Natural disasters, theft, and other home security problems can arise no matter the technology or attention that you give to your home. But preparing your home with practical safety measures is a powerful way to enhance the safety of your family, and alleviate the problem or damages these incidents cause.

Northern Michigan isn’t exactly the most dangerous place to live in the U.S., but even the safest places on earth are far from perfect. Theft, fire, and weather are a possibility no matter where you turn. Those who desire more safety for their family can easily improve their security with a few intentional investments of time or money.

Here are a few ways to improve the safety of your Northern Michigan home:

1. Always Give The Appearance Of Someone Being Home

To protect against the risk of burglars, always make sure that your home gives the appearance that someone is inside. If a thief thinks you’re in your house, he or she is less likely to try to break into your house because of the risks of being caught. You can give this impression by leaving a light on when you leave the house.

If you have more than one car, consider regularly parking a vehicle in the driveway instead of the garage. The key is to make the thief think twice about breaking into your home. If you can make the burglar unsure, you can make your home safer.

2. Invest In Security

A little money can go a long way when it comes to more effectively protecting your family. Paying for stronger locks, to replace old windows, or for an alarm system are just a few simple changes that can substantially improve your safety.

Installing better locks and adding an alarm system are the obvious two, but many people forget about checking the strength of their windows. Often, old windows have faulty locks that will not hold against a forceful tug. New windows can help reinforce your family's safety by making it a challenge to get into the house.

3. Form Safety Habits

Some habits are natural, others are formed deliberately to improve our lives. Creating better safety in your home can be done by implementing certain habits into your daily, weekly, or monthly routines.

From now on, when you go to turn off the lights of your home before going to sleep, also double check that you have locked every door. This easy nightly walkthrough can substantially increase your family’s safety. Give it a shot!

Other safety habits include regularly replacing your smoke alarm batteries and double-checking that the oven is turned off after cooking.

4. Get To Know Your Neighborhood

This point can improve your home’s safety and make you a better neighbor. Get to know the people in your community! You don’t just share a neighborhood – you share a desire for your family and community to be kept safe. Get to know the people nearby. You never know the difference having nearby friends can make during a time of crisis.

Trulia’s Crime Map and the Nextdoor app are software that can help your family stay informed about potential dangers in the area. Trulia’s Crime Map can give updates about the latest crime incidents that have taken place in your area.

The Nextdoor app allows you to read and write posts and comments about the latest events, sales, and worries that people are reporting in your area. The more you know, the more prepared you can be.

5. Discuss With Loved Ones About Essential Home Safety Tips

Make sure your spouse and children know what to do in the event of danger. Explain to children the times when dialing 911 is necessary. Learning what to do in the situation of a burglary, fire, accident, or other crucial incidents can be immensely helpful in the unfortunate time when any of that occurs. Safety isn’t always intuitive, so make it a conversation before it’s a problem.

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