There is nothing quite as satisfying as stepping off the ski lift first thing in the morning into freshly groomed snow, seeing the panoramic view from the top of the mountain, or the exhilarating feeling of your first run of the day. The ski lifestyle is one of adventure, and thrill-seeking, as well as a lifestyle of relaxing with a close-knit community of family and fellow snow lovers. If you are looking to immerse yourself in this lifestyle, northern Michigan is the right place for you.

Whether clients are looking for dreamy vacation homes near the beautiful Boyne Mountain ski slopes, or a cozy place of residents tucked away in the Northern Michigan mountain range, this expert agency to equipped to find the perfect properties to suit house hunters interested in the ski lifestyle.
From dreamy panoramic views of snow-capped mountains to adorable tight-knit ski communities, house hunters are sure to find the dream lifestyle they are searching for in the scenic communities of northern Michigan. (Click here to visit our Ski Lifestyle Real Estate custom search tool)

If you're looking for a quick week away from the day-to-day life at home Northern Michigan Escapes offers luxury rental homes with all the amenities necessary for a dreamy weekend of fun on the ski slopes. This company offers professional support in finding accommodations for individuals, honeymooners as well as large groups such as church groups or family reunions.
With properties ranging from cozy snowy cottages to comfortable luxury villas, or even if picturesque ski in ski out properties, leave it to these professionals to help you plan the perfect vacation for you and your family.

Northern Michigan Escapes is a locally owned company catering to guests from all over the world. This locally owned company is also the top-rated home advisory service firm in northern Michigan, offering a complimentary concierge service to assist guests in getting the most out of their vacation time, so they can spend more time doing what they love. Be sure to contact these professionals while building your trip itinerary, expert advisers are available and ready to assist you with all your vacation planning needs. (Click here to see the finest collection of vacation rentals in Northern Michigan.

Offering more than 175 individual rental properties, and one-of-a-kind vacation homes ranging from single-bedroom condo-style homes to seven-bedroom estates, this advisory firm has an incredible variety of vacation experiences available. With the help of a professional adviser, the perfect property for smaller groups as well as large groups is not hard to find. Finding the perfect location for skiing enthusiasts looking to get the most out of their vacation is more convenient and more simplified than ever before. They offer luxury ski-in and ski-out condos as well as homes that are conveniently located on the grounds of the most popular local ski resorts in the Area. For those looking for properties further away from the ski resorts check their waterfront properties nestled along lake Charlevoix.

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Pristine Skiing

When winter rolls across the state of Michigan every day is a ski day for residents of the area. Northern Michigan is considered the ideal location for springtime skiing and is home to many popular ski resorts considered to be some of the top-rated resorts in the country, and are enjoyed by expert skiers as well as novices alike. Skiers return to Northern Michigan ski slopes every year for very specific reasons: shorter lift lines, lower seasonal rates, exciting annual events, and exceptional snow conditions. Many skiers also prefer to visit northern Michigan ski slopes because of Michigan's extended ski season. In Northern Michigan many ski resorts will stay open till the end of March, or even into early April due to Michigan's abundant natural snow, giving it one of the longest ski seasons in the country.

Michigan is ideal for beginner skiers due to its pristine weather conditions and pristine ski slopes. As a beginner, there are no wrong choices when it comes to choosing the right ski resort because all of the surrounding ski resorts offer high-quality instructional classes taught by professionals, as well as expansive ski areas dedicated to beginner-level skiers.

But northern Michigan is not just for beginners. Intermediate and advanced skiers can find an abundance of diverting activities on the ski slopes. Northern Michigan is home to the ski resort rated as the double black diamond standard of ski resorts, as well as home to the longest run in the state of Michigan. Michigan is also home to some of the best-ungroomed trails for those who are looking for a mind-bending adrenaline rush on the ski slopes.

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Northern Michigan Ski Resorts And Real Estate

In today's economy real estate investment is considered the best and safest way to invest your hard-earned money. It was best said in a quote by Grant Cardone, a sales expert, and a New York Times best-selling author, "Real Estate is Real, and it's always a good idea to put your money into real assets". Investing in something that will accumulate value, and return tangible value to you and your family is always a good financial choice. (Click here to learn more about investing in Northern Michigan real estate.)

In Northern Michigan, real estate properties are known to have great resale value, and for the buyer, immense personal value. Vacation homes are where lifelong memories are made, and passed down to through families for generations. In Northern Michigan, it's easy to feel at home in the cozy hideaways near Michigan's Premier ski resorts. In Northern Michigan, ski real estate investment is a highly sought-after endeavor due to Northern Michigan's popularity among winter sports lovers. Northern Michigan's ski real estate is also highly sought after due to Michigan's top-notch resorts and other scenic activities within the quaint communities of Northern Michigan. Immensely popular for vacation goers northern Michigan hosts a wide variety of seasonal activities beyond just skiing, which is great for larger families catering to multiple interests. is also the premier agency for buying lifestyle properties due to their sharp attention to detail, and thanks to their highly trained professionals who know the market like no other and have an in-depth understanding of the industry. Professionals at this agency can easily walk you through the process and are equipped to help you make responsible financial decisions while you are in the real estate investment process.

Clients can take advantage of a new and innovative way of house hunting using their uniquely designed search by lifestyle feature to help you find the right spot for you close to the things you love. Simply choose your ideal lifestyle from options such as Condominium dwellers, Downtown lifestyle, Land Lovers, Luxury Lovers, Resort life, Waterfront community, and Skiing lifestyle. Of all the options available, skiing lifestyle properties are some of the popular properties available at Brook Walsh Real Estate. This premier agency offers an abundance of options for clients looking to invest in ski real estate near many popular luxury resorts in the northern Michigan area including Boyne Mountain, Boyne Highlands, Nub's Nob, and Mount Mcsauba.

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Boyne Mountain

Boyne Mountain ski resort is a family-friendly resort located near Boyne City, that offers more than just great ski slopes to all skill levels. Boyne Mountain first opened in 1948 with 415 acres of skiable area. The original 40 acres of land was sold by Michigan senator William Pearson for $1 to Boyne Mountain resorts founder Everett Kircher. Today Boyne Mountain is considered the double black diamond standard of resorts and offers 7 high-quality terrain parks and 60 runs with a vertical height of 500 feet. Boyne Mountain also offers 3.5 Kilometers of Snowshoeing trails as well as 35 kilometers of cross country skiing trails among many other snow-related activities.

If you are looking to take a break from the ski slopes, check out Boyne Mountain's unique escape from its snowy ski slopes. Boyne Mountain's state of the art 88,000 square foot indoor water park is known for it's "crazy family fun", and its the perfect place to relax when you get off the mountain. Located at the center of the Boyne Mountain ski resort, Avalanche Bay offers year-round fun for resort goers old and young. If you're looking to warm up after a long day on the ski slopes the water park might be just for you. Avalanche Bay water park keeps its water supply at a consistent 84 degrees throughout the day, making it perfect for relaxing after a long day of skiing.

Avalanche Bay's expansive park offers an attraction for thrill-seekers as well as those looking to relax and unwind. Avalanche Bay offers six exciting water slides including the all-new Big Coulior, Michigan's first ProSlide SuperLOOP which has the steepest drop in the area -- perfect for a thrill seeker. For those with children who love arts and crafts, stop by Fritz's Snow Fort. Fritz's Snow Fort is the perfect spot to get creative and have fun with instructor lead games and activities. Avalanche Bay also considers younger families and offers plenty of splash time for smaller children at the Kids Only pool with lifeguards always on duty. For big kids and adults alike, check out the Rip zone surf simulator or Splasherhorn Mountain.

If you are looking to relax and unwind spend some time in the hot tubs and warm up after a long day on the ski slopes. Avalanche Bay also offers an expansive arcade for those looking to have some fun inside. If you have the munchies after a big day of fun activities grab a snack at Apres Ski Pub or the Snack Shack to get some great food at a great price.

Boyne Mountain offers an exceptional early bird discount on season passes, as well as early-bird discounts on lift tickets. Boyne mountain also offers free lift tickets to children 5 years of age and under who are riding with a paying adult skier or snowboarder. Seniors 80 years of age and older may also ride the lifts for free. Complimentary Beginner lift tickets are available for beginners renting equipment, and those with a military I.D. are eligible for a $20 discount on lift tickets.

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Boyne Highlands

Boyne Highlands is a premier all-season resort catering to all ages and offers many exciting year-round exciting activities as well as a comfortable tight-knit community full of people from all walks of life. Families can enjoy activities ranging from zip lining, and snowshoeing, to skiing, and horseback riding.

Located near beautiful Harbor Springs Michigan, Boyne Highlands is a sister resort of Boyne Mountain resort. Boyne Highlands ski area offers fun for every kind of skier as well as every skill level, they offer 55 runs with a 552-foot drop and 435 acres of skiable area. Boyne Highlands also offers 16 acres of beginner ski area available to novices to hone their skills. Boyne Highlands also offers 10 ski which means fewer lines and more time on the slopes. Boyne High lands also offer 4 terrain parks and 35 kilometers of scenic cross country trails. Boyne Highlands is famous for being home to the longest run in Northern Michigan, with its longest run of 1.25 miles of fun.

Boyne Highlands also is considerate of their less experienced skiers and offers high-quality instruction for beginners. The famous Austrian-American SnowSports Academy at Boyne Highlands offers quality instruction taught by highly professional instructors for skiers and snowboarders looking to improve their skills on the ski slopes in a safe environment. SnowSports Academy provides instructional group classes and private lessons not only to beginners but experienced skiers who are looking to improve their skills as well. Private or group lessons can be booked online ahead of time at your convenience.

If you're looking to take a break from the ski slopes, and explore the area a little bit check out Boyne Highlands' Adventure Center, where you can zip-line through the snowy mountains or take romantic horseback rides in the snow. If you are interested in a taking ride on the wild side check out Sno-Go bikes. Combined with intuitive bike-riding motion and ski technology, Sno-Go bikes are a new and innovative way to shred the slopes. All Sno-Go rentals include a complimentary instructional lesson, as well as all the necessary gear to ride. If you're interested in seeing the ski slopes a whole new way take a grooming ride and step into the shoes of Boyne Highlands' snowcat operators as they prep the slopes for the next morning.

At Boyne Highlands kids 5 and under may ride the lift for free, as well as seniors 80 years or older. Boyne Highlands offers multiple affordable options for season passes as well as lift ticket options. Select season pass packages can be purchased online via the Boyne Highlands, as well as lift tickets. Boyne Highlands also offers military discounts for those with a valid military idea, as well as free lift tickets for beginner ski areas.

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Nub's Nob

Nub's Nob was originally founded in 1957 and opened to skiers in 1958 where they sold their first all-day lift tickets for only $5. Today Nub's Nob is an expansive ski resort hosting loads of ski lovers every season and has been rated #1 in the midwest for offering an all-around exceptional skiing experience. Nub's Nob offers 53 ski runs including 9 expert-only trails, 12 runs on Pintail Peak, 21 difficult runs, 15 easy runs, and 2 award-winning terrain parks. Nub's Nob has a total of 248 skiable acres, kept pristine by 292 high quality, state-of-the-art snow machines capable of making a whopping 50000 gallons per minute. As far as ski lifts are concerned Nub's Nob has is at all with 3 four-person lifts, 4 three-person lifts, 2 double-person lifts, and one rope tow that services the racing arena.

Nub's Nob also offers childcare for children too young for the slopes, or for children who aren't ready for a whole day of action on the slopes. Nub's Cubs offers a 3,000-foot facility to meet the needs of families skiing the ski slopes as well as a cozy nap room for little ones. Nub's Cubs' friendly and professional staff provide a safe and fun environment for kids to play and make new friends while parents and families can enjoy their time on the ski slopes without worrying for their little ones.

Nub's Nob also hosts many popular ski-related events and races annually drawing skiers from all around. The New Year's Torch parade is a highly anticipated event for many spectators free of charge. During the New Year's Torch parade ski patrol, and school skiers carrier torches in hand down the ski slopes creating a fantastic light display for all below. Nub's Nob is also well known for it's many racing events for competitive speedsters, as well as race training for aspiring competitors.

If you're looking to save a little cash on Season passes for the family, Nub's Nob offers a 5% discount on the purchase of 4 season passes bought in a single purchase.
Nub's Nob also offers senior discounts as well as student discounts on season passes.

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Mount McSauba

Mount Mcsauba near the city of Charlevoix is a well-loved and historic Ski hill in the northern Michigan area. Mount McSauba, named after a local Native American chief, has a history of comradery and a loving friendly community.

Mount Mcsauba was first founded in 1956 by 10 fathers from the area who petitioned the city for the land to build a ski slope to give their children something to do in the winter. After the land was granted to them by the city, the fathers all pitched in $100 for the necessary gear to get started, and locals helped dig dirt to increase the height of the slope. To this day Mount McSauba is one of the oldest ski areas that can be found in Northern Michigan, and is well-loved by locals who nickname it "Little Nub's Nob".

Mount McSauba is a city-owned ski area and has been rated one of the best small ski areas in the united states by Ski Magazine, and well-loved by the residents of the city of Charlevoix. Mount McSauba offers a variety of activities at the most affordable prices in Norther Michigan all year long including lighted downhill skiing, cross country skiing, terrain park, ungroomed trails, a skating rink, a free sledding hill, an adult lounge as well as a snack bar.

Mount Mcsauba's laid-back skiing experience is well suited for beginners as well as experienced skiers looking to have a relaxing experience on the ski slopes. The towering downhill ski slope offers ten runs, and four rope tows as well as a free sledding hill. Something that is not commonly found in the area that Mount McSauba offers is 80 acres of ungroomed trails for those looking to test their limits off the beaten path. Mount McSauba also provides a free-lighted 2k cross country trail for those looking to see more of the beautiful Michigan backcountry. All ski patrol responders at Mount McSauba are EMT certified to service skiers in case of any possible emergency on the ski slopes at Mount McSauba.

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Other Fun Activities Off The Slopes

While skiing is the premier activity of northern Michigan, be sure to check out the surrounding communities in this skiing paradise.
For those looking for a unique experience be sure to try out Charlevoix Recreation Department's season of guided hikes by candlelight. This event is a great way to see Mount McSauba in a whole new way as you make your way through the snowy forests of Norther Michigan following a candlelit path. At the end of the candlelit path warm up by the fire with hot cocoa and the cheerful company of your fellow hikers.

When you get off the ski slopes at Boyne Highlands, be sure to check out the town of Harbor Springs nicknamed "A Small Town Snow Globe". Harbor Spring offers a quaint winter wonderland experience with its charming downtown area and friendly residents as well as business owners. If you're looking for those quaint Christmas town vibes, Harbor Springs is for you. Look for the Candy Cain colored awning at Pierson's Grille and Spirits for a delicious bite to eat. You'll feel like you're still at the ski lodge with vintage ski decor and vintage photos all around you inside Pierson's Grille and Spirits.

After grabbing a bite to eat jump in your car and check out the tunnel of trees on M-19, one of the state's most iconic attractions, to see views of beautiful evergreen trees freshly dusted with snow, as well as panoramic views from the bluff overlook.
If you looking for a truly incredible experience head to the beach at Harbor Springs and check out the ice sculptures on the beach. You will not find snowmen, mermaids, or Santa clause sculptures on this beach, these are a naturally forming phenomenon at Harbor Springs. Due Ice forming over lake Charlevoix and Michigan's harsh wind, ice will shift and refreeze onshore forming fantastic crystalline structures and beautiful works of art on the beach.

For more seasonal fun perfect for springtime skiers, the annual Downtown Harbor Springs Ice Fest is a popular event among locals and travelers alike. With more than 30 ice sculptures on display for spectators, as well as fanciful carriage rides available for festival attendees. After a stroll through the ice sculpture display stop the chili cook and grab a warm bite to eat.

For those skiing at Boyne Mountain be sure to check out the township of Boyne city, a beautiful little town nestled on the shoreline of Lake Charlevoix. The downtown area of Boyne City offers many activities for those looking to explore the city. Be sure to grab a bite to eat at Sunnyside, a locally owned and operated restaurant in Boyne City, and try the. Sunnyside's friendly name pays homage to the Boyne City Landscape which is on the sunny side, this eatery is a popular breakfast and lunch spot for locals in Boyne City that. Sunnyside's menu is unique in that it aims to serve guests comfort food made entirely from scratch, and focuses on serving up memorable food and good company. After you get a bite to eat warm up inside and check out Fresh Water Art Gallery and concert venue, featuring over 200 northern Michigan artists using a variety of mediums including Potter, Rustic Furniture, paintings, jewelry, woodworking, bronze, glass, and many more.

Northern Michigan is the ideal place for creating ideal childhood vacation memories, dreamy honeymoon escapes, and finding scenic vacation homes for the home family to enjoy. Not only does Northern Michigan offer the most pristine skiing found in the Northwest, but Northern Michigan offers year-round attractions and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed year-round. Which makes your investment even more valuable to you as well as those in your life. Whatever your interests may be, and whatever your ideal ski trip vacation may look like, Brook Walsh Real Estate and Northern Michigan Escapes can you find the right fit for you and your family, and help you make your time on the slopes even more fun and relaxing.
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