What is a luxury lifestyle and what does it look like? What makes a home luxurious? These are all questions that house hunters may ask themselves when shopping for the perfect home to suit their lifestyle needs. These are difficult questions to figure out easily, as the answers can be subjective and unclear. The luxury lifestyle is all about living your best life and spending your valuable time on the things you love. A life where you can pursue your interests and grow your talents with ease of mind, and spend time doing the things you have always wanted to do and doing them with the ones you love. A life where you can treat yourself and indulge in the finer things of life with all the amenities you could dream of at your fingertips. (Click here to see all Northern Michigan Waterfront Lifestyle Homes for Sale)

Luxury Real Estate is a unique market and can be highly subjective to each consumer. No two individuals’ idea of luxury is the same because the life of luxury is all about pursuing what you love and your own interest and hobbies. To some luxury living is a beautiful condo nestled in the center of the most desirable part of town, while to others it may be a beautiful sprawling mansion nestled on a hilltop with plenty of space to roam the grounds. While most house hunters searching for the perfect luxurious escape have a clear idea of what kind of lifestyle they want to live, luxury real estate can be a hard market to traverse. While the price tag may not be very concerning to house hunters seeking to live a luxury lifestyle, making a wise and responsible investment, as well as simply finding the dream home they are looking for can be very hard to manage on their own. Luckily, there are professional advisors on hand ready to do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on the things that matter to you.

Brook Walsh real estate offers a multitude of options for those seeking a life of Luxury, whether that is a dreamy lake house tucked away in the beautiful Northern Michigan lakeside communities, or a modern condo close to all the entertainment options in town. Professionals at this premier real estate firm are highly experienced and offer an abundance of knowledge on this topic, ranging from market analysis to relevant news. Advisors at this premier real estate firm understand that this is a big investment financially as well as a big investment in your valuable time and energy. That is why this innovative agency offers a new and convenient search by lifestyle tool, which makes house hunting a breeze. When you use the search by lifestyle tool you never have to wade through dozens of listings that are not even close to what you are looking for, this innovative tool only shows the relevant listings to suit your lifestyle needs.

When it comes to truly live a life of luxury the location is everything. Having access to the best locations makes it possible to enjoy your life more and have the convenience of living in the best locations in town. If you are searching for a life of luxury, this agency offers it all. Northwestern Michigan is home to some of the most desirable real estate in the world nestled along the beautiful world-renowned great lakes. Visitors from all over the world are attracted to this beautiful area due to the pristine boating environment, as well as the year-round recreational activities that are in abundance. Whether you are interested in skiing, boating, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing, or even horseback riding, they have it all and more. (Click here to see Northern Michigan's finest collection of vacation rentals)

In addition to all the outdoor activities, the beautiful towns of Northwestern Michigan offer great shopping and entertainment options as well as an array of festivals and events. Fine dining is a necessity if you are planning to time a luxurious day in the beautiful little lakeside townships, and these dream communities have it all.

Whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind experience with wine and dinner on the terrace of a picturesque historic estate, or a romantic dinner at an authentic modern Italian restaurant, it’s all here. For those looking to indulge themselves a little more, these beautiful little lakeside townships offer many artisan bakeries as well as gourmet chocolate shops to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Brook Walsh Real Estate offers luxury properties in various vacation-worthy communities including Harbor Springs, Petoskey, Mackinac City, Bay Harbor, Walloon Lake, Charlevoix, Boyne City, and East Jordan. Each of these communities offers experiences, and beautiful views all of their own such as the beautiful ski resorts of Boyne City, or the beautiful bustling artisanal business district of Harbor Springs. (Click here to see Northern Michigan's finest collection of vacation rentals)

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Luxury living in Bay Harbor

What makes living in the prestigious community of Bay Harbor so luxurious is the beautiful one-of-a-kind lakeside views from these sprawling mansions and condos nestled along the beautiful shores. The beautiful homes are truly grand and fit for a king, yet they still attain a quiet and homey atmosphere within this dreamy little community. Visitors, as well as residents at Bay Harbor, say the overall feeling of this little community is lady back, peaceful, and relaxed, a great place to get away and treat yourself.

Harbor Spring’s relaxed community is not the only reason so many home hunters invest in properties. Harbor Springs has a variety of options to suit your entertainment needs including outdoor excursions, gourmet cuisine, a world-class spa, and beautiful historical and cultural attractions.

The pristine golf courses of Bay Harbor draw visitors from near and far and offers some of the best golfing in the northern Michigan area. Bay Harbor also is home to a world-class Equestrian Club for those who want to spend some time on horseback and get to know other residents in the community who share the same hobby. The Equestrian Club offers professional services in a wide variety of riding disciplines as well as both exceptional indoor arenas and well outdoor arenas. This facility offers an abundance of desirable services for equestrian enthusiasts and draws visitors from all around the great lakes state, making it a top destination for equestrians. This beautiful facility offers professional sports massage services, training as well as boarding services, highly attended shows and clinics, heated wash stalls and grooming stalls, as well as a luxury lounge and observation area.

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Opulent Lakeside Living in Boyne City

It is all about the magnificent lakeside views in Boyne City, and the beautiful sprawling lake houses that line the coast of this beautiful community. Boyne City is home to some of the most beautiful properties in Northern Michigan and is located within Charlevoix County which is considered the best county in the state of Michigan. Not only considered the best area for the fantastic above-average school system, but for the overall vibrance of this thriving community.
Boyne City is also a popular travel destination due to the fantastic ski resorts such as Boyne Mountain, and Boyne Highland. Skiers from all around come to this beautiful town every season to visit these pristine slopes and enjoy the natural beauty of this community.

Boyne Mountain is considered one of the top ski resorts in the northern U.S. and offers year-round activities. Boyne Mountain offers a variety of wintertime activities beyond just great downhill skiing including cross country skiing, fat tire bike riding, horseback riding, ice skating, snowshoeing, Tubing, and the very popular Sno-Go biking. Not only does Boyne Mountain have a Multitude of outdoor winter activities, but the resort offers a vast variety of first-class indoor activities for those looking to spend some time inside.

This premier ski resort offers many choices when it comes to pampering yourself including a luxury spa, Salon, and Wellness center, and to top it off a world-class indoor waterpark. The Avalanche Bay indoor water park spans a massive 88,000 square feet of rides and slides as well as pools and hot tubs. Avalanche Bay is full to the brim with fun options and activities, but offers professional child care options as well because every parent needs a moment to treat themselves to some fun as well.

Boyne Mountain Resort also offers exciting, adventurous summer activities as well including Ziplining tours, Biking, Boyne Mountain Wakeboard Camp, pristine Tennis courts as well as Tennis academy, swimming, Segway tours, Paintball, Horseback riding, Scenic cart Rentals, chairlift rides, fishing, disc golf courses, and various water sports at the beautiful beach on Deer Lake. The Beach at Deer Lake is one of the most popular summertime spots with popular activities like swimming, paddle boarding, canoeing, sailboat rentals, as well as lawn games like the ever-popular putt-putt course.

If you’re looking to indulge a little treat yourself to some delicious cuisine from the beach house restaurant or grab a little “summertime in a cup” from Gigi’s Tiki bar to sip while you sunbathe.

If you are looking for a little more adventure than hanging out on the beach check out Boyne Riving adventures where you can Kayak your way down the beautiful Boyne River at your own leisure. Enjoy the tranquil beauty of the Boyne River, and Meander through the twists and bends in your own solo kayak or a two-person tandem kayak. With Boyne River Adventures you have the luxury of not having to worry about toting your kayak rentals, this premier rental company handles the drop off as well as pick up for their guests so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself.

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Luxury life in Charlevoix

Charlevoix is a beautiful town nestled along the shores of Lake Michigan, with all the downtown shops and eateries being literally a hop and a skip away from the lakeshore. Charlevoix is truly a wonderful little town that is bounded by Lake Michigan to the west and Lake Charlevoix and Lake Charlevoix to the east. During the winter this little lake coast town becomes a cozy little hideaway in the snow, but as the weather turns warm and May rolls around the town blossoms with life. The beautiful lakeshore beaches begin teaming with life and activities as the summer warmth rolls in.

It’s not only all about the water and fun in the sun in Charlevoix, but residents love cherries as well. Charlevoix famously holds the record for the largest cherry pie with the dessert being a massive 17,420 pounds. You can still visit the gargantuan pie to this day. Those who enjoy a slice of cherry pie always enjoy stopping by the Cherry Republic where you can taste a variety of cherry-flavored foods as well as drinks.

While in downtown Charlevoix you’ll find beautiful views of the lake as well as amazing locally owned pubs and retailers, as well as menus boasting delicious local favorites like fried perch sandwiches, craft beer, and mouth-watering appetizers.

For those who enjoy a bit of golf, Michigan offers some of the most revered golf courses in the country. Pure Michigan 18 is one of the top golf courses in the state and offers beautiful pristine courses for golfing enthusiasts. Some of the greatest architects of the sport have played these same world-class courses including the likes of Tom Fazio, Arthur Hills, Tom Doak, and Jack Nicklaus. Offering more than 650 public golf courses in Michigan, this place is truly a so-called “golf mecca”. For every ability level, there is a course to play and golf packages available to help you enjoy the course at your leisure.

Charlevoix is full of some of Michigan's most must-see gems, some of which are long the nation’s longest freshwater coastline. If you’re looking to explore Lake Michigan’s beautiful coastline why not do it from the water? Kayaking is a very popular activity in this great lakes community, and for good reason. Start your journey upstream and gently paddle downriver or test your limits in the teaming rapids. Catch whimsical views of all the spectacular scenery and spot all the amazing local wildlife on your journey paddling downstream.

Popular destinations like Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Turnip Rock, and the Two Hearted River offers their visitors a whole new perspective as they paddle along on these beautiful lakes and rivers. One of the most popular kayaking destinations is the Island Loop Route along with the Blueways of St. Claire and is one of only a handful of National Water Trails in the whole country.

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Life of Leisure in Harbor Springs

This beautiful little historic resort town is tucked away in a secluded bay and is a quiet piece of heaven. The typically immediate first thought when you hear resort town is the image of towering buildings, privates beaches, and cabana boys in remote Caribbean locations. But In Northwestern Michigan the worse resort refers more to hospitality in an atmosphere you can only get in small towns. Harbor Springs is a small gem tucked away in the great lakes state and offers an experience you can only find within this friendly community.

Known for its’ crystal clear water, and pollution-free air, Harbor Springs real estate is highly desirable among vacationers and house hunters. When visiting Harbor Springs there is a definite vibe that speaks to the overall relaxed, and friendly attitude of this adorable town’s community. Walking along the Bay seems to invoke a sense of peace and tranquility, and a local vibe accustomed to lakeside living.

Arriving in Harbor Spring will notice beautifully manicured buildings that seem as though they came right from a Hollywood backdrop. However, many of these beautiful buildings are in fact historic locations that are beautifully preserved and house locally owned, and many family-owned businesses that are original to this little town. Many of these picture-perfect buildings are what make exploring this quaint little town so interesting.

If you are a pizza connoisseur and are interested in exploring some of the beautiful historic architecture be sure to stop by Turkey’s Café Pizza for a tasty bite to eat. For a sweet treat, Tom’s Mom’s Cookies is a famous shop having been featured on The Today Show, and for good reason. Offering the “best cookies you’ll ever have” you’ll crave Tom’s Mom’s cookies even after you leave according to locals.

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Living the Dream in Petoskey

Life in Petoskey is considered nothing less than dreamy. With a vibrant downtown district and a thriving economy largely fueled by seasonal visitors, Petoskey is typically a lively town. But between this town’s iconic architecture, the picturesque sloping streets, and miles of beautiful waterfront make this a perfect spot to settle year-round as well.

A popular spot in the town of Petoskey is the famous 100-year-old Gaslight district, where you’ll find great restaurants and artisanal shops, a farmer’s market every Friday in the Summer, and great homemade soup at the ever-popular eatery Roast & Toast. If you are looking to try some truly local cuisine try the menu at American Spoon Café where the vegetables and fruits that grace the plates of this fabulous eatery are gathered fresh from local farmers every morning. If you are looking for a little slice of heaven try a slice of delicious cherry-berry or coconut cream pie at Jesperson’s. This delectable little eatery has been serving hungry visitors for 100 years and has served visitors such as the famous author Ernest Hemingway in the earlier years.

Petoskey’s extensive miles of pristine shoreline offer beautiful scenic views and draw many visitors to its’ beautiful beaches. The Little Traverse Wheelway is a popular spot for taking in the stunning views of Lake Michigan. This 26-mile gem connects Petoskey to its beautiful resort town neighbors Charlevoix and Harbor Springs. This turn of the century railway has been re-established and is open to non-motorized travelers, and is considered an ideal spot for bikers and runners.

Another popular spot to explore is the famous tunnel of trees located just outside of Petoskey, and couldn’t be more ideally named. This small two-lane road twists and turns through a beautiful bower of dense trees growing along Lake Michigan. This beautiful roadway is perfect to travel year-round but is especially popular in the Fall months when the trees are donning their Autumnal colors. The Tunnel of Trees attracts an innumerable amount of visitors yearly and is a must-see when in Petoskey. While traveling through The Tunnel of Trees be sure to stop by the famous Good Hart General Store, a historic treasure to the area. 

The Good Hart General Store is a 1934 post office dwelling as a deli, bakery, and grocer. The Good Hart General Store also hosts a working farm, vineyard, and brewery called Pond Hill Farm, which offers fun activities to their visitors such as “squash rocket” (a massive slingshot mechanism that flings fruits and veggies into fields for sheep to eat).

Petoskey also boasts a beautiful state park that hosts 303 scenic acres and an excellent wide public beach nestled behind rolling dunes and swaying pines. Petoskey State Park offers the beautiful and well-known Sunset and Magnus parks that are excellent spots for stone gathering and sunsets spectating.

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Ernest Hemingway living on Walloon Lake

Hidden in the beautiful rushing waterfalls, sparkling sands, and rolling green hills and valleys of the great lakes state is a gem called Walloon Lake. This beautiful lake draws families, couples, and retirees from all around the U.S. as well as overseas to its shores. Many visitors often spectate at the beautiful inland lake offering crystalline blue water clear enough to see the lake’s sandy bottom. Walloon lake is rich with the history of generations of travelers from near are far coming to enjoy the beautiful beaches at Walloon lake. Walloon lake is a glacier-formed lake, which accounts for its unusually clean and clear water. The Real Estate market at Walloon Lake is thriving, with property values climbing each year, with visitors still discovering this community every season. Residents describe the community and scenery of the Walloon Lake area as being unique. Walloon Lake boasts a lengthy 30 miles of wooded shoreline, which gives this beautiful haven a more scenic and quiet appeal.

Walloon Lake also is known for having been the location of the boyhood summer home of the famous author Ernest Hemingway, whose family cottage was nestled along the quiet shores of this lake. These beautiful shores are a very desirable summer resort area and attract travelers and locals every year. Many who visit come to enjoy activities such as boating, swimming, and other water sports. This famous lake has a natural depth of 100 feet, making it excellent for boating and assisting in keeping the water very clean as well.

The beautiful shores of the nearby Bay Parks often attract visitors to the rocky shores to marvel at the beautiful and elusive “Petoskey Stone”. These glimmering ancient stones are smooth glacier fossils that bear the lacy traces of an ancient coral reef that once existed in this area.

If you are looking for an excellent golf course to practice your swing, the nearby Crooked Tree Golf Club. This premier golf course is a luxury golf destination in North Western Michigan and is a well-known golfing destination, with many of its pristine courses being listed on the national “best of” lists. The course of Crooked Tree is designed beautifully with very hilly terrain and significant elevation changes from tee to green.

Many who visit the grounds at Crooked Tree remark on the beautiful views at each hole, particularly the view from the tee at the 8th hole, which displays a spectacular view of the shimmering blue waters of Lake Michigan. The clubhouse at Crooked Tree offers a pro shop and café area, a practice green, and a target grass range. Many golfers who frequent here say they enjoy the secluded environment and plentiful mash areas amongst the rolling woodlands.

If you are looking to do a little more exploring be sure to check out Mackinac Island. This beautiful little island is full of things to see, from historic sites and rolling landscapes to the quaint downtown dotted with bicycles and horses. Every corner offers something new and interesting to see on this island. The little island boasts the convenience of being able to bike or walk to every spot, with a circumference of only 8.2 miles. Along every walk or bike ride you will never be far from the water’s edge, so be sure to stop and skip rocks on the beautiful shore. Whether you are interested in viewing the beautiful natural rock formations or relaxing along the shore and watching the boats float by, Mackinac Island has an abundance of experiences to enjoy.

While your daily life may be organized by routine, waiting in traffic while on your morning commute, or the daily grind through meetings, life in these lakeside communities is all about relaxing and doing activities you actually enjoy doing. Your dream lifestyle is not as far away or as unattainable as you may think, expert agents at Brook Walsh Real Estate are ready to help create your dream life and find the perfect home to suit your lifestyle.

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