visitors can stimulate economic growth in the area.

Fairview Square has stores that provide antiques, sporting goods, furniture, and many types of clothes. Once you visit the mall, you could also find shops that sell useful tools. These stores offer industrial equipment, handheld tools, and affordable hardware.

Many residents own multiple boats, and if these guests explore Fairview Square, the buyers can find many parts that could help the customers to fix their boats. During the winter months, most shops offer several types of discounts.

Examining the Local Roads

The township is located near Interstate 75, and when you drive on this highway, you could visit Burt Lake, Houghton Lake, and many types of local parks. Eventually, you may reach Ann Arbor, Michigan, yet if you continue to travel southward, you can enter Ohio.

While you follow Interstate 75, you could travel northward, and you can cross the Mackinac Bridge, which has a length of more than 26,000 feet. According to multiple reports, the Mackinac Bridge has a height of approximately 552 feet.

Evaluating Multiple Types of Transportation

Once you visit Levering, Michigan, you can easily travel to the Pellston Regional Airport, and this facility is conveniently located near Interstate 75. The Pellston Regional Airport manages several restaurants, local stores, and free parking lots. The area also contains a storage center, and if local residents would like to travel, the customers can store valuable belongings, purchase storage containers or store large boats.

The residents could easily find bus stations that are managed by Greyhound Lines Inc., and this business provides affordable prices, excellent customer service, and flexible schedules. Before a resident travels, the customer may examine the prices of tickets, the duration of each trip, the most convenient routes, and the complimentary services. Usually, travelers can bring several large suitcases, and the cutting-edge buses provide entertainment, free Wi-Fi, and electrical outlets.

Researching the School District

If a child resides in Levering, Michigan, the student can attend public schools that are situated in Pellston, Michigan. The local high school contains more than 280 students, and the secondary school has received several types of rewards. Many students have praised the teachers, the academic programs, the design of the school and the available opportunities. The students could also enjoy extracurricular activities, and according to several reports, the extracurricular activities can enhance well-being, reduce chronic stress and improve the experiences of many students.

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