At the time of your arrival, you will instantly notice a serene elegance and beautiful vistas that are all around you. The clubhouse at this golf course is 14,000 square feet, and it can be found residing on a bluff that overlooks Little Traverse Bay.

You will feel enticed to take in the views while you relax at the clubhouse. They have everything that you may want to enjoy, not just golfing. The golfing is a great thing to enjoy though as this course has 18 holes that can be played at any time of day.

If you are at the golf course during lunchtime, you can relax and enjoy the sunshine while you are eating by using the patio area. Once it is evening time, if you are a member of the club, you can enjoy an event that is for members only.

With this golf course having 3 different courses: the links, the preserve, and the quarry, they can be combined into a seamless and interesting experience. The way that this golf club was made has been affected by Lake Michigan because it had to be designed to fit around the lake’s design.

Being designed around Lake Michigan actually gives you the chance to take in a stunning view while playing golf. One of the best yet most frustrating things about playing on this course is that the lake plays a large role in the game.

You get to fight against the wind that comes off the lake, which adds whole new trouble to fight against. This makes the Bay Harbor golf club a popular choice for people who love a challenge.

Inn at Bay Harbor

This inn is located very close to the golf course that was discussed above, and it is a great inn at Bay Harbor. The salon offers you the chance to use their salon as well as a full-service spa, giving you the perfect thing to do to relax after playing golf.

Another thing you can do that is far more relaxing is shopping in a beautiful boutique. If you want to see a world-class marina, it is very easy as there is one close by.

The view of the Bay Harbor Lake is one of the best that can be enjoyed, and this place gives you a great view. (Click here for all Bay Harbor real estate listings for sale)


When it is time for you to pick out a place to stay, there are many different options that you can pick from. This area is an amazing place to visit, and you must pick the best place to lay your head. Now, everyone is different in what they like to use for sleeping.

Below is a small breakdown of the different kinds of places that you can choose from to stay at while staying at this Bay Harbor inn. Each of these options will have its own advantage, such as a view of the Bay Harbor Lake.  (Click here to see Northern Michigan's finest collection of vacation rentals.)

Hotel Rooms

When it comes to picking one of these for your stay, you are given a better selection of different floor plans. For example, you can pick one that sleeps just 2 people, or you can find one that will sleep up to 4 people.

The different kinds of rooms are known as the guest room, the parlor studio, the grand king, the towering king, the tower parlor, and the deluxe king. Each of these has its own size and number of beds, so it is advised that you pick out the one that will fit you best.

Hotel Suites

These come in many different sizes and shapes, which will give you a wide selection to choose from at the Bay Harbor Inn. Each of these suites is very luxurious, and several different types of rooms can be chosen from.

These room options are known as the king suite, the parlor suite, the master suite, the grand suite, the specialty suite, the tower queen suite, the tower king suite, the full tower suite, and the penthouse suite.

Bay Harbor Cottages

These Bay Harbor cottages are available at the inn, making this inn stand out from all the others that can be found in the area. With these being their own buildings, they give you the chance to have a lot more space but also a lot more privacy.

This is one of the better choices if you are going with your family or even with a group of friends. This way you will have a lot more privacy and room for everyone. The amenities that are offered at the inn are also offered for you if you chose to use one of the cottages.

Resort Amenities

One of the things that people are always saying is so amazing about this inn is the enhanced Wi-Fi that is offered for use to all guests. You do not have to worry about parking your own car as the inn offers valet car parking. (Click here to see all Northern Michigan Resort Lifestyle real estate listings)

If you are interested in using a beach cruiser, you can easily rent one right from the hotel and use it for 2 hours. If you happen to have kids that will be with you during your visit, you can use the outdoor activities that are set up and run by the staff of the inn, but the weather affects these activities.

For people who love to fish, you can learn how to fly fish through the instructors that are at the inn. You can even talk to the staff of the inn and get access to lawn games. During the harsh winters that Michigan can have, the inn offers you snowshoe rental.

If you are planning on going skiing at Boyne Mountain, then this is the inn you should pick to stay at. This is said because you will get access to VIP ski lockers as well as valet parking at Boyne Mountain.

That is not all you will get through because you will get access to Boyne Mountain. You also get the use of a room that can store the gear for up to 6 people. If you are looking for something to warm you up after skiing, then you can use your hot cocoa and coffee vouchers.

Once you are back at the inn, you can easily wash all of your dirty clothes by using the washer and dryer that can be found on the second floor.

Bay Harbor Village Hotel

This used to be known as the Bay Harbor Village Hotel, but it has changed its name to Village Suites Bay Harbor. There are a lot of different room size options, which means it is great for people who will be going as a group or family.

Some rooms can fit 1 person all the way up to 4 people, and they come with some wonderful things you can enjoy. There is even a penthouse that can be picked. All of the rooms that can be picked from coming with a kitchen, private balcony, and dining/living room that has a fireplace.

Bay Harbor Marina

All of the boaters who use the Bay Harbor Marina always feel like they are part of the community. It is very common to see dock parties, cookouts, and day trips in between the boaters and the community. One of the great things about using this marina is that it is very close to Saginaw bay and many other great things.

For example, it is very close to places where you can shop, eat, drink, go clubbing, watch movies, play golf, buy antiques, visit breweries, and enjoy the local festivals. The marina itself has some wonderful amenities that can be enjoyed when using it.

These amenities include a heated pool that has a sun deck, a basketball court, a playground for any children, and seating areas for relaxing and enjoying the view. These seating areas are located in both sunny and shaded locations.

Bay Harbor Yacht Club

This is situated where it is cuddled into the shoreline, which means the Bay Harbor Yacht Club overlooks Lake Michigan. Some wonderful things come with being a member of the yacht club, meaning exclusive things to take in and enjoy.

One of these things is a private beach, giving you the chance to enjoy the wonderful water and beautiful scenery in a more private setting. If you are wanting to have a little more fun and exercise, then you can enjoy using the Racquet Sports Center.

The outdoor pool that is offered is completely heated and opened seasonally, making it a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. When you get hungry, you can choose from 4 different on-site restaurants.

The platform tennis court will give you the chance to enjoy a fun game of tennis and take in all the beautiful sights that can be found in the area. For parents who are looking for the chance to be away from their children, there is a Kid’s Club.

The kid’s club is supervised at all times by the staff of the yacht club, and there are 3 separate sections, meaning the youngsters, tweens, and teens do not all share the same area. If you are looking for the perfect place for a special event, then the ballroom is perfect for you.
You can throw a wedding, host some other kind of event, or even just attend a members-only event that is being hosted. Wellness Center will provide you with the perfect place to enjoy state of the art equipment while facing out to the stunning views found in the area.

Bay Harbor Restaurants

When you are visiting somewhere new, you cannot help but want to try the local cuisine, and many different places in this area can be enjoyed. Each of these places has its own unique taste and style, giving you a variety to choose from.

Each of these Bay Harbor restaurants has its very own unique flavor option.

Knot Just a Bar

This location is full of a very casual ambiance, which will make you feel relaxed. It serves a wide range of foods from pasta to burgers or even a cone of cod. This place overlooks the Bay Harbor Marina and is just minutes from downtown Petoskey.

The patio is a great place for you and your family to enjoy. This bar offers a safe place for everyone to enjoy, including children. The deck at this location will provide you a unique and beautiful sight.

There are a lot of specials that can be enjoyed at this bar. The Knot Just a Bar is as the name says and more than just a bar, making it great for everyone and a must-stop for most people.

The Backlot

This is one of the best places that you can pick if you want to have a wide range of food options. The main thing to remember though is that this place is all outdoor seating, so make sure you know what the weather is going to be.

The variety of food options is made possible because this is a location where several different food trucks are set up to sell. This means you can pick which food truck you want food from, and you can get it from multiple trucks if you want.

Some of the food trucks that can be found at this location are Happy's Taco, Venture Coney Island, Mim’s Mobile, Cheese and Co, Full Moon Pizza, and The Reel Deal Fish and Chips. This means you can enjoy types of food ranging from Mexican to American.

Bayside Restaurant

This place is best known for their amazing breakfast food that is offered to their guests, but you can also enjoy some great lunch at this place. The location of this restaurant will put you within walking distance of the Bay Harbor.

This makes it a great place to go to before you go to the harbor to have a fun day doing different water activities.

Beach House Restaurant-Boyne Mountain

This restaurant is located at Boyne Mountain on the west side, and it gives you some beautiful sights to enjoy. You will be just a few steps away from the Boyne Mountain Golf Shop, but you will also be extremely close to the Deer Lake shores.

This is a wonderful place to be and watch a glorious sunset on a warm summer night. The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor seating options for you to enjoy, and it is a great place to enjoy with your family.

Chandler's - A Restaurant

There is a wide variety of different kinds of wines that can be enjoyed while at this restaurant as it has a rustic wine cellar. If there is a wine that you end up really enjoying, you can order some take home. This restaurant even offers a wide delivery service.

This place was opened in 1999, and it has a great European feel to it. There are 3 different options for places to eat while at this restaurant. These options are the main dining area, which is where the bar is located, the patio that is only open in the warmer months, and the Symons Wine Cellar.

Cormack’s Deli

This place is very well known for the pies that are made and offered during the holiday season. Not only are there a lot of these pies made during the holidays, but there is a wide selection of flavors to choose from.

These flavor choices are cherry berry, lemon meringue, blueberry, caramel apple walnut, ferderry, cherry, apple, coconut cream, pumpkin, banana cream, pecan, chocolate cream, raspberry cheesecake, and pumpkin cheesecake.

As for the actual food that can be picked from to eat for lunch or dinner, this place offers unique sandwiches, soups, and desserts. They hand make all of the bread, salads, soups, and desserts that they will offer to you.

Fox and Rose

This is a very upscale restaurant that has a lounge-like atmosphere. They have local classics that have a unique take, flavors that have been imported, desserts that are over the top, cocktails, and wines.

There is a section of this restaurant known as the Loft that can be used for hosting private events. It can seat around 75 people, and if there is no seating to be had then 100 people can be in the area. Another of the eating option areas is known at the Fox Den, which is for private dining.

Bay Harbor Real Estate Michigan

This area is often referred to as the crown jewel of luxury for Michigan’s northern lakeside area. It is a very popular vacation spot, and people are all the time looking into buying a vacation home in this area.

That is why it is so important for you to use some of the best Bay Harbor real estate advisors. People from all over the country are using Bay Harbor real estate in Michigan all year round because of the pure beauty that can be found.

There is a lot of raw beauty that can be found, and it can often be hard to decide where would be the best place for you to get a house. Bay Harbor real estate advisors can help you get the perfect place that will best fit your needs.

Some of the sights that can be picked from for scenery are the wonderful waterfronts but also the rolling hills and natural settings. You want to know you will pick a great place that will not only offer you a great view but put you in a prime location.

If you are an avid boater, then you are going to want a location that will put you close to the marina. Finding a home that is close to the Harbor Golf Club would be considered a prime location for more than one reason.

Now, depending on where you want to live and what type of home you are looking for, you can expect a certain average price for your home. If you are looking for a home in the Bay Harbor area, then you should not be surprised to see a price of around 1,500,000.

It could easily be higher than this price, but you might also find something that is lower in price. When it comes to a condominium, the price rand tends to be around 415,000, but this is largely depending on the location.

There are several different things that you might want to keep in mind when you are looking into real estate for the Bay Harbor area. This means it is a great company to use when it comes to Bay Harbor lodging options.

There are a lot of options when it comes to Bay Harbor homes for sale, and it can be a tricky process to get the right one. Also, it is not all that surprising to see the Bay Harbor homes for sale are constantly being bought and put up for sale quickly.

The peninsula drive homes are one of the ones that are often not on the market for very long as they are highly sought after by many people. If you are lucky to look at any peninsula drive homes, you should decide quickly on buying it or not.

Schools in the Petoskey Area

The school system in this area is one of the largest ones that can be found, meaning there are many wonderful options to choose from. One of the schools that can be picked is Montessori, but this is just one of the choices.

When it comes to picking an elementary, you can choose from the Central Elementary School, the Lincoln Elementary School, the Ottawa Elementary School, and the Sheridan Elementary School. The Petoskey Middle School is the only option for middle schoolers, and the only option for high schoolers is the Petoskey High School.

Communities Serviced

Several communities are being serviced by Bay Harbor Real Estate, so there are a lot of options to choose from Charlevoix and Petoskey.

Boyne City, Boyne Mountain, Crooked Lake, Gaylord, Lake Leelanau, Pickerel Lake, Walloon Lake, Boyne Falls, Burt Lake, Deer Lake, Harbor Springs, Mullet Lake, and Torch Lake are also nearby communities.

Real Estate Rentals

If you are not wanting to commit to buying a house but are wanting a home to stay in during your stay, then you can easily look into a vacation rental. These places are usually owned by people who do not live in the state of Michigan. They own these homes so that they have a vacation spot, but they are not always using the homes. The owners use different real estate companies to help them rent out their homes when they are not being used.

Some things should be kept in mind though when picking what home you want to use for your stay. For example, you might find one that has to be reached by using skis. A home that has a hot tub is always a nice bonus, especially during the colder months.  You might need a place that will allow you to bring your animals, and not all homeowners are going to be ok with you bringing your dog or cat with you. These are some of the main reasons to consider a vacation rental but not all of them.

It is not uncommon for people to find a rental house that will actually be a lot cheaper for them than it would cost to rent a hotel room. This makes it a very nice choice when it comes to Bay Harbor lodging. Northern Michigan Escapes, the areas leading provider of lifestyle vacation rentals, has an incredible selection of vacation rentals.

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