A blanket mortgage is designed to finance the purchase of multiple properties simultaneously.1 They’re often used by real estate investors and commercial property owners looking to buy up several properties at once. Because they condense multiple mortgage applications into a single one, they’re able to save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency for buyers.

In some cases, consumers might consider a blanket mortgage in order to finance a new home’s construction.

Blanket mortgages are most often used by investors, commercial property owners, and multifamily buyers looking to rent their properties or otherwise make income off of them. Investors often use these loans to either finance the purchase of multiple properties at once or consolidate their existing mortgages into a single, easy-to-manage loan. Some investors may also use these to purchase a large plot of land that they plan to subdivide into several lots and sell separately.

As a consumer, you might want to use a blanket mortgage if you currently own a home but are looking to build a new one. The blanket mortgage would allow you to cover your new home’s down payment and closing costs so you can begin building before your previous home sells. Once that home sells, the profits would go toward your blanket loan, and your balance would shrink accordingly.

Pros of Blanket Mortgages 
One of the biggest advantages of a blanket mortgage is that it saves time and hassle. The mortgage application process is known to be a time-consuming and tedious one, and applying for multiple loans at once can be daunting. Blanket mortgages allow multi-property buyers to condense this extensive process into one single mortgage application, reducing time and improving overall efficiency.

Blanket mortgages also allow owners to access more funds via cash-out refinancing and equity loans. This can be helpful when looking to finance a new property, enter a new investment venture, or repair existing properties.

Cons of Blanket Mortgages 

Blanket mortgages aren’t without their drawbacks. One of the biggest disadvantages of these loans is that they can make it hard to sell just a single property in the group. The loan must be structured with a “partial release” clause in order to allow for this type of transaction.3 If it’s not, then the entire balance of the mortgage would be due upon sale.

Blanket mortgages also come with higher rates and fees than most loans, and each property will need to be appraised separately, adding yet another cost to the final bill. There will also be title search and insurance fees for every property.

There’s also a financial risk on these mortgages. With a blanket loan, every property serves as collateral for the others. If you default on the loan, your lender can foreclose on every property in the group. This means ensuring all your properties have healthy cash flow is crucial.

What I Like

  • Eases the mortgage application process

  • Condenses multiple mortgages into one single payment

  • Offers access to more equity

  • Can cover an unlimited number of properties

What I Don't Like

  • Higher closing costs

  • Higher rates

  • May pose a risk to other properties

  • Don’t allow adding more properties after closing

  • Can only be used on properties in one state

Where to Get a Blanket Mortgage 

Blanket loans typically come from non-bank lenders, and they tend to be more difficult to come by—particularly in smaller markets. Your best bet is to look for commercial-focused lenders in your region, as these loans are most often used by experienced investors and commercial buyers.

Key Takeaways 

  • Blanket loans can be good for investors looking to consolidate multiple mortgages or purchase several properties at once.
  • Consumers may use them to finance the construction of a new home before their current home sells.
  • These loans can ease the management of multiple mortgaged properties.
  • They can offer access to more equity.
  • They bind your properties together, elevating the risk should you default on your loan.

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