Elegant and protected homesite neighborhoods above and around the fairways of the Alpine and Monument golf courses. (Click here to see all homes for sale in The Reserve at Boyne Mountain Resort)

Wooded sites are generously proportioned and privately situated. Benefits of Reserve ownership include a private clubhouse, Kitz Cabin, on top of Boyne Mountain’s ski slopes, ski lockers in the clubhouse for owners, convenient access to the resort, Deer Lake, and Boyne City. (Click here to see all Boyne Mountain Homes for Sale)

The Reserve is technically not an official community within Boyne Mountain. As a result, unlike Mountain Club, homeowners are allowed to rent their homes. As a result, several homes are investment properties, some are second homes…

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Water, Woods, and Campsites

Boyne has a river running through it. The 22 mile Boyne River brings beauty and wildlife to Boyne Falls. Swans and ducks paddle along just as kayakers do and eagles soar overhead. (Click here to see Northern Michigan's finest collection of vacation rentals)

The Boyne River connects flows into Lake Charlevoix which is the third-largest lake in Michigan. Spanning more than 17,000 acres, and reaching a depth of 122ft, the lake has multiple marinas, a complimentary shoppers dock, beaches, and watercraft rentals. In addition to Lake Charlevoix, the Boyne area is home to Walloon, Deer, Round, and Thumb lakes, all open for public pleasure. As a result, Boyne is often called "Where life meets the lake." (Click here to see all…

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Condominiums are the property type of choice for many homebuyers who are opting for a low-maintenance lifestyle. The Resort Cottage condos are all three-bedroom condos, overlook Lake Charlevoix, and many have a 45ft boat slip. There are nine units at The Resort Cottages. (Click here to see all The Resort Cottage condominiums for sale)

Units 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, and 9 all have the same floor plan as follows:

The garage and third bedroom along with its ensuite bathroom are located on the main level. The living room and its patio overlooking the water, kitchen, dining room are all on the upper level of the home. The master bedroom and its patio overlooking the water and ensuite bathroom is on the third level of the condo. Also, the second bedroom…

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Condominiums are the property type of choice for many homebuyers who are opting for a low-maintenance lifestyle. With these properties, the upkeep of the shared amenities such as the pool, gym, and tennis courts is taken care of, along with the building’s exterior maintenance and the landscaping of the grounds. This means you’ll spend less time looking after your property, and more time enjoying it. (Click here to see all Harborage Condominiums for Sale)

Harborage condos can be two, three, four, and even five bedrooms, overlook Lake Charlevoix, and can be an upper or lower unit. Upper units have vaulted ceilings and command top dollar while lower-level units offer direct access to the beach.  (Click here to see all Lake Charlevoix Homes for Sale)

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