The leading Tourist Destination in Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan was derived from the word Mishi game which refers to a big lake. The lake is one of the great water bodies in North America. Lake Michigan is the only great lake lying entirely in the United States. It’s believed that the first Europeans to see Lake Michigan were French merchants and explores in the early 1600s. Glacier movements with massive ice sheets eroded the land leading to its creation. The great lake shares its boundaries with four states which are; Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, and Wisconsin. Lake Michigan is classified as the leading tourist destination attracting people from all around the world. (Click here to see Northern Michigan's finest collection of Lake Charlevoix vacation rentals)

A Travel Guide to Lake Michigan
Samuel de Champlain was a French explorer who applied his skill and consultation from other explorations to create the first map. Recently, if it’s your first time at the great lake it can be challenging to spot the best activities. Therefore with more than three thousand miles of lakefront, Lake Michigan freshwater bodies are the perfect selection if you are planning on taking a beach retreat. Michigan is among the renowned tourist destinations which are reasonably priced for beach vacations in the warm summer months. Similarly, Michigan is termed to exist into two separate peninsulas for a memorable beach experience. The Upper Peninsula bordered by Lake Michigan and Lake Superior with a stunning coastline spotted with lighthouses. On the other hand, Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is surrounded by Lake Erie, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan with shorelines dotted with beach towns attracting a large population.

Tourists visiting lake Michigan have to develop a strategy depending on the length of stay. Nevertheless, travelers with less time to travel should consider taking a road trip along Michigan’s Attractive Coastline. You can find scenic Circuits online that directs you to the routes of great line and also activities to engage in.

Lake Michigan Attractions
The great lake is the home to the most attractive natural attraction referred to as ‘Michigan’s Gold Cost’. Here are some of the attractions you can fully participate in the lake.

  • Milwaukee Art Museum. The Museum is set up on the seaside of Lake Michigan. The unique feature of this museum is a pair of wings that are set up during the day to regulate heat and light. Theoretically, the wings are referred to Brisas Soleil designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.
  • Mackinac Islands Grand Hotel. Tourists who are attracted by historic hotels this is the best to have a memorable experience. Mackinac hotel is located on an island on Lake Michigan where it meets Lake Huron. The Grand Hotel is popularly known for having the world’s largest porch.
  • Dive Into Lake Michigan. Lake Michigan offers a memorable swim experience in the crystal clear freshwater. The bottomland of the lake is an all-time scenic with countless of lot schooners, steamers, and shipwrecks carefully persevered. Having a dive at the lake is a lifetime experience to learn the history of the wrecks.
  • North Avenue Beach. The beach is located in Lincoln Park alongside the beaches of Lake Michigan. It is one of the famous beaches in Chicago with a unique beach house that accommodates a large number of travelers. Also, the beach house has upper decks and portholes to view the charming horizons.
  • The Stand Up Paddle Boarding Challenge. Stand up paddle-boarding, has been gaining popularity along Lake Michigan in the past years. It’s safe for everyone and an engaging sport for a great workout. Paddle-boarding is a great way to experience Michigan’s natural beauty.

Fireworks on the water. A large number of tourists both adults and kids are attracted to watch fireworks over Lake Michigan .fourth of July is the best time to see the fireworks no matter your location from the lake.

Lake Michigan Surrounding Cities and Their Contribution To The Travel Industry
There are a number of cities found along the seaboard of Lake Michigan such as; Petoskey, Charlevoix, and the Harbor Springs Areas. The cities are a major player in the Great Lake tourist destinations giving tourists a wide range of attractions to explore. Here is the detailed information about the cities to give the tourist a tour guide.

Petoskey Travel Guide

  • Petoskey is a city located in the U.s state of Michigan. The city is well known for its scenic lakeside and a beach resort community. Petoskey is located on the seaside of the Great Lake attracting a large number of tourists for vacations. Now, these are the most engaging activities and attractions to participate in Petoskey.
  • The Gaslight District.or the past years, the historic Gaslight District has been the pride of the local community. The gaslight is a nutshell for shopping attracting more travelers.
  • Bayfront Park. Bayfront Park gives tourists the opportunity to experience widespread shoreline. If you want to watch the sunshine bay-front is the best sunset park displayed at different angles closer to the water.
  • Petoskey Winter Sports Park. Offers ice skating, skiing, snowboarding, and a warming yard with refreshment stands. Entry to the winter sports park is free and this makes it affordable to everyone. It attracts more hockey games players.
  • North-Western State Trail. The trail attracts hikers and it begins in Michigan’s Petoskey and ends with Mackinaw Trail. The trail is open all year round to the foot traffic and opened selectively for snowmobiles during winter seasons. Well maintained wilder with spaced tress makes the trail attractive.
  • Rodzilla Fishing Charters. The Rodzilla Fishing Charters is the top fishing bay Harbor Marina in Petoskey. The Fishing Charters can carry up to six people giving the whole family a great fishing trip experience. 

Charlevoix Tourist Attractions

  • Charlevoix is a city that is located in the united state of Michigan. The city is popularly known for its stunning charming fisherman’s island State Park covering a large acre of unspoiled Lake Michigan shoreline. Also, the cities attract lots of visitors to watch the fireworks in the month of July. Here is a list to help you discover the beauty of Charlevoix.
  • Mushroom House Tour. The mushroom house was founded and built by Charlevoix inhabitants and the legendary Earl Young. The mushroom houses are twenty-eight with a unique stone structure.
  • Fisherman’s Island State Park. The island is a public recreation park sitting on the Lake Michigan coastline. Camper’s appraisals a great experience at the fisherman park with a variety of activities to engage at the beach.
  • Charlevoix South Pier Light Station. The lighthouse is positioned on Lake Michigan at the entry to Lake Charlevoix. It’s the best place to sit let the lake air float your worries away. The lighthouse offers you a great view of Michigan Lake. Photographers find it a great spot for beautiful sunset pictures.
  • Charlevoix Historical Society. The Society was founded in 1879. The aim of the historical society was to improve Charlevoix culture through preservation, creating awareness, and participating in experiences celebrating their history. The society organizes programs and events to educate the public about the history of Charlevoix.
  • North Seas Gallery. The Gallery is placed in picturesque Charlevoix, Michigan. The gallery collection contains the early twenty-century original painting with a distinctive favor for Dutch artistic. In addition, the gallery has a sampling of unique traditional sculpture, furniture, art glass, and pottery. (Click here to see all Charlevoix Homes for sale)

Harbor Springs Tourist Destination In Michigan
The Harbor springs are positioned on Lake Michigan’s Little Traverse Bay. Harbor Springs is the center of all the natural beauty in Michigan. The area is popularly known for its remarkable summer resorts. The city of Harbor Springs in Michigan attracts a large number of tourists to experience the quiet soothing environment.

The Best Tourist Destination in Harbor Springs:

  • Boyne Highlands Resort. Boyne Highlands is sited at the Lower Peninsula with the highest vertical terrain compared to Boyne Mountain Resort. The Boyne Resorts is a group of all-year-round mountain resort branded for great Michigan Skiing, sauna, and golfing.
  • Nubs Nob Ski Resort. It offers the best skiing experience with perfect pt well-maintained slopes. The resort is a set recreation site with enticements skies of downhill runs and a terrain park. Nubs are the best night skiing resort with a striking groom and the iconic lodge.
  • Harbor Springs Historical Society. The Harbor Springs Society is the pride and museum of the inhabitants. The society provides the local with all year round history displays and organizes programs to create awareness. The historical society has an archive of ancient artifacts to educate the young ones and the general public of the harbor spring history.
  • Zona Park Beach. Zona Park is a great sandy memorable swimming beach in the Harbor Spring. The beach has a squared swimming tranche secured offshore within the swimming limitations of the park. Other features in the park include; a mineral well, bathhouse, and a play area.
  • Andrew J. Blackbird Museum. The museum was constructed as a household of the Chief Andrew Blackbird family. The Blackbird is believed to have lived in the house from 1858 until his death in 1908. Later the government placed the house on the National Register of Historic Places. Formerly, the Blackbird house functions as a museum of American Indian Artifacts.

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