Introducing Lake Charlevoix Where Lake Living is Elevated to an Art

During his exploration of the Great Lakes, home to the native Ottawa people, French explorer Pierre Francois de Charlevoix happened upon this area in the 1850s and while conflict and strife was constant as a result of competing settlers, the area ultimately found balance and progress, especially when the Pine River Channel was dredged in 1869 that connected what is now Lake Charlevoix to Lakes Michigan and Round Lake. (Click here to see Northern Michigan's finest collection of Lake Charlevoix vacation rentals)

Lumber became the region’s claim to fame and by the early 20th century, cruise ships began docking at the town’s piers. Prohibition spurred a burgeoning gambling industry and Lake Charlevoix speakeasies quickly became places to see and be seen. Among the areas that were settled, three remarkable towns sprung up around the lake: Boyne City, Charlevoix and East Jordan. Each community has developed its own unique personality, say residents whose fascination with the lake remains a primary reason they chose this region to settle down.

Lake Charlevoix offers residents the best in resources and recreation. It covers approximately 17,200 acres and sports 56 miles of shoreline, so driving from one town to another along the lakefront makes for a lively trip.

For lake dwellers choosing this prime area, boating remains a popular activity. With an average lake depth of 52 feet (the deepest spot is 122 feet), residents and vacationers who love to fish and have a modest amount of patience can catch small mouth bass, black crappie, channel catfish, brown trout, rainbow trout and walleye. No permit is required to fish Lake Charlevoix and residents have unlimited access to the body of water via their motorboats and jet skis, too. (Click here to see all Lake Charlevoix Homes for Sale)

Scientists prove that lake living can add years to one's life

Researchers and scientists have explored the benefits and impact of living near bodies of water for generations and found that people fortunate enough to reside in close proximity to lakes tend to experience less stress, less anxiety and more tranquility. Some call it “blue mind science,” the study of health benefits enjoyed only by people residing on waterfront property.

This is no new phenomenon. Herman Melville wrote of the impact blue water had on his soul while writing the classic Moby Dick, and more recent experiences described by people living in close proximity to water extend far beyond the soul. Lakeside living has been shown to have a close correlation to improved physical sense and wellbeing.

To what do lakeside dwellers attribute this state of bliss? "There seems to be something very special about water," notes University of Exeter environmental psychologist Mathew White. Float in a lake and theta brainwaves kick in, slowing things down and unleashing creativity. Stopping to allow the mind to settle has become increasingly critical as our lives hurtle into the stressors produced by too much stimulation, especially nonstop interaction with electronic devices. Lakeside living is more than an address. It can be a life changer -- especially for home shoppers lucky enough to find the right lake. 

8 reasons home shoppers choose lake living

According to people who are attracted to the idea of lake living, there are two kinds of people in the world: those who spend much of their lives hoping to live on a lake and those who know that life is short so that’s exactly where they choose to reside. Everyone has their own list of reasons for craving this lifestyle, but these are the ones most often-cited by home shoppers seeking Lake Charlevoix Real Estate in Charlevoix, Lake Charlevoix Real Estate in Boyne City and Lake Charlevoix Real Estate in East Jordan.

  1. Lakes are fun. It’s practically impossible to adopt a boring lifestyle when living on a lake because running out of things to do year-round is unlikely. From fishing and sailing to kayaking, swimming and boating, water activities not only keep residents fit and healthy, but remaining isolated from the like-minded people who are neighbors and ultimately friends is unlikely if at all possible.

  2. Lakes are relaxing. From stress-producing jobs and the perpetual call of devices seeking attention day and night, it’s almost impossible not to breathe deeply and unwind when a beautiful, tranquil lake is situated at the edge of your home’s property line. On days filled with work, errands, chauffeuring kids around and keeping up with social obligations, there is no more serene, peaceful experience than shedding shoes and ties enroute to your perch overlooking the water, having stopped only long enough to pour a glass of wine.

  3. Lakes are private. Lake dwellers choose to live on bodies of water because lake lots tend to be more isolated from the rest of the world. Lake communities are known for an abundance of green space that further separate homes from neighboring residences and because developers are more protective of mature trees, plants and bushes that create natural privacy zones, residents enjoy more tranquility and less noise.

  4. Lakes attract wildlife. There is no more endearing natural image than watching a mother goose escorting a long line of goslings behind her. Because Lake Charlevoix attracts animals that require water to sustain themselves -- and because the lake is surrounded by miles of wooded terrain, one of the biggest benefits of owning a lake home is enjoying visits from wildlife attracted to the water.

  5. Lakes are made for entertaining. For folks who truly enjoy entertaining friends and family and who look for any excuse to do so, lake living is the epitome of gathering places. From summer parties and company get-togethers to the ability to host a wedding on a sprawling lawn that leads to the lakefront, the sky is literally the limit. Residents, renters and visitors celebrate seasons in ways no homeowner can imagine when living in urban environments.

  6. Lakes promote community. People living on lakes tend to build strong bonds, not only because everyone shares a love of lake living but because everyone is invested in the health of the lake so it remains a vibrant conduit to everyone’s recreational goals and desires. Neighbors able to diagnose why jet skis don't work or happy to provide gas to power a boat in a pinch are priceless.

  7. Lake homes make ideal investments. Choose a lakefront property and chances that your real estate will appreciate is highly unlikely. Homes on lakes have traditionally been subject to high demand and limited supplies so they tend to deliver an excellent return on investment. Homeowners investing in property upgrades are adroit at driving up the value of residences and upwardly mobile shoppers are the beneficiaries of this largesse.

  8. Lake homes can lead to stronger relationships. The ability to meet and interact with like-minded people who share goals and values can be enhanced when moving to a lakefront home. Lake dwellers tend to have a taste for quality and luxury and making connections can prove invaluable in terms of business and social connections and relationships.

What you should know about the real estate market on Lake Charlevoix

According JC Reindl writing for the Business section of the Detroit Free Press newspaper, even the pandemic and signs of recession have not made a dent in the “red-hot Up North” real estate market, especially lake communities that continue to exhibit all of the signs of growth. Prices are up as much as 10-percent from a year ago, before Covid-19 came along, proving once again that the lakefront property market has the potential to remain healthy despite extreme challenges.

Reindl suggests that this market boom is a direct reaction to the virus, saying that while Michigan property shoppers have been cooped up and locked down, thoughts of purchasing vacations or second homes have proliferated. Additionally, “working from home” no longer requires careerists to limit their choice of residences to locations in close proximity to home offices in urban cities like Detroit.

For professionals at Northern Michigan Escapes, a premier real estate firm specializing in Lake Charlevoix properties, this trend is nothing new. The data-savvy lifestyle real estate firm is well aware of this trend as agents have been tracking market resilience and agree with the Detroit Free Press analysis that homes around the lake are holding strong. Even Chicagoans are flocking to Lake Charlevoix, touting the area’s new high-speed internet service upgrades that make working from any home on the planet a more viable option than ever before.

An introduction to the top three towns along Lake Charlevoix

1. Boyne City: Visitors call this Northern Michigan town charming. Home shoppers agree. Rooted in Michigan history since being settled in 1856, families hungry for a small town vibe that is friendly and welcoming flock to Boyne City as much for the lake and natural wonders as they do for the ambience and solid real estate values. A clever mix of tranquil, green space and a downtown area that is sophisticated and lively, Boyne City is as well known for its street music tradition and trendy dining options as it is for being touted as the home of Michigan’s “Premier Main Street.”

2. Charlevoix: The Chicago Tribune chose the town of Charlevoix as one of the best 10 places to visit and live in 2020, but don’t tell that to residents who consider their town far superior to the other 9! Charlevoix is awash in beauty, culture and friendliness, a haven for residents of all ages who are as enamored of the beachfront as they are of the area that Ernest Hemingway chose as his small town ideal when he wrote his Nick Adams stories. More than 20 trails and nature preserves offer a lifestyle residents adore, yet there is no shortage of trendy shops, eateries and boutiques in this remarkable town.

3. East Jordan: Once known as Pine Lake despite being located on Lake Charlevoix, East Jordan was founded in the 1870s, thus history and tradition are a large part of this town’s personality. Yes, there’s a Jordan River, one of the cleanest in Michigan, that spans 33 miles and helps define the character of this area. In fact, the river was the first to be designated a National Wild and Scenic River. Residents rave about the unique character of this small town, filled with parks and hosting an annual Freedom Festival that draws crowds from far and wide, but the heart and soul of this hometown remains rooted in the town’s character.

Lake Charlevoix Real Estate in Boyne City

Not only is Boyne City on the lake, lush and affluent -- the average home price is $505K+ with one property listed at $5,250,000 -- but the town is a picture-perfect mix of couples, young families, retirees and entrepreneurs. Only around 3,500 residents are currently counted among the city’s tax-paying residents and Boyne City has it all: a variety of architectural styles that range from nostalgic and quaint to quirky, posh and breathtaking. For vintage home lovers, choices include Craftsman abodes built to last in the 1880s and 1890s.

What do all of these properties have in common? Extensive renovations undertaken by creative homeowners who spared no expense when re-configuring floor plans to expand spaces, modern appliances and fixtures plus exterior and interior features that make every home unique. Rear patios give residents comfortable expanses that coordinate with lake landscapes where stately trees dominate landscapes and change colors with each season. Even the oldest homes on the lake feature state-of-the-art kitchens and bathrooms deserving of Architectural Digest photo spreads.

What attracts upscale home shoppers to Boyne City? The area, known by its motto “where life meets the lake,” has an abundance of riches that include a thriving arts scene, a popular farmer’s market and eclectic festivals and celebrations that run the gamut from morel mushroom-hunting gourmands to the aforementioned street music scene. Close proximity to world-class skiing and golf plus Avalanche Bay, Michigan's largest indoor waterpark in nearby Boyne Falls, are as popular with residents as they are with the summer crowd. Boyne City is a gateway to the Mackinaw State Forest, a 717,500-acre preserve operated by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

For folks prioritizing school quality because they demand excellence in education, Boyne City does not disappoint. The Charlevoix Intermediate School District (Char-Em ISD) is responsible for students in the Boyne City area and despite the city’s small size, this area’s school system collectively operates 11 local public schools, three public school academies, and six private schools that cater to 9,000+ students. Since approximately 71-percent of the Boyne City population own their homes, the school systems tax base is solid.

 Lake Charlevoix Real Estate in Charlevoix

Taking its name and heritage from the lake that dominates this area, that value of City of Charlevoix homes has remained at an average price point of $580,803, despite the impact of Covid-19. The priciest property in the city is $12,500,000 and given the fact that Charlevoix is home to only around 2,500 residents, this concentrated wealth makes every piece of real estate within the city limits prize property. Home shoppers will have no trouble finding a starter home priced at an affordable $100,000 but for those seeking more space and a more lavish lifestyle, Charlevoix doesn’t disappoint.

Ideally situated between Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix, lakefront properties proliferate just as they have since the region was settled in the 1800s. Close proximity to all manner of water sports may draw home shoppers to this cozy town, but what keeps residents here is living in an environment in which family homes coexist with the area’s luxury condominiums plus proximity to attractions that have resulted in publications like CNN and Money Magazine proclaiming Charlevoix to be one of America’s best small towns.

Home to the National Mustard Museum and Capital Brewery, Charlevoix’s personality is shaped by its welcoming citizens and known for inviting experiences that include ferry docks, trendy shopping emporiums, an elegant marina and sprawling park, the centerpiece of this green space being a band shell that hosts live music performances throughout the summer. The drawbridge connects two sections of the town that is brought to life every time a majestic boat requires access to Lake Michigan.

Asked to name the reason they chose Charlevoix as their hometown over larger or more cosmopolitan places, newcomers point to an abundance of recreation despite the small population. From verdant parks and waterfront recreational opportunities to child-friendly conveniences that include playgrounds and the Charlevoix Fountain of Youth, an interactive fountain in Charlevoix's East Park where kids are treated to delights that include a playscape for youngsters that is as safe as it is fun, because surfaces are safety-textured so even when fountain waters dance and splash, youngsters stay safe. Big kids claim this area for themselves each night when the fountains dance during the 9:30 p.m. music and light show.

While the National Mustard Museum and Charlevoix Fountain of Youth remain high-profile installations that attract people of all ages, what parents like most about living in this city is its school system. As part of the Char-Em ISD that serves Charlevoix, Emmet and northern Antrim counties, not only can parents count on 11 local public schools, three public school academies and six private schools that educate 9,000+ students, but both Catholic Elementary and Middle Schools are options for children as well as the tuition-free public Montessori system that spans kindergarten through 12th grade.

Lake Charlevoix Real Estate in East Jordan

For families interested in living on the rim of Lake Charlevoix who are upwardly mobile but not quite where they hope to be, East Jordan is the ideal place to make a home. Residents get all the perks of lake living and the average home price is under $320,000. That doesn’t mean homeowners can’t aspire to more luxury down the road: there are homes in East Jordan boasting $1M+ price tags.

Best known as the city where natural wonders abound adjacent from the Jordan River where it meets Lake Charlevoix, recreational opportunities are everywhere residents turn and cultural opportunities abound as well. From water sports and boating to hometown festivals and celebration, anyone seeking upscale down home charm will find what they seek in this classic American town.

East Jordan residents send their youngsters to 11 local public schools, three public school academies and six private schools, serving more than 9,000 area students. This is truly the place to be for young families since crime rates are low, a predominance of residents are around the age of 40 and since the land area is just a little over 3 square miles, it’s possible to reside in this charming place and get around on a bike for much of the year. From beautiful trails to a delightful downtown area, anyone drawn to this lake region will find it possible to make a home in this lovely community where people start off as neighbors and soon become fast friends. 

Why Popular Lake Charlevoix Condominiums Are Trending?

For homeowners who have enjoyed the luxury and prestige of one or more single family homes, it could come as a surprise that 21st century housing trends appear to be heading in the direction of condominium living. From young couples to retirees, the lure of the condo is unmistakable, and for busy entrepreneurs, career builders and innovators, owning a luxurious, beautifully constructed Lake Charlevoix Condo is fast becoming the choice of home shoppers of all ages and at all stages of life.

Retirees fed up with the ever-present need for home upgrades, repairs and renovations when large homes must be reconfigured for any number of reasons, are finding that condominiums on a lake are an answer to their prayers, especially since seniors are as likely to live in close proximity to Millennials who are currently a huge segment of home buyers and the numbers just keep growing. It’s no mystery why demographics are skewing younger: 

  • Who wants to throw money away on rent when ownership is a better option?
  • Condos located in high-end locations that are well-maintained can appreciate in value as well as single-family houses (sometimes better)
  • Building equity has become a major goal for savvy Millennials and young families
  • Because costs are shared by other owners via homeowner’s associations, residents tend to become more invested in decision-making processes due to living in close proximity
  • Access to a single resource for every maintenance task under the sun (snow shoveling? What’s that?)
  • Home shoppers are discovering innovative amenities they seek so they needn’t go elsewhere for access to community rooms, swimming pools and gyms.
  • Condos give home buyers access to neighborhoods and communities that might otherwise fall outside the budgets of growing families

There is more to love about condominium complexes and for those whose idea of heaven is owning one on a lake that is surrounded by bastions of elegant living, there is no more prestigious address on the Lake Charlevoix rim than the three towns profiled here that are home to a premier selection of condominiums that grace their shorelines.

Popular Lake Charlevoix Condominiums

Boyne City Condominiums

The Harborage Condominiums

Known as one of the premier Boyne City condominium complexes, The Harborage Condominiums consists of 102 beautifully appointed units, each perfectly situated on 21 acres of beautifully landscaped grounds that offer relaxing green views that match the blue waters of the half-mile stretch of Lake Charlevoix beachfront prized by homeowners. Every condo overlooks a slice of heaven, be it the lake itself or the luxurious marina. Spectacular sunsets in the west are a prime selling point for these moderately-priced homes.

If location is indeed the standard by which Boyne City real estate is measured, The Harborage delivers on a long list of delights. From rolling hills that are emerald in summer and lavished with snowfall in winter, residents of this complex are treated to excellent proximity to all things that matter: gourmet restaurants, lively pubs, a nearby stretch of land devoted to boutiques and shops, and for residents who can’t get enough social time, summer musical events, a farmer’s market and Friday evening tradition called “Stroll the Streets” where friends and neighbors meet and greet.

Relocate to The Harborage in Boyne City and bring a large calendar. The number of recreational opportunities found in close proximity to this luxurious condominium property are breathtaking and include swimming, boating, golf, biking, hiking, skiing and snowboarding, to mention a few. Travel just 10 minutes to Boyne Mountain where 36 holes of championship golf and 61 ski trails await.

Harborage Bay Condominiums

Fortunate owners of Harborage Bay Condominiums share 200-feet of prime Lake Charlevoix lakefront in concert for all manner of water-related sporting activities, but once the day is done, residents turn to their town center for everything they desire encapsulated in a downtown area that is as charming as it is vibrant. It stands to reason that this compelling combination of aesthetics and commerce has contributed to this condominium’s popularity ever since developers broke ground to provide everything necessary for an idyllic lifestyle.

All-season entertainment is one of the reasons prospective condo owners flock to Boyne City and it takes little convincing once visitors tour the town and the spacious units to convince them that Harborage Bay feels like home. Spectacular sunsets come free with mortgages and since these units are located in what has already been declared the best location in the area, the private beach and dock are considered icing on the cake.

For home shoppers eager to get the most value for the money, enjoying plenty of room to spread out within a unit that is roomy enough for luxurious living and entertaining, Harborage Bay’s three-bedroom layouts and roomy interiors range in size from 1,550- to 1,750-square feet. For folks seeking a place to gather family in one place for celebrations and fun, these condominiums are perfect and since real estate values remain healthy, it would be almost impossible not to appreciate the many features and benefits Harborage Bay offers.

The Landings Condominiums

For discriminating condo shoppers who seek homes in intimate communities, The Landings Condominiums often winds up atop must-see lists. It’s easy to see why: this private enclave that was strategically built to face the lake at an angle that afforded all residents full sunshine throughout the day followed by remarkable sunsets, developers were extremely conscious of the desires people attracted to lakefront living. Only 56 condominiums make up this Boyne City community, yet there is no shortage of amenities.

Since Lake Charlevoix is “anchored” by Boyne City on the east, The Landings occupies a unique position. Lush grounds are cared for by on-site professionals throughout all four seasons and homeowners count on their expertise to keep the grounds verdant and sumptuous, a perfect accompaniment to The Landings’ in-ground pool, sprawling deck and additional grassy areas that merge nature and architecture.

The Landings includes a shallow inlet for mooring of PWC's and small watercraft and the 56-slip marina is designed to accommodate watercraft that is up to 25 feet LOA. When residents are not enjoying all of this largesse, they can walk to the city center to indulge their desires for shopping, dining and simply roaming the downtown area where neighbors come to catch up. Once winter moves across northern Michigan, Landings residents turn their attention to activities that include mountain biking, zip-lining, bicycling, cross-country skiing and downhill skiing. In other words, homeowners could not get bored at The Landings if they tried.

The Resort Cottage Condominiums

For vacation or year-round home shoppers seeking both charm and exclusivity, The Resort Cottage Condominiums offer a different style of condominium living than other Boyne City properties. All units feature three bedrooms and overlook Lake Charlevoix, but what differentiates this complex from neighboring ones is the unique layout and styling of the nine condo design choices for which this community is known.

The floor plans designed for each of the nine condo styles are eclectic and appeal to a wide variety of families as a direct result of configurations that allow unique amounts of privacy for multiple residents. Many of these units come with 45-foot boat slips so residents have easy access to vessels that are literally right outside their doors. Condo shoppers find that condo layouts are unique, efficient and convenient.

On average, garages and third bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms occupy the main floor, living rooms with attached patios overlook the lake, kitchens and dining rooms occupy the upper level while the master bedroom with patio and second bedroom (both with ensuite bathrooms) are perched at the third level for breathtaking views and extreme privacy. For those seeking more spectacular views, penthouses accessed by elevators provide the ultimate living space for discriminating home seekers.

 Sommerset Point Condominiums

Romantics who dream about living in homes perched on hills overlooking majestic bodies of water quickly discover that Sommerset Point Condominiums have what it takes to make that dream reality. Home shoppers seeking the epitome of condo living and for whom ambience over price is always a priority note that this condominium community overlooks not just Lake Charlevoix but Young State Park, a remarkable expanse of green space that reflects all of Michigan’s seasonal splendor. Easy access to the beach, marina and a restaurant simplify life, too.

Residents of Sommerset Point appreciate more than just the opulent views, having acquired homes that re-define the word “spacious.” These sprawling units are available in either a 2,195 square-foot, 3-bed, 2-bath single-floor lower unit or a 3,700 square-foot, 2-story upper unit with 4-bedrooms and 4-baths. Each home comes with an attached 2-car garage and walkout patio overlooking Lake Charlevoix this offers picture-perfect landscapes.

Interior appointments include top-to-bottom designer touches, materials and finishes that one expects in a home that can only be classified as the epitome of architectural excellence: granite countertops, hardwood floors, crown molding and stainless steel appliances. The fold-out window wall-system installed between the screened patio and living quarters provides a level of privacy few condominiums offer, but then this is no ordinary condominium community. Just ask residents who would not live anywhere but Sommerset Point.

 Water Street Inn Condominiums

Just steps from downtown Boyne City, The Water Street Inn is no ordinary condominium development. Established as an all-suites condominium hotel made up of one-bedroom units, guests could not be more welcome, as evidenced by appointments rarely found in this type of property, like kitchens and fireplaces. For guests seeking small, intimate suites that are between 620- and 785-square feet, this is an ideal vacation choice or purchase for those who crave a vacation destination that offers a world of amenities. 

Ideal for couples and small parties seeking a respite from the ordinary, units offer either queen- or king-size beds and there is a sleeper sofa in the living room to accommodate a child or friend in need of private quarters. Each room is uniquely decorated in a variety of styles and guests enjoy the property’s private beach in addition to spectacular views of Lake Charlevoix from private patios or balconies.

Vacationers seeking a season-long stay or a brief getaway will discover Water Street Inn to be the ideal location for both relaxation and socialization. Shop downtown Boyle City boutiques and shops located steps from the condo or bring a book and the desire to do nothing more than de-stress and read on the unit’s balcony or patio. Recreational opportunities abound for those who came for the best in lake living. 

Charlevoix Condominiums

Edgewater Inn Condominiums

Shoppers looking for condo-style hotel space in close proximity to the Lake, Belvedere Golf Club and Castle Farms where everything is provided are flocking to Edgewater Inn where 1- and 2-bedroom suites with kitchenettes plus living areas with pull-out sofas offer spectacular amenities that may include balconies or terraces with spectacular water views.

Guests enjoy free Wi-Fi and flat-screen TVs and some suites include romantic fireplaces and spa bathrooms with whirlpool tubs. The onsite bistro and BBQ area are popular gathering places for guests seeking extras like a heated indoor/outdoor pool, hot tub, fitness room and sauna. Massage and beauty services are available on premises for guests who have better things to do with their time than searching for these amenities in town.

Edgewater Inn Condominiums is a popular pick for people starting to explore the area because they get access to the heart and soul of Charlevoix while enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. Recreational opportunities abound as do exciting choices of pubs and restaurants that convince visitors that they have found Nirvana on the Lake.

Foster Boat Works Condominiums

Unique in both location and style, Foster Boat Works condos give residents direct access to the Northwest Marina, so for boat owners and folks looking to own a boat once they secure a condominium with direct access to docking facilities makes this one exceptional and relatively affordable option. Condos range from one to four bedrooms in size, the largest units measuring an impressive 1,600 square feet.

Boat slips are usually made available to new homeowners but time spent on decks overlooking the Marina is best shared with other amenities that make Foster Boat Works an epicenter of fun for people craving an active lifestyle. Ferry Beach, adjacent to the building, serves as the ultimate recreational hub.

Just footsteps away, residents linger on a sandy beach, use tennis and basketball courts and families are drawn to the area’s playground equipment, picnic tables and outdoor grills. Scheduled lifeguards oversee this lively area. Walk to all Charlevoix shops and boutiques. From art galleries and unique clothing, gift and specialty shops to restaurants offering a wealth of dining choices, Foster Boat Works condos are available for both short and long term rentals.

Harbor Watch Condominiums

At first glimpse, this boutique condominium building stands out from the crowd due to its architectural design, location directly on Round Lake, spectacular views of the city and access to both Lake Michigan and Lake Charlevoix. Further, the Harbor Watch Association maintains a private, exclusive clubhouse and pool, tennis and pickleball courts and a meeting area outfitted with a kitchen and a full bath that can be reserved for all types of meetings, social events and celebrations

Those who return to Charlevoix and the Harbor Watch Condominium complex year-after-year agree that it’s the little touches and features that they appreciate most about this location. They feel safe and secure spending time at Harbor Watch because the association managing the complex had a heated driveway installed that leads to the building so access during winter months is safer and less daunting.

Boat owners have direct access to a private waterfront boat slip/dock and there is an addition 125-feet of shared waterfront available to guests throughout the four unit building. For those seeking the quintessential Lake Charlevoix experience from a scenic vantage point that has no equal on the coastline, Harbor Watch is more than a resort experience – it everything a visitor craves and more.

LeHavre Condominiums

Size does matter, a fact not lost on people seeking the Lake Charlevoix experience from the vantage point of a lush condominium that exactly suits visitors’ need for space. Each individually-owned condo offers between one- and three-bedrooms that range in size between 748- and 1,700-square feet and deliver on beautiful appointments that make guests feel right at home.

A majority of these units come with a boat slip and a garage, so winter visits keep cars snug and out of the weather and there is a swimming pool and clubhouse on premises that keep residents and guests active and entertained. Walking to shopping, nightlife and recreational activities that are not associated with time on the lake and activities that include fishing and sailing, LeHavre represents the best in Charlevoix living for visitors of all ages and stages of life.

Pine Lake Club Condominiums

It is easy to see why Charlevoix's Pine Lake Club Condominiums gets rave reviews from visitors who wouldn’t stay anywhere else in Charlevoix. These luxurious condos are not only close to the KCVX Airport for visitors who fly rather than drive to this property, but condos are appreciably close to everything exciting in the downtown area as well as giving visitors remarkable views of Oyster Bay from the complexes vantage point on Loeb Bay.

For folks seeking two- or three-bedroom accommodations, these units are perhaps the roomiest condominiums in the area at between 1,300 and 2,300 square feet of posh living space. A sugar-white beach, tennis courts and a swimming pool provide plenty recreational opportunities, but for frequent visitors, the “spectacular sunrise views” welcomed from the east each morning make sojourning at Pine Lake Club a life-affirming experience, particularly for visitors who reserve units with huge decks that offer direct access to a sandy beach and marina.

There’s more. While the Pine Lake Club condominium complex is perhaps best known for its popular swimming pool and access to changing rooms, it is important to note that the association owns a nature preserve located just south of the complex. This lush 40-acre expanse is more than just a place of peace for unit owners and visitors but a shared responsibility among the owners. Every condo owner owns 3.6-percent of the preserve, no small factor in the lives of people seriously committed to maintaining the sanctity of Michigan’s ecosystem.

The Wharf Condominiums

Another by-owner property that welcomes rentals year-round, The Wharf Condominium units vary in design from one unit to another, but each of these roomy one- or two-bedroom condos offers enough variety to suit myriad tastes and sizing needs.

From the smallest condo at 600 square feet to the largest at 1,342 square feet, couples and families find not only comfortable, nicely-appointed living space but convenient access to the heart and soul of Charlevoix.

Walk to everything a resident or visitor could desire: eclectic shopping experiences, premier dining, a lively nightlife for those who manage to get through busy days on and around the lake yet still have enough energy left over for fun after dark. Choose The Wharf and want for nothing day or night if you choose this address over other Charlevoix condominiums.

East Jordan Condominiums

Harborage Pointe Condominiums

Home shoppers and tourists seeking small, manageable communities with access to Lake Charlevoix find East Jordan to be an ideal choice for investing in a condominium or booking a stay at one that provides all of the amenities lake living offers. Harborage Pointe Condominiums are located in East Jordan at the south arm of the Lake and offers residents a diverse variety of cultural and recreational opportunities. Every unit features a private patio designed for relaxation and entertaining, while the sand beach below the property is a swimmer’s delight.

For boat owners, proximity is everything, thus moorings at the condominium association’s docks is just steps away and for residents and owners who wish to explore East Jordan beyond the water’s edge, opportunities to roam the Jordan Valley watershed where Michigan's first designated wild river plus miles of trails are a hiker’s paradise where it’s not unusual to spot small game during a trek.

For those who can’t get enough of water sports, kayakers, canoers and river tubing enthusiasts are found in abundance. Some bring their own gear and go it alone while others prefer group experiences led by knowledgeable guides. Back on short, a charming collection of shops, cafes, bakeries and galleries satisfy residents and visitors of all ages, as do concerts and festivals staged throughout the year.

Hemingway Point Club Condominiums

Most often referred to as East Jordan’s artsy epicenter, East Jordan does not disappoint home seekers eager for life in the outdoors. At Hemingway Point Club Condominiums, two- to four-bedroom homes offer a degree of privacy and peace that stops home shoppers in their tracks. This remarkable property is located at the edge of the Jordan River Valley, an 18,000-acre slice of nature dominated by ancient trees and bordered by the languid Jordan River.

Hemingway Point Club's amenities include 4000 feet of shoreline, a pool and clubhouse plus tennis courts, and nature trails that sprawl across 100+ of natural vegetation, which is why visitors and home browsers find this development to offer unprecedented serenity because East Jordan isn’t a bustling community but a tranquil haven rarely found in lake communities that tend to attract crowds, especially in summer.

This 68 unit condominium is more than just a place to reside, entertain and relax. The complex includes a 62-slip private marina that is located directly on Lake Charlevoix so for visitors and residents alike, Hemingway Pointe is the quintessential condominium development for home seekers who have been searching endlessly for a place they can find bliss.

Shoreline Condominiums

For home shoppers eager to live on Lake Charlevoix who find association fees to make the difference between making a purchase and letting a home go, Shoreline Condominiums are a perfect solution because residents and guests enjoy the same amenities as other properties along the shoreline but those high fees don’t exist here. Often referred to as “affordable lakefront living” that still delivers on perks and amenities, these two or three bedroom condominium units come with sale prices that are surprisingly affordable.

Surprisingly spacious, Shoreline condos range in size from 650- to 2,300-square feet and there is no shortage of amenities. Homeowners enjoy private, 30-foot docks, indoor boat storage to house these valuable assets during Michigan winters and all residents share a generous 137-feet of frontage from which to enjoy Lake Charlevoix’s aquatic recreational opportunities.

Access to hiking, bike trails and other diversions for which East Jordan are known wrap around the small town vibe that includes a small shopping plaza, local eateries and all of the hometown ambience for which this area is known. Come for the lake. Stay for the good life.

Smuggler’s Cove Condominiums

No parrots, patches or treasure chests required when taking ownership of one of these quaintly-named condominiums located at East Jordan. Also located at the south arm of Lake Charlevoix, Smuggler’s Cove Condominiums are also known for affordability in addition to its unique name. Spacious one- or two-bedroom condos range in size between 600- and 1,200-square feet, but for home shoppers well aware of Michigan winters, the fact that most of these units come with roomy garages is a deciding purchasing factor.

In addition to waterfront access that invites swimmers, canoers, kayakers and folks drawn to myriad recreational activities, Smuggler’s Cove is adjacent to a park-like setting that serves as extra parking when it’s not attracting picnickers and families. Gain all of the advantages of East Jordan living – history, wildlife and small town living – as a Smuggler’s Cove resident where residents and visitors alike discover relaxed home ownership that comes complete with lakeside living.

Focused on Northern Michigan Investment Real Estate

Brook is focused on lifestyle real estate investment properties as most people want a vacation home to make lifelong memories that endure for their entire family, leave a profound legacy for generations, and they want a solid financial investment at the same time.  While the area does have many good realtors, there aren’t many with the unique financial, vacation home investing, and technology marketing background. Brook uses his diverse skill set to help clients properly evaluate and determine whether a vacation home makes financial sense.

"I have significant experience buying and selling Northern Michigan real estate and I'd like to help you find the perfect home. Send me a message or give me a call at 231.459.3179 to learn more today."

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