Utilizing renewable energy is a great way to both lower your bills and reduce stress on the environment. Through some high and no-so-high-tech methods, there are more and more ways to efficiently save and even create energy.

Residential Solar Panels

As the efficiency of solar power technology increases and costs of installation decrease, more homeowners are adding electricity-producing panels to their roofs. Doing so often allows users to sell their surplus power back to their utility company and recoup their panel investment even faster.

With government entities sweetening the deal with tax credits and subsidized rebates, many homeowners are saying ‘yes’ to producing their power.

Smart Energy

Thanks to technologies like…

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Selling your home requires more than simply sticking a "For Sale" on the front curb and hoping for the best. With a little bit of work and some affordable enhancements, you could be saving yourself loads of time and money in the long run. The last thing any seller wants is for their home to linger in the market for too long and become stale, so here are a few easy ways to get your home in great shape and ready to please prospective buyers.

Before a buyer sets foot in your door, they have to pass through the front yard first. As with many things in life, making a good first impression is the first barrier to successfully showing your home. That initial impression will be hard to change unless…

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Save Time with the Ironton Ferry

Ironton Ferry is a four-car cable ferry that crosses a narrow point on the South Arm of Lake Charlevoix in the U.S. state of Michigan in the unincorporated community of Ironton.  The Ferry connects Ironton, located about 5 miles from Charlevoix, Michigan, to Boyne City, Michigan.  The ferry crosses the lake about 100 times a day.  The current vessel went into service in 1925.  The ferry is 50 feet long, 30 feet wide, and weighs 43 tons. 

It's powered by a diesel engine with a hydraulic drive system that features propellers at both ends. Two different cables are guiding the ferry since it doesn't have any rudders.  The slack in the cables drops 25 feet below the surface to allow boats to pass. The ferry has the…

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There are lots to consider when buying a vacation home. Check out our three keys to help you in your search. Our team is ready to answer your questions. Give us a call at (231) 459-3179 or email Brook, brook@nmescapes.com.


1. Consider the cost—and whether you can afford it
Unless you purchase your vacation property with cash, you'll need to apply for a mortgage—typically, a downpayment of 10-20% is required. You’ll also need to meet minimum credit and debt-to-income standards, and provide documents for asset and income verification. 

2. Think: location, location, location
Lakefront cottage? Beachside condo? Cabin in the woods? Know what you’re looking for, then get to know the area.

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Experience the thrill of zooming through the trees on our Zipline Adventure Tour, race your friends on the Twin Zip Ride, or explore the ambiance of Northern Michigan from the saddle! The only thing you need to bring is yourself and your sense of adventure, Boyne Mountain Resort will provide the rest.  Your adventure starts at Boyne's Adventure Center, located in The Village. The guides at Boyne's Adventure Center will take you from the treetops to the trails, and help plan a whole day of fun for your family. 

Zipline Adventure
Feel what it's like to fly at speeds of 20-25 mph on lines up to 50 feet in the air and 780 feet in length. The adventure begins at the top of the mountain and routes you through trees and across the slopes of Boyne…

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We began with one home and one idea

Our Founder Brook Walsh and his wife, Rachel, realized they could provide better and more cost-effective services to homeowners than other property managers could, A LOT better. Brook used his background as a Chief Information Officer, and a customer-first approach to business, to make vacation rentals easier and better for both guests and homeowners - that’s how Northern Michigan Escapes was born. 

Elevating the Vacation Rental Experience

Earn More
On average, owners who switch to Northern Michigan Escapes earn 21% more in their first year.* We build your online profile, set the right price, and market your home better than anyone else Dynamic pricing gets you the highest nightly rate and strategic…

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If you’re shopping for a new home to lease or purchase in Northern Michigan, you may wonder whether homeowner’s associations are worth your while.

It’s usually easy to educate yourself about what specific HOA communities provide and allow. Before taking the financial plunge, take some time to learn about what Northern Michigan HOA communities offer.

To some, the benefits of having a quality HOA far outweigh the fees and restrictions. Paying a simple, recurring fee can mean time saved from menial tasks, more fun activities to do around your community and no obscure-looking houses or fences that are a blight on the surrounding community, spoiling the immaculate beauty of the rest of the neighborhood.

On the other hand, some believe HOA…

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SOLD: 246 E Main St #1 Harbor Springs, MI 49740 - $249,000
MLS: 459224 - $249,000

Newer street-level retail condo, right downtown on Habor Springs Main Street with the new restaurants and new Lyric Theatre offering plenty of foot traffic. Great street frontage and windows give a great opportunity to display the wares. Historic ambiance with 10 ft ceilings, crown molding, ceiling fans, and white oak floors, but with elevator to 600 sq ft lower level storage with high ceilings. Fire suppression system. (Click here to see all Harbor Springs, Michigan Homes for Sale)

For help selling your Harbor Springs Commercial real estate or your Harbor Springs home contact Brook Walsh - brook@nmescapes.com, www.brookwalsh.com or (231) 459-3179 today!


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